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  1. Hand size

    Best thread title ever.
  2. Bills interested in Dez!!!!!

    Was there never doubt that Terell Owens would sign with Buffalo? Bryant in Buffalo? Why not?
  3. Sammy Watkins is a lunatic

    Trying to turn attention away from maybe, sometimes, a little bit current Bills player Richie Incognito's lunacy via former Bills player Sammy Watkins huh? I see what you did there.
  4. Richie Incognito Un-retires via Twitter?

    Very strange the backlash and lack of empathy fans showed players like Marshawn Lynch and Jairus Byrd on their way out of Buffalo, and even recently Zay Jones during his trying time but aren't in complete "f off" mode concerning Incognito and his lack of respect for the Bills front office and this new regime as a whole. I'm surprised so many people are open-armed, willing to receive Incognito again and feel so encouraged by his tweet...I mean it was ended with #madeyalook. Incognito to me will always be a boneheaded, idiot in my book for his past antics with other teams and he's showing again why this take on him is completely justifiable.
  5. Bullies Jonathan Martin...gets bullied by Muhammad Wilkerson, Von Miller, etc., on-field. Good riddance Richie Boy.
  6. Giants are apparently now dangling Josh Rosen out there for the entire NFL and any club willing to pay up to get him. Would sure hate to wake up tomorrow and learn that the Patriots packaged their picks to secure the No.2 spot and Josh Rosen. https://www.cbssports.com/nfl/news/the-giants-would-reportedly-draft-sam-darnold-at-no-2-overall-dont-like-josh-rosen/
  7. ...throws for 3800 yds., 28 tds, 7 ints next season, returns the Bills to the playoffs getting the team within one game of reaching the Super Bowl, which is lost on a wild, last second, game-winning td returned on a squib kick...does the 2018 NFL draft and the move of giving up multiple 1st and 2nd rd. picks (whatever necessary to move up to pick No. 2) to acquire Josh Rosen still a win, or do you now feel a bit of buyer's remorse?
  8. What is up with you and Luke Falk?
  9. Richie Incognito fires his agents via Twitter

    My guess is you're trying to be clever, but you've really said nothing.
  10. Richie Incognito fires his agents via Twitter

    I wouldn't have cared if Jonathan Martin made good on his threats to Igcognito. He strikes me as as the "big scary white guy" who would try to befriend Ndamukong Suh but bully Jonathan Martin. Really hate white guys like him who think growing up country and hunting big game means they're a bad ass and can't get their ass kicked.
  11. Josh Rosen snaps back on Mora comments

    Okay now it's funny. I read the article earlier today on another website about the coach saying something about millennials needing to ask why or ask questions or something like that, but that part just didn't stand out when I was trying to make sense out of the tweet. But yeah that's pretty funny.
  12. Josh Rosen snaps back on Mora comments

    What's so great about this response? I don't get it.
  13. Bad feeling that we take Mason Rudolph

    Don't know if this adds to the bad feelings, but this thread had exactly 666 views at the time of me clicking it.
  14. You did didn't you... But we must now shift focus from Fred Wagner to Fred Warner.
  15. Does the new tackling rule help the Bills?

    What makes that a top three play? Did it lead to something big?