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  1. What RB I would target in the draft

    Good chance he will be available there.
  2. ROLL TIDE!!

    Good pick.
  3. What RB I would target in the draft

    Bo Scarbrough | RB | Alabama You can never have too many Alabama players. Roll Tide!
  4. Won't happen. He doesn't fit the culture.
  5. AJ McCarron wins grievance vs Bengals, is UFA

    If that's true, why did RJ have such a poor record with the same D? Your assessment of both Flutie and McCarron is comical.
  6. AJ McCarron wins grievance vs Bengals, is UFA

    Sign him up. Roll Tide! UA connection with Daboll.
  7. QB Brogan Roback

    This guy could be an interesting free agent pickup if he isn't drafted. I watched him play against Army and he was impressive. http://www.rotoworld.com/recent/cfb/136936/brogan-roback
  8. Love the Alabama connection. Hopefully the magic in Tuscaloosa rubs off on the Bills. Roll Tide!
  9. The Process

    Whatever "the process" is for the Bills, we seem to be on a good track.
  10. The Process

  11. The Process

    The greatest of all time, Nick Saban, describes his process. http://footballscoop.com/news/nick-saban-breaks-process-really-belief-began/ What is the Bills’ process?
  12. I think we can all agree that I hope we get the guy that is at least a bridge to a franchise guy, or better yet, is the franchise guy. I enjoy your articles and analysis. Very insightful and better than most of the professionals.
  13. You are sold on Cousins and I'm not. Maybe he wants out of Washington because it's not a cultural fit and maybe he just isn't that good. If he was that good, you would think that Washington would have tried to accommodate him. Or maybe Washington is stupid. It's possible. I am having a hard time buying that this about his desire to live in the midwest, but I don't personally know the guy. Maybe the light will go on for him and he will be a Hall of Famer. Stranger things have happened. I expressed my opinion - get Smith - but Washington beat us to it.
  14. Maybe no love because he is overrated? Franchise QB's are hard to come by, but you let Cousins walk? Maybe Washington is wrong and the guy is better than sliced bread.