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  1. According to PFF.. Devlin Hodges is better than Josh Allen? WHAT? I don't get really caught up in these rankings, but come on. The guy threw for like 100 yards in a full game... pretty much all of which was to running backs.
  2. Some owners might have personal vendettas against the guy due to their beliefs regarding his stances. But I believe that, for most owners, it boils down to one MAJOR issue. If you hire the guy to play quarterback, you are immediately alienating half your fan base. From a pure business sense, it would be absolutely stupid to sign the guy to a contract. He's just too polarizing
  3. The only way to get Kirk Cousins to play good.. is to tell him he's bad. Good job Zach!
  4. If their goal was to win games, they would be playing Fitz. But that isn't their goal, so it'll be Rosen
  5. Points for what? I kid, I kid. The thing is they are moving the ball and they are eating up lots of clock. The points will come when the turnovers end
  6. Maybe with Carr putting a little less heat on the ball he will be able to reel some of these throws in... instead of dropping almost everything. I really hope it works out for him in Oakland, but I'm doubtful that it will. Zay was a likeable player... but he certainly wasn't a good player with the Bills
  7. Personally, I'm just happy that we got anything back in return for Zay. His performance certainly didn't merit any compensation
  8. My initial reaction: no, no effing way However...if by go "all in" you mean trade a mid round pick for AJ Green or Trent Williams .. I would definitely consider it if I was in Beane's place. I doubt they can be had for that price, but you never know. I wouldn't consider making a trade like that going "all in", but it would definitely put us into "win now" mode. Anything higher than a 3rd is a hard no for me. Even a 3rd I'm hesitant to trade.. look at how our two third round picks are doing this year (Knox and Singletary)!
  9. I don't think anyone is unhappy with McDermott at the moment. Both him and Beane appear to have turned around a franchise that was in a pretty bad place after Rex Ryan's exit. Beane's drafting has been excellent thus far and McD has done a great job of working with the players that he's been given. Also, to say that Buffalo has no "big names" on the defense is unfair. They aren't big names because they play in Buffalo. Tre White has "star" written all over him, but he plays in Buffalo so there isn't as much recognition as there would be elsewhere
  10. I had no horse in the QB race that year, but I feel like any time a player is labeled a "project"... it's a huge red flag. I mean think about it, labeling someone a project basically means that they aren't there yet. You never know if they will actually get there or not. I'm glad the Bills drafted Allen, but if I was in management I would not have had the balls to draft him knowing that he was a project. Props to Beane for following through on what he felt was the right QB choice. In retrospect, I think he made a great choice
  11. After his amazing game against the giants, it really felt like he was starting to come around. Losing him would be a real blow
  12. The reason people get worked up about it is the same reason that the players here tend to play with a chip on their shoulder
  13. Horrible Harry appeared to have a GREAT game last week. Bunch of nice pass defenses, but you never really know what is going on in between those splash plays... unless you watch the film (which presumably PFF did). Nice to see that it was overall a great game from him
  14. Addition by subtraction. We may have never gotten a good look at Levi Wallace last year if he had kept playing.
  15. A lot of people making pretty crazy statements based on 2 games this year
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