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  1. 11 straight FG's made now, I think. Bass is legit.
  2. If you can't insert any back from the past five rosters into the lineup and get the same production, than he can't be just a guy. He needs to work on the fundamentals of securing the ball, but "just a guy"? What do your eyes tell you? Do you really need him removed from the lineup again to realize how important he is to the offense? If nothing else, the timing of this thread is bizarre, considering he was the team's leading rusher and receiver out the backfield.
  3. I don't like the feel of this. That's all I'll say. Crossing my fingers and hoping for the best.
  4. Why does this thread read like the Bills are in second place, three games behind some other division leader?
  5. Daboll's kept the fire burning on offense, Frazier hasn't on defense. The spirit of the entire defense is not the same from seasons past; the same foggy-headed unit that can't stop the run is also out there defending the pass. It's a trickle-down effect the way I see it. Crazy to associate Tre D's contribution this season on a contract that he earned from years of hard work and dedication throughout his career.
  6. From the YouTube title I was bracing myself, expecting the glass from the framed picture to shatter after losing his grip on it. Whew.
  7. I think of Bass as the kicker version of Josh Allen.
  8. The Dolphins have always been and will always be the team I hate most in our division.
  9. We can't both be correct. He's either bad or he's not. Bad players don't bring anything to the table, Zimmer does.
  10. Here we go. Lol How about you give our players a chance before dogging them out. I don't doubt it, I just don't remember it. It'll be hard for me to forget Zimmer's potentially game-saving play against Bellichick.
  11. I didn't even remember Bacarri Rambo was on the team and can't remember one splash play that he made; I don't know if you're referring to a game-ending play as a splash play, but even if you are, he's brings more than that because he brings high energy and effort on nearly every play, if not every play. I'm never left with the feeling that he's taking plays off or that his play is being dictated by which team has momentum. Not suggesting that he should make the NFL All-Defense team, but I do think he's heck of a find.
  12. Wait a minute, if he's been as bad as you say he has, then wouldn't he need to make a ton more impact plays like the one he made vs. the Pats to offset the myriad of bad plays that you have on him in your vault? He's already exceeded expectations based on what, if you're not acknowledging the pluses that he's shown, minus the forced fumble on Cam? How could he be the best the Bills have at DT without being any good? You'd be suggesting that Ed Oliver, for one, is chop liver at that point. Feel like I'm getting double-talk from a person whose hot take on Zimmer was shre
  13. You finally posted a response a whole seven days later, but I'm the lazy one. Lol Why would I go through this thread to prove your point when my opinion was established from watching the same game these clips were pulled from? Zimmer's physical strength and athleticism is undeniable, so I'm confident that the coaching staff will find ways to utilize that to help this defense get better as the season goes on.
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