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  1. I'm more interested in what was said about the DE position. I don't feel the situation at DE is so different from the Duke-Zay situation and wish Darryl Johnson would get more snaps at LDE.
  2. Try give the Bills a chance to improve to 7-2 in OT against a sub .500 team. If McLaughlin was cut and the Bills were to sign him to the PS, I wouldn't be mad at all.
  3. Right after yesterday's loss I stated that the Bills should've kept Chase McLaughlin...fast forward...he does precisely what Hauschka couldn't. Smh
  4. Perhaps. If the Bills lose to the remaining four teams that currently have winning records (DAL, BAL, PIT, NE) and then a loss to the Jets proves to be the nail in the coffin for the Bills playoff hopes, it will give credence to what I felt at the start of the season. After the Cleveland loss, I don't like how things feel, even at 6-3. May find the Bills having to beat at least 3 of those 4 teams to keep their chances alive
  5. Should've given Chase McLaughlin a shot. Smh He's gonna be the funny-looking kicker of the Ravens for years to come in San Fran.
  6. Mobile, Ala. -- When new Buffalo Bills offensive coordinator Brian Daboll spoke for the first time since he was hired, he wasn't ready to open up the playbook or evaluate the roster. But in those 10 minutes at the Senior Bowl, Daboll did give some insight into what some of his core offensive beliefs are as well as what he picked up over his career as an offensive coordinator in college and the pros. "I've been doing this for a long time, and again it comes down to preparation throughout the week," Daboll said. "You have to understand what your players do well, the strengths of your players, and then you have to try to understand the strengths and weaknesses of the team your playing. There's no secret recipe to a good call. You have to put the time and the work in just like the players do to give yourself a good chance." Forsaking his foundation...I imagine the end is near for Daboll.
  7. Yeah he loss it. He could've assisted the team in redeeming itself for its mistakes much like Feleciano allowed Allen after his fumble in the red zone. Hauschka has one job: make fields goals. He blew it and is overrated...have thought for a minute now that he is overrated...was so excited when Chase McLaughlin was brought in as a possible replacement.
  8. Should've kept Chase McLaughlin on the roster.
  9. Watch Chase McLaughlin become the 49ers K for the next 10 years. Lol He was the man at Illinois and thought they'd hold on to him.
  10. I think they're trying to get his flaws worked out of him before removing the training wheels and seeing what they have in him.
  11. Singletary being utilized correctly is far more important.
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