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    You must be having flashbacks... This has all the emotion of a Bills game-day thread.
  2. Now can you address my comment pertaining to Edgar Bennett's recent firing as OC in GB?
  3. GB was one of the top offenses during his time as its OC.
  4. Why then was Edgar Bennett just fired as their OC, if any ole OC can just be plugged in, with McCarthy running the show ? What was Bennett's purpose as OC and what was the source of his being fired?
  5. Where's your proof?
  6. With McCoy's name apparently off the table, that leaves me with Clements and Shula. Shula may be a name that starts to gain traction in the OC discussion.
  7. Mike McCoy won't be the OC per Carucci

    What the heck is everyone's fascination with Bevell? I really hope he's not the guy.
  8. The offense was equally bad with Van Pelt as OC. Clements was last OC for GB in 2015. I assume he had to have grown in that time drawing up plays for an Aaron Rodgers-led offense.
  9. Alex Van Pelt wasn't good either his time here as an OC and that was his only stint as an OC. So what exactly has you wanting to take a second look at him if you feel that way about Clements?
  10. Yeah back in '04-'05 I think I saw. Second time a charm perhaps?
  11. Lol. But this is the only one that matters. I know, it gets crazy around this time.
  12. So who's your choice exactly?
  13. For me Tom Clements is the guy I want brought in to lead the offense. Here are my top three OC candidates Top Choice: Tom Clements Former Bills and GB OC; developed very close relationship with Aaron Rodgers and helped lead him to two MVP awards; very productive. 2.) Mike Shula Former Car OC; familiarity with Sean McDermott and understands his offensive philosophy; very productive with Cam Newton as his QB. 3.) Mike McCoy Former Den OC; got solid production out of Kyle Orton. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Sounds like a foregone conclusion that the next guy at OC will be Mike McCoy or Rob Chudzinski, but I really hope if available, Tom Clements is another name that pops up in serious discussion. Think it would be a solid hire. Let's see what happens. P.S., before you go ripping at my candidates, keep in mind that around this time last year, my endorsement of Sean McDermott as next Bills head coach came to fruition.
  14. I hate the idea. Hate the catchphrase "dilly dilly" even more.