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  1. Why are you going at a fellow Bills fan??? The Dolphins have always been the rival I hated the most from the days of Marino and it ramped up around the time Flutie was Qb'ing, that was w/o fan influence. These Dolphins fans' sound hella obnoxious with their new-found success reading that thread. It's a little more than thinking they'll win, it's more, "the Bills ain't *****, disregard that defense because it can't hang with us, let's trust the media talking heads who support our theory of their defense being overrated, Josh Allen is an idiot, and Ken Dorsey has done nothing to alter the offensive philosophy, 'James Cook, who's that?", it's all on Allen and we all know that without him playing at an elite level----which he won't--- the Bills have no shot". I got love for Tua but f these new Dolphins, their head coach and his shades, and its fanbase.
  2. Yeah, I remember how bad I felt for Araiza. They just abandoned the guy to clear up the image of the org. when standing by him would have solidified the org. and fanbase as tight-knit: Buffalo vs. Everybody. Just a weak move on the FO's part and Matt hasn't even been proven to have done any wrong. Seeing how long the Nathan Peterman saga was allowed to last (oh, and I was a big supporter of Peterman) via McDermott, I know he has to think about how Matt was discarded the way he was.
  3. They need to stop playing around and just do it. We know McD is a 2nd chances guy, we just need to do what's right.
  4. Need to pull up Cook's draft day thread and check folk. Can't be mad now, he was never that guy and folk seemed real content with that not being part of the package.
  5. Bump. You know what time it is. Missed this thread when it originally posted...how crazy is the title. Smh F the world...bring back Araiza!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Did anyone else have to read the thread title at least twice to get closer to understanding the idea being expressed? Took me on a journey.
  7. Oliver's a bum now? Smh I only wish he'd chill with his overcelebrating after making ordinary plays, outside of that I'm cool with what he brings.
  8. Rather see what Terrel Bernard is about than have more of the same from Edmunds. I imagine what Bernard offers against the run will be deemed more respectable compared to Edmunds given where they were drafted, but might get hurt against the pass.
  9. I'ma miss this dude. So underrated. He'll get his shine though.
  10. Nope. Be happy with James Cook in the 2nd as the Bills game-changer. This is who I was hoping the Bills would gun for, but they took Cook too high a year early. We aren't using a 2nd and 1st on a RB back-to-back.
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