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  1. He did. I like Tre'D' a lot, think he's very good, and feel like he could be on the cusp of becoming one of the elites; I just think he's off by a little currently, based on his sophomore season. I think next season could be the year where he's emerges as an undoubted, premier corner.
  2. Poor assumption considering it's your infatuation with Kay Adams, that led to her assessment of Tre'D'---which is founded on a Week 6 performance---being a topic of discussion. Even Tre'D' knows that there's more that he has to show, if he's to be considered the 'league's best'.
  3. That'll happen when you only watch a quarter of the season, and cling to Kay Adams' breakdown of the parts you missed.
  4. Revis was well-established and made the Pro Bowl in each of those seasons.
  5. IJS, Tre'D' needs to rectify that if he gets his chance again because it was a shockingly, horrible game. He just couldn't stop the bleeding. There was also the game against the Jets, where he defended Robby Anderson and gave up the big gain late that allowed the go-ahead TD, in the Jets/Darnold comeback win. He has to take his game to a higher level, otherwise he will continue to be thought of as being a Tier 2 CB.
  6. Kenny Golloday says otherwise. Tre 'D' gotta get Golloday back before he can be mentioned as being the best.
  7. Damn. I thought Kroft would prove to be the most important acquisition at receiver. Hopefully Knox can step in right away.
  8. 1.O-line 2. Ed Oliver 3. Tyler Kroft 4. Singletary/Gore 5. Beasley
  9. I'll wager against that lineup, if you're down.
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