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  1. I'm not saying that he deserves all of the credit, but he definitely deserves some of it. It just seems unfair to label him as someone who can't operate with a non-super-athletic QB, when his only stint with such a QB was actually pretty successful.
  2. I feel like people are pegging Roman as someone unable to OC with a non-mobile QB. When he became OC for 49ers, he had Alex Smith as his QB. Smith hadn't had any success and was much more turnover prone than he is now. Roman came in and got some solid play out of Smith and the 49ers offense was decent and the team went 13-3 that year. He started off well the next year with Alex Smith too, until Kaepernick took over.
  3. This is such a silly question. Of course, in hindsight you take Metcalf. You could play this game though with every other player the Bills have chosen that isn't currently the best at their position in the NFL. What's the point? We chose Ford, he's been alright. Move on!
  4. Mixed feelings about this. Not sure if I'm hoping he gets the job or not... On one hand, Allen seems to have improved under him. On the other hand, the offense's results have been offensive
  5. One bad drop that I can remember. His hands, for the most part, seem to be pretty good. A couple broken tackles. Plus you have to love that competitive attitude. Was nice to watch the Duke doing his thing. The biggest knock against Duke has always been the separation thing ("he's too slow"). Either he was getting open today.. or the coaches specifically told Barkley to throw him the ball.
  6. Mahomes is an obvious yes. Jackson is a pretty obvious yes as well. Russel Wilson Deshaun Watson maybe Jimmy Garoppolo and maybe Kyler Murray. Everyone else is either too old or not as good as JA, IMO
  7. I don't think that "Daboll doesn't see it", like you said OP. Trust me, he watches the same games as us and I would wager that his football knowledge is greater than ours. Frank Gore is playing ineffective football and Daboll 100% is aware of it. There's a reason he's being kept in there. Whether it is in deference to his legacy or Daboll just wants to have someone that can reliably not fumble the ball while eating clock.. I don't know. But trust me, Daboll is absolutely aware of how ineffective he is and there's a reason he's on the game day roster/getting playing time. I would assume in the playoffs, they will probably scale back his role
  8. You're lucky if you get a hand on Jackson to begin with. He's that fast and evasive. You can't have potential tacklers thinking about how they have to tackle him to avoid a penalty. It would give the quarterback too much of an advantage
  9. I think you're getting him confused with Dan Carpenter
  10. Honestly, I started enjoying the Baker commercials a lot more since he started doing pretty poorly
  11. I don't think you're giving the fan base enough credit here. I'm pretty sure most people knew that he was just the scapegoat for the problems that the team (under Rex) was having
  12. I think the most telling fact is that Kaep and Taylor haven't been able to recreate their success without him. The dude has put a lot of previously mediocre quarterbacks in a position to succeed. What we're seeing with LJ now is him acquiring a real talent that matches up well with what he wants to do offensively. It's a great match
  13. I was pretty disappointed when we lost out on him the previous year to Baltimore. Glad we ended up getting him this time around.. he's a difference maker
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