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  1. Wish the title read Karen gets TKO'd!! Weak ass cryin' B word.
  2. Could've drafted him in the 3rd rd.
  3. You'd have to go through my many other posts in this thread to find out what my criticisms are. Cook has a better 40 time than both Singletary and Moss; he has faster straight-line speed, he does. I don't necessarily see that speed translating to long runs in the NFL with regularity as a rusher the way his 4.42 speed would suggest. My criticisms are related to him as a rusher.
  4. And you just keep misinterpreting what you read, ready to burst a blood vessel.
  5. I don't care about Rich Eisen. Guess who else can run, man? Me! What does that even mean? I won't be swayed because some media figure said something good about a player on the team I root for. Folks dogged Taron Johnson without cause until they heard TV figures praising him for his play against the Steelers, I'm not with it. I hold to what I hold to until I see James Cook break a few ankles, more than a few tackles, and take his share of carries to the house or almost. I'll believe that he's dynamic then, till then, I think we just got added speed and elite receiving ability at the RB position.
  6. 100% hatred is expressing that I believe he will pay off as a receiver, but not so much as a rusher? I hate where he was selected due a lack of certain attributes associated with effective running backs relied on to keep offenses moving through ground attack. I wasn't saying that Cook would get in the way of the Bills winning a Super Bowl, I was expressing that his selection in the 2nd rd. makes it unlikely that the Bills would select an RB in the 1st rd. next year. 😉
  7. Or maybe they just didn't use the 1st pick on Cook because he didn't have a 1st rd. grade on him.
  8. SB winner or not, the Cook pick will likely be what stands in the way of it happening. That's why I hate where he was taken so much.
  9. Okay, speed "is the only thing" on my mind concerning my dislike of where Cook was picked, that still doesn't explain where you came away with me wanting Breece Hall to be drafted. I wanted the org. to hold off on drafting an RB high until next year's draft where at least two legit, 1st rd. talents might declare.
  10. Check the draft day thread. I said many on this board thought Hall was a 1st rd. talent, myself not included. What the hell did you even read? Lol
  11. Would that help in tricking my eyes into seeing Cook as the game-breaker that much of the board sees him as? Cook will be useful, but I still anticipate people jumping ship once they realize that Singletary is still our biggest threat to break a game open from the ground.
  12. You like many in here thought Breece Hall was going 1st rd, probably thought one pick higher than where C. Johnson was selected too. So what's your point? I could see top-notch speed in any C. Johnson highlight reel, college or professional; I have to force myself to see James Cook's game-changing speed. James Cook can be good for the Bills, he's just not the best we could have committed to at the position.
  13. I dreaded when the Bills had to face the Titans with Chris Johnson on the roster. I also did not like playing Patrick Machines knowing Tyreek Hill was in the lineup. Certain players are legitimate concerns.
  14. Chris Johnson's was 1.4...percentile is night and day difference. Neither of those guys are the standard for top-level, acceleration.
  15. Well, since you wanna take it there, "you're".
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