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  1. Oh I missed it, great then.
  2. You probably haven't gotten a response to your question because it's clear that you will disregard whatever is said that is in favor of Peterman. You and others are anti-Peterman. While those who support Peterman are still able to be Pro-McCarron and Allen.
  3. BurpleBull

    Shaq Lawson on roster bubble

    I'm just not a big fan of players who have to 'get the message' before they commit to turning the corner.
  4. I will say this, if Peterman's 49% regular season comp. percentage were attached to each post of yours for accuracy, it would be a fair indicator of your validity as a poster. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=aKduBp70kJg Keep working on your half truths...only a percent away.
  5. That's not me reaching. I didn't use words like "superb" or "magnificent" when describing Peterman's preseason performance, I simply pointed out why so many came away impressed with Peterman. He showed poise and that he could move the offense...that doesn't necessarily show when you present a 54% completion percentage as proof.
  6. He did show good accuracy, not with every pass, but he did show accuracy that I feel can be built on. There's a difference between having good accuracy, posting 54% and 49% comp. percentages for various reasons and being an errant, erratic passer. Peterman's not an errant or erratic passer. He wasn't in college and in the pros you can really only point to one out of five games that he appeared in, if you wanted to make the argument that he is. He was praised for being accurate when throwing from a clean pocket, it's when he's been under duress early on that his numbers tended to dip, but with more acclimation to the pro game, I would expect more comfort operating within the pocket and better production.
  7. But Tom Brady... I won't even go there. How about Marc Bulger in the 6th? A pick was actually used on Peterman, what about those who weren't even drafted that went on to have solid careers? Kurt Warner, Tony Romo,... Peterman has his shot.
  8. It's not always about numbers. If Peterman builds on last season, the numbers are sure to follow. Peterman showed passing willingness that Taylor just didn't a lot of times, along with good accuracy. He can build on that.
  9. I'm pretty sure as you witnessed Taylor's performance you were able to dismiss it and not view it as a reminder of previous struggles due to him finishing two full seasons as a starting QB. I was watching to see progression as a QB from the last season and a firm grasp of the new offense under Dennison from Taylor, although I'm certain you weren't.
  10. I base Peterman's potential off of his college play and what he showed in his first action of pre-season and regular season play, and yes I'm aware of him throwing five interceptions. That's not empty.
  11. I'm with you, I feel it's preseason football where everything becomes clearer and the big decision will be made, although I feel I read or heard somewhere that Daboll/McDermott will know who they're rolling with at some point during training camp. I think some are willing to discount all the other variables that they know go in to making a QB starter quality, if it means placing Allen in the driver seat, ready to take the wheel or not.
  12. Good that you mention that... Peterman was sacked exactly once in 49 pass attempts during the regular season. Peterman was sacked four times in 79 pass attempts (54% comp.), to Tyrod Taylor's four in 29 pass attempts (48%) during last year's preseason. Taylor was the veteran, Peterman the rookie. Peterman showed he could lead an offense. Thank you for playing.
  13. Okay. Ryan Leaf had talent, not saying Josh Allen is Ryan Leaf, but he had talent too. Just pointing out one's upside doesn't give credence to a claim like that.
  14. Do you realize that Peterman as a rookie in preseason led the Bills on its only TD drive, prior to him being inserted into action with the first team offense against the Ravens? Tyrod Taylor couldn't generate a TD drive up to that point working with the 1st team and I believe he completed only 49% of his passes. Peterman threw a pretty TD pass in the Vikings game, and set the Bills up for points in both the Eagles and Lions finale. Your attempt to discredit Peterman is a very empty one, that doesn't tell the whole story.