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  1. So this is obviously intriguing of course. Now, if you please, share WHERE you're hearing such things about the player. Otherwise, your post is frivolous.
  2. Thanks a lot, Vegas. Luckily, the Bills have the organizational quality to overcome this kind of potential motivational deficit. They're a proud group.
  3. Buffalo as my survivor pool pick this week? What say ye?
  4. Turns out Tuitt wasn't there last year either? Months back i was going to make a point about Pitt's d-line giving us fits, but it was without Tuitt in the opener last year. He retired suddenly, innit?
  5. Now that I've watched Poyer's postgame interview...pretty obvious to me that his injury question dismissal of merely getting "the wind knocked out" of him is TOTAL BS. He definitely either tweaked his previous elbow injury, suffered new shoulder and/or rib damage, or I'm just wrong. His answer in the press conference felt obviously disingenuous. So rushed.
  6. I voted defense, but, TO BE FAIR: Josh Allen is the best UNIT this season.
  7. Exactly what an alien impersonating a Bills fan would post.
  8. Hamlin flashed in the backfield on a few aggressive play calls (or reads by him, perhaps) last week, so I sure wasn't surprised that he got the nod this week alongside Poyer. If part of the secret sauce for this defense is interchangeable safeties, then Hamlin seems to have a similar game to Poyer.
  9. Beasley looking like an ATHLETE with that catch and run lol
  10. This is why I strongly condemn the Dolphins org in general and the head coach in particular: his comments COMPLETELY ignore the video evidence following the Milano hit. I think he wants to believe that he'd never knowingly put his players in harm's way, and maybe he did NOT in fact see Tua being obviously concussed and wobbly on the field in real time, but he has had NO comment on the replay that the rest of the sports world has seen multiple times? That's some soulless, corporate, litigation mitigation right there.
  11. Tribalism is a powerful influence for many bipedal primates. To defend the Dolphins organization's handling of this situation is understandable, but also ABSOLUTELY DISQUALIFYING! The head coach, who I otherwise really liked, now looks like an absolute buffoon. There is no reasonable counterargument, given the abundance of damning video evidence. The player was concussed in week 3, obviously, and then, predictably, concussed even more severely on a short turnaround in week 4. The video is SO obvious it's infuriating. Coach McDaniel is now complicit in a shameful, dangerous injury cover-up.
  12. It's really helpful to finally have that 1-Tech DT role filled for real. There was ONE game (possibly even two) last season where Star actually flashed in ways we hadn't seen, but had nonetheless been promised was in fact occurring (in unselfish ways, facilitating the successes of his teammates). Difficult for most average "fans" to pick up on. Not unlike the way even most skeptics (including ME) are now seeing Tremaine Edmunds flash on the field, whereas for years we we've been promised he WAS actually Doing His Job well enough to discourage the ball from finding him. I see an upgrade from Star to Jones, AND I see an upgrade from Edmunds to Edmunds.
  13. I agree so hard with any and all DaQuan Jones praise. I've probably posted to that effect each week so far. The guy must suck to play against. The Bills DL, when healthy, is effing scary good. The top-10 includes a variety of complimentary traits and talents. Of course the same (or similar) can probably be said of most position groups minus OL and TE (and maybe RB?).
  14. Micheal Smith on the post-game Amazon broadcast is bringing attention to what everyone knows: this was badly mishandled, everyone knows it, and it needs to be addressed. Miami is showing to be the MOST unethical organization in the league now as a demonstrable pattern. That owner has to go.
  15. Does anyone else (think I know the answer) think Tua is simply NOT an NFL QB? He has some skills, sure, but physically he is unsafe out there. Just unable to protect himself enough to withstand the game's violence. I've never seen a guy get ragdolled by every defender who really gets their hands on him. Almost every season, since college. Would have been better for him to get knocked out of last week's game, which we all know is what actually happened in the alternate reality where the NFL follows its own very important protocols.
  16. I think I actually agree with this paragraph. The RPOs were really bad today.
  17. I mean, my eyeballs at least confirmed Josh Allen's testimony on the field. No mistaking that.
  18. So without trying to multiple-quote everyone who fairly respectfully and convincingly CRUSHED my post about the Dolphins having a good defense: Thank you. I've never had such an overwhelmingly negative response to a post, which is saying something. When typing my respect for the Dolphins D, I was guilty of leaning on Flores's defenses from the past couple seasons...which, of course, aside from being irrelevant, ALSO had very little success doing ANYTHING to disrupt the Bills except for one half in the 2nd game last year. So yeah, maybe they are the fool's gold I've thought they were since turning the franchise over to Tua.
  19. Mostly because of the Ravens game? And/or also because the Patriots are terrible, so anything they did against the Phins counts more? I'm always happy to wrong, especially when it means a division foe is actually WORSE than I thought. Keep proving I'm wrong on that point, please. I'm happy to be proven wrong. My take on the Dolphins D is less an "opinion" and more a misguided (I hope) extrapolation from the previous regime applied to this season. By all means, make me look dumb!
  20. Yes, really. We're talking about 2022, now. The Dolphins defense is pretty good.
  21. In my experience, living in Florida during the worst decade (2000s) of Florida/North American tropical systems almost ever, the weather was often calmer the day before a system approached. Energy/moisture gets kind of pulled southward by the thirsty, hungover western half of a crawling tropical system. If Miami is steadily to the northeast of the storm's track, which seems like the case, then that DOES open the door to earlier storm activity as outer belts of disruption are spun north off the system's eastern half (where it's getting/gotten drunk off that warm & sweet Caribbean sea and then projectile vomiting to the north in its counter-clockwise spin). It's like this bipolar nightmare with respect to storm surge/flooding and thunderstorm/rain activity. That being said, what was the question? Edit: upon conducting 5 minutes of google research, the current spaghetti models for Ian have it trending like Charley in 2004. That was a nasty one. Really impacted SW and C Florida. Shouldn't do too much to Miami, though, other than some additional water and wind.
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