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  1. BurpleBull

    Denver Broncos to hire Vic Fangio as HC

    Long overdue. When Rex Ryan was fired, my two replacement candidates were Sean McDermott and Vic Fangio, if they didn't bring back Anthony Lynn. I thought all three had the making of good head coaches.
  2. BurpleBull

    Dion Dawkins to RT?

    I believed this needed to happen more and more, as the season wore on. I like Jordan Mills, but Dion Dawkins would definitely serve as that more athletic, quick, RT that the O-line really needs. Replace Dawkins' old LT spot, with an equally athletic and reliable player, the same at RG, and the O-line should be in store for great things next season.
  3. BurpleBull

    Who Are You Rooting for the Rest of the Way?

    AFC: Texans NFC: Seahawks
  4. BurpleBull

    Bills sign Derek Anderson to extension

    Good deal. Hopefully this eliminates the "draft (QB) in the 6th rd" talk leading up to it.
  5. Well, I mean there can only be one "most pro-ready QB" in a draft class...Peterman was his that year.
  6. Not when you have another coach who also believed in him, offering him a shot. Peterman got chances in Buffalo, but not in a way that worked in his favor as a developing QB...Gruden could be the guy to get the most out of him. Peterman is a closed chapter in Buffalo...but it'll be interesting to see if anything changes for him, with the change of scenery, under a fiery guy like Gruden as his new supporter.
  7. Good for Peterman. I respect the move from Gruden: he's putting his money where his mouth was, around draft time when Peterman caught buzz. Gruden has a chance to look really smart and Peterman gets real time to work on redeeming himself.
  8. Where are the inactives in all of this info?
  9. I think Jones catches on and he becomes the clear number one or two; I think he is the most explosive of the Bills' receivers and I think he has good drive. I don't think you can dismiss the drops and some of the other things that Foster didn't do so well in the preseason just yet; they could resurface as the season goes on and teams start to key in on clamping him...never know...hopefully not. Would be phenomenal if Foster could maintain this level of play for a career. I agree with you on McKenzie...can't remember the Bills having that type of player on offense at the WR position; usually find them on more creative and productive offenses around the league. Times are changing for the Bills.
  10. BurpleBull

    Did anyone notice something about Sam Darnold?

    He's an old, ranting, white man whose fixation on the past, clouds how he views present-day NFL players and the league as a whole. Forgive him.
  11. BurpleBull

    The NFL has killed the Golden Goose - ITSELF!

    You weren't responding out of confusion as to who I was directing the comment towards, you responded because I said this was an "old white man rant". It's obvious who I directed it to: the original poster, who was attempting to subtly racialize what he feels is wrong with the league. You probably feel somewhat silenced in a world that "will bite your head off for stereotyping pretty much any group unless you are applying a negative stereotype to a white man" so you attempt to downplay subtle, racial jabs like this one, as to keep the voice from being silenced completely; I was more blunt with my take, and that is your real problem, along with the two other posters who took issue. Funny thing is that his claims can be disputed as they are mere opinions, I speak as if factually on both his race and age group, and he doesn't dispute it. I have no reason to believe that he isn't just what I stated he is: an old, white man who went on a rant because he feels trapped in an ever-changing world, that pales in comparison to how things were when he was coming up. Lastly, 46 total words in five posts, is hardly my idea of a person "worked up over the word 'thug''.
  12. BurpleBull

    The NFL has killed the Golden Goose - ITSELF!

    I was speaking specifically about the original poster... If you don't see how race could play into this, then neither do I.
  13. BurpleBull

    The NFL has killed the Golden Goose - ITSELF!

    But are they white?