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  1. I know it's only 2nd preseason game but at the same time Its Tyrods 3rd season as a starter , i didn't see anything positive if anything I'm very disappointed ( would be an understatement) in TT , IMO it's time to move away from TT , I still think he's the starter week 1 but if by week 3 or 4 he still looks like $&@t then I hope we don't hesitate to make a change
  2. If we want to improve our position in the draft next year then we should just stick with Tyrod
  3. When you trade your 2nd round pick for a player with that kind of contract ( IMO ) he should your starter, I don't believe many teams see him as one , now if a playoff team loses their starting QB then maybe, and I don't believe we could get a 2nd for him
  4. There's only one throw Tyrod can make and we have no reciers for that
  5. Sorry Teff I normally agree with you 99% of the time , I don't believe it will be fairly soon , maybe by mid season IF he's 100% healthy and is tearing it up ,
  6. We all miss Sammy but cmon man let it go , We let Sammy go in his rookie contract , do you really believe FO will bring him back at $10mil or more a year ? I don't thinks so , Let's all hope that he stays with the Rams , I don't even want to think about him signing with Patriots* or Dolphins
  7. To me a successful season means we're making the playoffs , ( if not ) at least we're making progress and getting better every week , with that said I don't want to finish the season with another 7-9 or 8-8 record , I just hope when we realize ( and I hope it's sooner then later ) that Tyrod is well still Tyrod , and we are swimming around another .500 season then let's give Peterman a chance , call it tank or what ever you want ...
  8. Why does everyone assumes that will be picking between 10-15 ? For all we know we could be 4-12 this season , Nobody in the national media thinks will win more then 6 games , for all we know we could end up in the picking between 1-5
  9. Yes but the draft order doesent mean they would necessarily go in that order , a lot of teams will be moving up and down the draft board , for all we know Denver or Arizona could move all the way up
  10. I'm sorry but to say we're finally on the right track is a little premature IMO
  11. What happens if TT gets hurt ? I don't mean something serious but if he has to miss a game or two , you don't think ( that's of course if Peterman wins the backup spot) a backup QB needs to take some reps with the 1st ?
  12. And I would let him play most of the last preseason game as well
  13. I agree I would rather give Peterman all the reps , and even with the 1st ( in practice of course ) but if he plays well this week , I would defenetlly let him have a drive or two with the 1st , in the 3rd preseason game ,
  14. There are still 3 preseason games left , what happens if he keeps getting better and better with more games under his belt ? I know it's a lot of ( IF'S) but the only way to know for sure is to see ( eyes Chico they never lie ) Anyways let's see what he does with the 2's against Philly
  15. I like the first 3 picks - White , Z Jones , Dawkins and I believe that all 3 will contribute greatly this year , I also believe that Z Jones will be a better WR then R Woods was , and if White will make us forget about Gilmore then this was a great draft ( both are on the rookie contracts ) also Jordan Mathews is no scrab , I guess I will reserve my judgment until the next year's draft , We needed a change ( I'm sure that everyone ) can agree on that , right ? 👍
  16. I agree pretty much with everything ^^^^^IMO everything will depend on if they hit or miss on the franchise QB in the draft , if they do hit and we know we finally have our QB , I'm sure they will get all the time they need , if ( God forbid ) we move up and overpay for another EJ , we all know what at least should happen
  17. I would love for this to happen and I'll tell you why . 1- that means Peterman has a potential to be our starting QB , and it would give us a ( sample ) 16 games to decide and if he is , wouldn't that be great if we could go in to next year's draft knowing we already have our QB ? And having 6 picks in the first 3 rounds we could build a monster of a team around him Agree 100% I was just about to say that
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