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  1. Seems best suited for someone looking to get all their muscles working together and establish mental focus.
  2. Kinda makes you sound like a hater considering you didn't bump the thread. I wouldn't have known that he was eyeing Obada had he not.
  3. I dreaded the thought of him entering when trailing late in a winnable game; I like Barkley as much as any former Bill that didn't contribute to negativity on-field, but the Barkley love is a bit strange. Wasn't exactly Frank Reich.
  4. He would be perfect for the Bills' backfield.
  5. Weird, the same people that approve of alligator hunting because an "okay" has been granted, will be out for blood if you kick a Labrador. Strange world, indeed.
  6. I'd sign Burfict for a day just so he could lay a dirty hit on Gronk. ***** Gronk!
  7. If they trade Watson, get a Top 3 pick in return (let's say Trevor Lawrence), get it together and begin to rise, the fans would forgive if not forget about Watson's departure and the FO's handling of things, right? The Franchise, the future doesn't want to be there and this doesn't strike me as being a situation where simply winning appeases Watson, it desire to leave seems deeper than that.
  8. Is that to say that the hatred they have for the FO now extends to Watson because he no longer wants to deal with it? Are those the sentiments being expressed by Texans' fans?
  9. And for the rest of the post... I don't follow that team, but I do know that Watson is a good guy---unless I'm missing something--- and has given his all for that org. That's usually the type of player fans get behind.
  10. I think they do. QB is unlike any other position in football, it's the face of the franchise as we know. I don't think the Texans' front office would like to be known as the FO that oddly disrupted the cohesion of the team and refused to let cut ties with a player who has done his part in the Houston community and on the field, and has a fanbase that respects him and probably understands his position of wanting to start over somewhere else.
  11. I think Josh Allen's talent makes him the equivalent of a point guard who makes just average players look good; those qualities plus Gentry's familiarity with Allen could have him performing better in a Bills uni.
  12. When was Tanner Gentry signed? I think he played with Josh in Wyoming.
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