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  1. When I mentioned a player going early 2nd rd or late 1st I was talking about Antonio Gandy-Golden; I also could see Pittman going 2nd. I think Ruggs' touted speed will make him a 1st round pick, but watching his highlights, he brings Sammy Watkins to mind; I see a deep threat player who may not grade out as elite in the NFL in spite of that much talked about speed.
  2. I see him as an early 2nd with the potential to go late 1st rd. Ruggs reminds me of Sammy Watkins out of college when I watch his highlights.
  3. Yeaaaah buddy, Congrats!!! Now carry this and then some over to next season!
  4. ANTONIO GANDY-GOLDEN...all aboard in 5, 4, 3, 2... I really like Michael Pittman and Jalen Reagor also.
  5. I misstated what I actually watched on Kroft to form my opinion on him when we first signed him; they were actually samples of team highlights that involved him, which gave me an idea of the type of player we were getting: a player with good hands and some quickness. By a bit more wide open, I mean by resembling offenses who aggressively look to carve up the opposition through the air (ex., Saints, Chiefs, Buccaneers), versus passing a bunch with the intent of getting your young QB in a rhythm and throwing with confidence, while failing to establish overall balance and rhythm on offense in the process; I think there are a bit of passing plays in the Bills' playbook that lack big-play potential simply because of the sets used.
  6. I imagined the guy in Misery breaking his own ankles when I read this. I actually liked what I saw from Kroft in his highlights, I get the feeling he would be a lot more productive in an offense that was a bit more wide open.
  7. Jason Garrett to Mike McCarthy: "What are you doing here?".
  8. DEAD BALL RULE --- RULE 7, SECTION 2, ARTICLE 1 OF THE NFL RULEBOOK AN OFFICIAL SHALL DECLARE THE BALL DEAD AND THE DOWN ENDED WHEN A RUNNER DECLARES HIMSELF DOWN BY: FALLING TO THE GROUND, OR KNEELING, AND CLEARLY MAKING NO IMMEDIATE EFFORT TO ADVANCE If that's Andre Roberts making the mistake the refs would have given the nation something to laugh at by allowing the rulebook to dictate the play, and who would be able to argue against them? Sad part is that you have Bills fans' agreeing that the Houston returner should not have been penalized for not giving himself as the rulebook requires, much like they agree with the crackback/blindside block called against Cody Ford that took the Bills out of field goal range in OT. Smh Just calling it by the books, right?
  9. If Daboll were to ever be let go, the one thing that I think he'd have to get props for, is being instrumental in getting Allen to cut back on his reckless habits, by grilling him after a boneheaded play.
  10. Mentioning a Lorenzo Alexander benching in the same breath as the Flutie benching just sounds wrong on so many levels. Lol Neither Stanford nor Thompson are unknown commodities---they're backup material---for your scenario to even come close to being reminiscent of the Flutie benching, I think Vosean Joseph would have to be that younger, mystery player named starter over Lorenzo Alexander at the last second, but he's been on I-R for much of the season.
  11. Later in the game when Ed Oliver chased him down from behind, stopping him from reaching the end zone on a scramble, Brady mini-spazzed as if Oliver had no right to be so physical with him. I've always like Brady as a QB, but after yesterday's game seeing him throw a block at Tre D's leg, then act like a petulant child in the aforementioned play, try to trip Oliver, and not get flagged for clear intentional grounding, I'm at the point where I want to see him take a full-force, solid shot from the blindside, preferrably by a Bills' defender.
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