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  1. BurpleBull

    Josh Allen likes to talk some smack on the field

    Talk smack, in time you'll get smacked.
  2. BurpleBull

    Peterman is here to stay!

    Sean McDermott pretty much betrayed 'The Process' preached all summer long amidst mounting criticism from both fans of the Bills and national media. There's no way that Josh Allen starting by Week Two was part of the plan all along. It's an unfortunate admission because Sean McDermott and Nathan Peterman were both guys I championed during the head coaching hiring process and NFL draft, respectively. Nathan Peterman had the abysmal showing against the Los Angeles Chargers, as the whole world knows, and he's still desperate to shake that; he was afforded the opportunity to repair his image this off-season and did pretty much all he could, to put himself in position to do just that nearing the regular season: he outplayed his competition in important areas during both training camp and preseason, and earned the right to be named starter against the Baltimore Ravens. Another rough outing vs. the Ravens for the second-year player: Peterman finished the game 5 of 18 for 27 yards, no TD's, 2 INTs, 0.0 QB rating; pulled from the game a little after the third quarter began. Of course Bills' fans and media talking heads who opposed his being named starter in the first place, were eager to see him scratched as starter the following week against those same Chargers' who assisted in etching Peterman's sullied reputation in stone. Wishes granted, but was it premature? We put together our prediction threads or at the very least circle games on the NFL schedule that we should win entering the new season, and those 'winnable' games are more likely than not based off the opposing team's end from the previous season. What we knew about the Baltimore Ravens entering game one, was that they failed to make the playoffs, struggled behind a stagnant offense that found itself near bottom in offensive rankings, and customarily finished strong defensively. Many were quick to call for the reins to be handed over to Josh Allen after week one, but I bet almost nobody knew that we were playing against a Baltimore Ravens' defense, that would be holding the No.1 overall spot in defensive rankings five weeks later, or ranking ninth in total offense for that matter. The offense has been handed over to Josh Allen; he's had his hope-inspiring moments, still, even those who supported the switch to Allen, have suggested that he isn't ready to start, is leaving plays out on the field in both wins and losses, and isn't showing the progression from one week to the next, that they hoped for. Josh Allen vs. the No. 4 ranked Green Bay Packers defense: 16 of 33; 151 yards; 0 TD's; 2 INTs; sacked 7 times; passer rating of 36.3. The creative mind in offensive coordinator Brian Daboll, got the stronger-armed QB who he was enamored with all throughout training camp calling the shots in time for that Week 4 matchup....same results essentially versus a top-5 rated defense. To answer my own question: Yes, the switch from Peterman was premature. As we've seen from season opener, with time, things can progress for the better: the Bills' defense now hold the distinction of ranking third in total defense, despite its disastrous first outing. So could have been the case with Nathan Peterman...we'll never know. McDermott should have stayed the course and stuck to his guns the way he and Daboll did all through training camp, amidst the cries from Allen's biggest supporters, to have his reps increased with the 1st team offense; instead, he was likely moved by outside voices and perhaps some inside voices, but mostly outside ones; how else could one explain the Bills' organization retaining a young QB deemed so bad and incorrigible? I believe McDermott likely sees the potential for the lights to finally come on in Peterman and finally show the potential that caused him to take interest in him; and this why he continues to confidently insert him into ballgames at the dismay of many. Peterman must be allowed to start consecutive games if he's to ever develop and learn from his errors. 6 games played in, three started in, only one of which was a home game...Los Angeles at Buffalo would've been the perfect follow-up game to attempt to get his confidence back on track. If McDermott's going to continue to display this level of faith in Peterman, then he needs to be all in, and stick by him regardless of who on the outside might question it. Only then will he, Peterman, and those such as myself, who root for Peterman, truly know if he really belongs in the league or not.
  3. Hell no. Try to trade him if anything. Someone has to believe that all his struggles are due to Allen, much like Benjamin believed they were due to Newton.
  4. Yeah...Cam wasn't the problem.
  5. BurpleBull

    Week 6 predictions: Bills at Texans

    Bills will need turnovers/short field and/or a competent gameplan put together by Daboll; and sound play from Allen to win. Texans. If the Bills' offense beats the Texans' defense outright, then the Bills' are on their way (playoff hunt team).
  6. BurpleBull

    My New Tattoo of Coach McDermott

    I have a lot of faith in McDermott, but for your sake, I REALLY hope he's the next Marv Levy.
  7. BurpleBull

    Shaq Lawson move to DT?

    I mean, he did knife into the backfield a few times to disrupt run plays.
  8. BurpleBull

    Taron Johnson playing very good ball.

    Not sure, but I was under the impression that their decision was made based off ability, not availability.
  9. BurpleBull

    Taron Johnson playing very good ball.

    Ryan Lewis perhaps? He did beat out Lafayette Pitts, who was with the team all of preseason, to be signed on the 53 from the practice squad; and he played admirably.
  10. BurpleBull

    Trade for Sam Bradford?

    Bradford's not a car.
  11. BurpleBull

    How has Star been?

    Offers nothing in the pass rush game...frees up the linebackers to make easy tackles.
  12. Name those few players. They had to have shown the same tendencies as Robert Foster: has trouble bringing the ball in and relies on the go route as the primary means of getting open.
  13. BurpleBull

    Where Did That Pass Rush Come From?!

    I mentioned before Sunday's game in the 'Shaq Lawson' to a poster who suggested that Harrison Phillips was making no more of an impact than Lawson, that Phillips offers the Bills' an actual 4-man rush when he steps in for Star Lotulelei; the coaches scaled back Star Lotulelei's involvement, especially, in the pass rush. I worried that the coaches would try to force-feed us Lotulelei because of his contract, instead of addressing his obvious weakness as a pass rusher. Reducing Lotulelei's snap count says a lot about this new regime: shows that they are about winning and are willing to cut bait with whatever that isn't working. Trent Murphy, believe it or not, showed flashes in place of Shaq Lawson, as a pass rushing difference maker in Week 1 against Baltimore, but too many people were too busy clowning him and saying he didn't show up due to his preseason-long injury situation that limited his presence. Lorenzo Alexander's rushing of the passer from the DT position from week 2 carried over and again proved effective. They brought pressure with Tremaine Edmunds and Matt Milano. Pretty much through everything that they could at Kirk Cousins by way of the front seven. Another player that I think has made a subtle difference, that may begin to get some shine, is Robert Thomas. He's pretty quick and demands attention from a second blocker from time to time. The front seven played with intensity from start to finish, but I think the move away from Star Lotulelei was a huge deal. No injuries and keep bringing it!
  14. BurpleBull

    Caption These: Josh Allen

    "Now departing Wisconsin, destination: Minnesota".