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  1. Note how there are no complaints being made about the talent level Peterman was placed in the game with, as last man in. No arguments about the third-team O-line or WR group being the cause of Peterman not being able to operate at optimum level, as was the case for Josh Allen in his first game.
  2. I might dispute this, and as for those "ten qualities"?
  3. Not here to throw dirt on Allen because he played great, this has more to do with your credibility. I remember you stating in the last game vs. Carolina, how Allen had shown "ten different" qualities of a starting QB, or something to that effect. Could you name what those were? I also recall you stating that he "showed touch", I never saw it on display, not even once in that game. Which receiver was the beneficiary of that "touch" throw? You suggested that McCarron connected on downfield throws while Peterman did not. I had McCarron as 0 of 2 on his deep attempts. Who was the beneficiary of McCarron's downfield completions? Just curious.
  4. I had no idea what McCarron brought to the table, but I was hopeful. Peterman looks like the fourth-year player out there. He has total control of the offense at the line and he takes what the defense gives him, without being too conservative. Really seems ahead of his time.
  5. BurpleBull


    Was pretty bad. "Travis Cadet"...uhh, who? "That was Micah Hyde". Noooo, I'm pretty sure that was Kelcie McCray with the personal foul in the second half.
  6. Seems like it. But what is laughable are the outsiders who don't follow the Bills closely, talking up the McCarron injury, as if he was way out in the lead to start for the Bills. Such a grave situation the Bills' find themselves in. Lol Get well McCarron.
  7. Beautiful game. Good job, both quarterbacks.
  8. Yeah...welp. 'Overall stance", as in overall stance on Peterman being named starter for week one...that isn't changing.
  9. Applying the phrase 'better equipped' to Peterman, when speaking on preseason football games vs. regular season games football doesn't change what you are suggesting. You're suggesting that Peterman has an 'obvious' advantage over Allen, being that he's a second-year player; few, if any of Allen's backers calling for him to be week one starter, have expressed any such sentiment of Peterman being 'better equipped' than Allen in any capacity, regardless of playing experience. So the 'obviously a rookie will have a harder time...than a second year guy' argument won't hold weight with me should Allen fail perform up to expectations, but Peterman excel. I just don't want the multitude of excuses...that's all.
  10. I believe everything that's gone on during minicamp and training camp will be kept in mind, but the decision will rest heavily on how each performs in preseason. Why do you place emphasis on 'this year'?
  11. Except people want Allen to start the regular season over that 'better equipped', second-year player without having seen him compete against a 1st team defense. Peterman having a better outing, being a second-year player isn't the obvious, foregone conclusion shared by the majority, that you make it seem, if it were, I doubt so many would be calling for Allen to open the season as the starter...that's my point. Also, I'm assuming that Allen gets work with the second-team offense, considering that's who he got the most reps in with during practices, and it's who McCarron started the game with after replacing Peterman vs. the Panthers'. So it wouldn't be Peterman's third-team performance vs. Allen's third-team performance, that would decide anything for the coaches---as that would be ridiculous---it's Allen's play with the second-team alone, that will likely weigh heavily on the coaches' decision to elevate him or demote him on the depth chart. I think the Browns' defense will serve as a good test for the QBs.
  12. Agreed. It could have easily picked by the actual defender guarding the receiver and it was his worst pass, because it came on the very first play. As I see it, Peterman's biggest issue with some of the more difficult completions that rely on timing, is that he can get casual at times throwing the football. Peterman is an honest guy who is constantly looking to get better, so I would imagine this pass, along with the pick was scrutinized by both Daboll and Peterman together. I felt encouraged reading that the practice following that game, was heavy on completing the short pass; makes me think Daboll and the coaches wanted to work specifically on cleaning up the throwing mechanics on shorter routes, so picks like the one to Ivory at the tail end of a quarter, isn't a recurring thing. Peterman acknowledged during his mid-game interview that he could've done things better---there were only two errors---so I'm hopeful that what he took away from that game, is that he must keep his mind in the game at all times, his foot on the gas, and not become complacent when throwing the ball. On to game two.
  13. I've read very little from those who feel Allen should be given the starting job, where they're acknowledging a marked difference between Peterman as a second-year player, versus Josh Allen as a rookie, for most of the discussion. So no, it's not that obvious. Guys wanted Allen to be elevated up the depth chart so that he wouldn't be bogged down with the 'inferior' talent that surrounded him, now that wish may be granted. And by 'no excuses', I largely mean as to why Peterman had the better game, if the end results should end up favoring him.
  14. Peterman never went 9 for 9 in preseason last year, he was 9 of 11 for 81 yds. versus Detroit. He went 11 of 23, 10 of 20, 13 of 25, and 9 of 11 in his four games of rookie preseason action. He showed potential as a rookie, he's showing progress now. Going 6 for 6 and 9 for 9 in practice is indicative of a second-year player that has grown from his rookie year, and could easily serve as evidence that there's a much clearer understanding of the offense and of what the defense is trying to do on field. Peterman going 9 of 11 against what were likely the Lions' second or third team defenders in his rookie year, is a far cry from finishing 9 of 10 versus a first team defense---albeit a "vanilla defense"---headed by the likes of Kawann Short, Dontari Poe, and Mario Addison serving as his opposition.