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  1. Read this earlier in the day and couldn't figure out for the life of me why Montana seemed so invested in Brady and NE's decision; he almost sounds bitter at certain points.
  2. Maybe he didn't get many balls thrown at him in college because it was known that he was just average catching a high number of passes. Not sure great hands are developed in the league...I think you either have them entering the league, or you won't for a career. I'd be stoked if his hands developed with the rest of his game, but my gut feeling is that we may be forced to appreciate him for what he does bring to the table until the position is upgraded. I'm crossing my fingers though and hoping for the best.
  3. Wish the best for Cam, just not versus the Bills.
  4. I worry that the Bills will reach for a player such as AJ Dillon just because of his size, passing on a more dynamic, but undersized guy. Gotta go for talent over size if it's sitting there IMO.
  5. I hope that's not the thinking, Bills should take an impact player regardless of size. No need to start acting like we're so dynamic an offense that we can pass on talent for the sake of convention; this draft is loaded with undersized RBs.
  6. To the best Bills coach since Marv Levy, Happy 46th!!!
  7. "You get an extension!" "You get an extension!" "You get an extension!"
  8. Opportunity for Harrison Phillips to step up.
  9. Why don't you as a fan, propose regulating how much money is allotted to the owners? Did your issue begin at Matt Ryan, or did it start at Russell Wilson, and move to Patrick Mahomes?
  10. Would be pretty sad not facing the usual opponents twice a year...so much history.
  11. When I mentioned a player going early 2nd rd or late 1st I was talking about Antonio Gandy-Golden; I also could see Pittman going 2nd. I think Ruggs' touted speed will make him a 1st round pick, but watching his highlights, he brings Sammy Watkins to mind; I see a deep threat player who may not grade out as elite in the NFL in spite of that much talked about speed.
  12. I see him as an early 2nd with the potential to go late 1st rd. Ruggs reminds me of Sammy Watkins out of college when I watch his highlights.
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