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  1. It was in an article, but I got the sense that he was talking about being underrated by fans (non-Bills) and the media, due to what's asked of him within the defense. I think Bills' fans might really need to make a concerted effort to try and get TreD voted into the Pro Bowl if he's deserving; otherwise, he may begin feeling like the only way to receive that recognition as one of the best, is by playing elsewhere on defense. Hopefully the league and media would do its part after that. Another Stephen Gilmore-type story could be in place if TreD were to leave.
  2. Agreed. The turnout in the other team's stadium these past games, really makes you feel proud to be a part of it.
  3. I honestly wasn't familiar with Pancho Billa before catching wind of his battle; I always considered the Chef and Elvis as being the equivalent of Fireman Ed.
  4. Not for a prima donna who isn't part of the nucleus that helped transform the secondary into what it is today, coming in to steal shine from the unit and replace core guys. I enjoy watching Levi Wallace's development and wouldn't trade what he brings to the table for Ramsey.
  5. Yeah I just read that Shump is really good too; I'm gonna give him a listen right now.
  6. He ain't messing with Dame Lillard...don't even need to hear it.
  7. Don't know if it's too early to regard this a 'trap game', but I hope the D-line plays with the same intensity; without pressure on Manning I feel like this could end up being one of those games everyone thought we had in the bag. If the defense doesn't hold up, I'm hoping Allen, Singletary, and the rest of the offense can hold it down for the defense, like the defense did for offense, until it can regroup. Hope the effects Levi Wallace's current injury isn't lingering leading up to Sunday; I think he may be needed for this game more than many may feel at the moment. Let's bring it!
  8. Both are the bad kind of male, just in different ways; you both assist in establishing disorder at the end of the day. I fall into neither category, but if you can prove that I fall into one or the other, feel free to do s
  9. Nope, just the type to hold females accountable for their decisions/actions, versus giving them a Get out of Jail Free card because of their gender. Foreign concept to your kind.
  10. That's fair. I had a certain type of woman in mind when I made the statement. As far as your "You really think it is that simple huh?" question, if that's in response to the statement you quoted me in, yes I do think it's that simple in this case; the lady repeatedly had one-on-one encounters with a man who supposedly flashed himself and ***** on her on separate occasions. If one places his/her hand over a fire repeatedly then I'm going to assume that he/she is either a fool who refuses to learn from past trauma, or that his/her traumatic experience wasn't traumatic at all.
  11. Rather, I'll just hope that no female I know would be so stupid to place herself in the same precarious position, that this lady suggests she found herself in with AB, by her own doing.
  12. And justifiably so in cases where a "victim" still thinks it a good idea to meet up with her "attacker" for a third time, even after having had her back jizzed on without her consent by the same culprit; she probably has a load of self-blame...understandably.
  13. That's all fine and good, but none of that serves to explain why this particular individual would post pics of herself and her alleged attacker and continue to meet up with him seemingly privately; the bold type certainly doesn't seem to line up with her course of actions following the alleged assaults.
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