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  1. How'd he get pass her chastity belt? Oh wait...
  2. So I guess it's pronounced ROOT tree from here on out.
  3. You put the 'C' in "C ya!".
  4. Ryan Fitzpatrick signed the season before Lawson and has the highest IQ in the league; I trust that you wouldn't question his judgment had he expressed what Lawson did. Smh.
  5. If this were the case, how would his poor judgement be relevant in this situation where he tweeted his disapproval of Fromm. From what I read, he doesn't mention taking any kind of action against Fromm, so where does his "poor judgement" show in this situation?
  6. Cool, cool. I'll end this here by saying, I'll be rooting for Bass all the way.
  7. Did he do this in-game or in the video? We could have a very good thing in Bass and I hope we do, but you can't ignore his senior season FG%, as though accuracy and power don't go hand in hand in making a great kicker.
  8. Well, what exactly did Bass do, if you're going to make that comment about Tanney and D1 QB's? I wasn't suggesting that Tanney has legendary accuracy, if he did he'd probably be a starter in the NFL.
  9. If Bass' big leg equates to NFL talent in spite of the 71.4% FG percentage he put up during his senior season, then so does Tanney's ball placement accuracy; Tanney is signed with an NFL team, after all. We have to wait and see if Bass' kicking talent carries over to live games, better than Tanney's throwing talent did.
  10. Do you really know how Tanney practices? Tanney's trick shot videos were a display of accurate, ball placement; I'm guessing that came from working on form and what not, the same way that other NFL QB's do. I think Bass' video is a similar display of precision developed through repetition. How that translates in a real game, we have to wait and see.
  11. Do any of those circumstances include Bass making 50 and 60-yard field goals while under duress from charging, NFL defenders? If not, I think these videos aren't much different from Tanney's trick shot videos: a demonstration of ability and what could be.
  12. Tom Brady's starting to remind of Tom Cruise on Oprah's couch...just weird...must be feeling liberated since leaving NE.
  13. Hoping for the best, but I'd be lying if I said videos like these don't bring Alex Tanney to mind.
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