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  1. Bastards. I will always hate the Dolphins the most of the divisional rivals.
  2. And maybe it took a loss of this magnitude to drive that home. I think this is the best spot in the season to come to harsh realizations if genuinely prepped to take the whole damn thing.
  3. Silver lining is that it forces us to pay closer attention to detail and never take our foot off the gas, Tre D still has yet to play, Elam was out, I don't think Poyer played, the defense stopped the Vikings from scoring a game-ending TD in OT, Allen gaveth us a chance to win in OT, Allen tooketh it away, we held our own destiny at the end of the day. Allen will clear his head, we will get back on track as one unit! *Miller's a different kind of cat from what I hear, so maybe that's just it, or maybe 9 games just isn't enough to erase the memories of being on what to him may have been the greatest team he felt he'd ever played on, he did win a championship there after all. His pressures, sacks, and character (which seems very solid to me) is all I'm gonna judge the man on.*
  4. As simple as it was to secure the victory in so many parts late in the game (that's the hurtful part), this was actually a game that I could handle losing so long as the ball was in Allen's hands last, which it was. A lot of crap that went wrong, yet we still had the opportunity to win or at the very least finish in a tie. This is essentially playoff football moving forward, I believe Allen turns it back on and limits his mistakes, the Bills start clicking again in every phase, and hopefully this forces the playcalling to blend in the run game (I'm talking Singletary, Hines, and Cook) when situations call for it. I thought it was insanely ridiculous how bleak fans' outlook on the team was after the loss, as expressed on different platforms. The Bills are legit, and yes, that was a fluke win by the Vikings...their record will be proven to be a complete facade.
  5. I remember wanting Isabella to be drafted by the Bills, wondering if it was a stretch in thinking he was a third round talent due to him coming out of a small school, and then feeling vindicated seeing the Cards scoop him in the second round. Would be all down for him getting a shot in Buffalo. Could be a rebirth.
  6. What the heck influences some of you guys' take? This season has been Moss' most promising season, but you want Cook to be handed the backup spot. Because of why? Because he was drafted in the 2nd rd.? He's still shown little to warrant him being selected that high.
  7. My skepticism of Cook being selected where he was in the draft probably doesn't sound too crazy now to those who questioned me questioning the pick before the season jumped off. Didn't like the Moss pick when it went down when a large percentage of folk were clamoring for him to be the guy; I'm in the exact same place with Cook. Perhaps it will take more underwhelming production before folks begin changing their tune as they've done with Moss. Funny thing is Moss is being crucified right now when it should actually be Cook for not doing enough to stay on the field, and not wowing anyone when gets on the field. Good catcher is Cook, but I honestly don't see him ever as being much more...just doesn't seem to have the mentality that molds good players into great players.
  8. Insiders should know that Zimmer is something like a force. Prince Emili made a game-changing play in Baltimore, but Zimmer should help increase the pressures and sack totals.
  9. Only thing I kinda miss is feeling like only Bills fans' and fans of AFC east rival teams were keying in on games that we played. At work, as the lone Bills fan, it can sometimes be a little annoying having coworkers so gung-ho about giving me props because of the whooping the Bills put on a team the night before.
  10. Or worse yet, the Lamborghini one.
  11. They showed that they can be backed into a corner and made to do a 180 on their stance. They could have still preached character (which is a value I believe McDermott truly values) being that the team is compromised of high character guys and a strong culture, while showing that part of that belief in character is giving guys a second chance for redemption.
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