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  1. My guesses: Dawkins (left) and Nsekhe (right) at the tackle spots. Ford could play his way into the right tackle spot, depending on how ready he is. If that's the case, would have Nsekhe as a versatile backup. Center is obviously locked up by Morse and backed up by Bodine. The two guard spots seem the most up in the air. Spain (left) likely will take one of them. The other will be up for grabs, but I would guess Long ends up playing rg for the season. It's possible we see Ford here too, but from what Beane said.. it would appear that they are going to try him at RT first.
  2. The Bills did Fisher and Ford a favor by cutting them, their positions groups were just too crowded for them to have a chance to stand out. This way, they can have a chance to show their stuff elsewhere. Best of luck to them (and keep the playbook off of social media!)
  3. Weren't Kliff Kingsbury's defenses at TT really bad? I know the offenses he had at TT were really good, but he had limited success, so that kind of implies that the defense was really bad. I don't know. But either way, he transferred to a D2 school after not starting at TT. If he was having issues at TT and transferred to West Alabama in order to start, I would be surprised to see him succeed in the NFL. I really don't know much about him or his reasons for transferring, so if I'm off basis feel free to correct me
  4. Blows my mind that all those guys want that sort of money. It's not like we are talking about the Steelers offense. IMO, the only person that actually deserves that sort of money is Elliot, who is probably the best RB in the league alongside Gurley and Barkley.
  5. Coming into this thread a bit late (30 pages in! holy moly). I have two things to say: 1. Zay's hands improved considerably from year one to year two. Year one he was the worst WR that I have ever seen. He was that bad, couldn't catch a cold in December. To me, it felt like he was getting open but just wasn't making any catches. Year two, he was no longer god awful, which was a BIG step up from what he was that first year. His hands have improved considerably in his first two years, and that alone means he should -at the very least- be on the team next year. 2. He seemed to thrive when plays broke down. Whenever Allen was being flushed out of the pocket, it felt like the person he was hitting was Zay. I don't know if this is because Allen had more trust in him or because the other WR on the field (usually Foster) was likely deeper. Either way, it kind of felt like he and Allen were on the same page a lot of the time. Everyone has been saying that Allen needs a WR to grow with.. Zay might be that guy
  6. The quote that sticks out to me:
  7. It sounds like he is over estimating the worth of Harrison Phillips at this point in his career
  8. With the FA pick ups, the situation isn't that dire imo. John Brown and Cole Beasley were great additions. Add to that the two WRs that we had last year that played okay (Zay and Foster) and we're okay. Certainly not great, but definitely much better off than last year.
  9. Awesome! Hope that he lives up to his hype
  10. The Cards pass on Kyler Murray and then a team trades up to the Jets spot thinking that they need to leap the Raiders in order to draft him. In doing so, they give the Jets a ton of picks/players to move up -or- The Patriots find Tom Brady's successor, ensuring another 20 years of New England's AFCE dominance
  11. Source for Fant's wonderlic score? The only set of scores I saw had Fant with a 25. I don't know how accurate the scores I viewed were b/c of the source
  12. WHEREAS, he started the 'Tre'Davious White Goalie Academy of Lousiana at Buffalo'
  13. I don't think Sam Darnold plays WR. But you never know!
  14. well, at least we are good at picking cornerbacks. or maybe it is that we are good at training cornerbacks. either way. we are good at doing something with cornerbacks
  15. IMO, QB is the only position that is ever worth trading up for. Half the time when teams trade up for a player, the player that is traded up for doesn't even end up working out. The draft is a crap shoot, the best people in the business have admitted as much. Why make less picks when you can make more? If they have too many picks this year, I say trade for picks next year since we have a bunch of 1 year contracts... or just use them this year and keep the best/cut or trade the rest
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