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  1. Sky Diver

    Tyrod's Touchdowns

    Too many sour notes among the sweet moments and the sweet moments were too momentary.
  2. Rosen holds the ball too long, tries to make plays when he should throw the ball away, and isn’t very mobile. Coupled with his slight build, we’ll see how he stands up to injury. The big hits he took in college might have more dire consequences in the NFL.
  3. Sky Diver

    Josh Allen red zone stats

    Who has the tar and feathers?
  4. Foster certainly hasn’t received the benefit of the doubt in this case. It makes one wonder why that is.
  5. Not sure what you mean by “rational validity”. The court of public opinion can’t try and convict you, but it can certainly be damaging.
  6. Sky Diver

    Buffalo News in financial trouble

    The root of the problem is the content. Newspapers are out of touch with readers.
  7. Sky Diver

    [Vague Title]I know its hard to believe

    We have been consistently mediocre, but here’s hoping for better things.
  8. Sky Diver

    Caption Each QB

    Rosen: Hey, if it doesn’t work out I’m not going to have to work at McDonalds like you poor b_astar_ds. I don’t know what Levar is going to do. Mayfield, Allen, Jackson, Darnold: A$$h_ole. Jackson: It’s Lamar. A$$h_ole.
  9. Sky Diver

    Caption Each QB

    Rosen: Yeah, I have regrets. I regret using the F’ing F- word because I’m a F’ing role model for F’ing kids. Mayfield, Allen, Jackson, Darnold: A$$h_ole.
  10. Sky Diver

    Caption Each QB

    Rosen: You guys were all mistakes, except you Lamar. You just suck. Mayfield, Allen, Jackson, Darnold: A$$h_ole.
  11. Sky Diver

    Caption Each QB

    If he did, I hope he scoured it with bleach.
  12. Sky Diver

    Caption Each QB

    Anyone have a snorkel? I would like to do some marine biology.
  13. Sky Diver

    Josh Allen Unfazed

    Nothing fazes Josh Allen. Even death is afraid of him. He got into a staring match with the sun once and won.
  14. Sky Diver

    Brian Daboll’s Temper

    After having to coach Colt McCoy, every other job had to be an upgrade.
  15. Sky Diver

    Mayfield vs Allen (madden simulation)

    It would be Madden-ing to me.