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  1. Nice! Good news, Looks like I will be checking out my fist Panthers training camp!
  2. ROR had 25 points in the post season. He had a 4 game goal streak in the finals (Last player since Gretzky to do that) and reports are now that he was playing since round 2 with a cracked rib. Oh yeah and he just won the Conn Smythe trophy. So I probably wouldn't agree with you that hes soft and quits when the going gets tough. I heard the Eichel interview on Chiclets and he straight up denied any friction with ROR and went on to talk about how tight they were. https://www.wkbw.com/sports/sabres/sabres-eichel-dismisses-rumors-of-friction-with-former-teammate-ryan-oreilly
  3. Class act, Welcome to the Bills Family Ed Oliver.
  4. Finally we have a team that is building from the ball out. I love it.
  5. If Josh Allen turns into the next Russell Wilson he too will eat up 11%-13% of the Bills salary cap. Sorry but that's the reality of landing a franchise QB.
  6. Personally I'd love to see Oliver setting there when we are on the clock.
  7. Draft the rookie of the year, add 4 starters that contribute, add depth with the other 6.
  8. And we still have 10 picks in the draft and a large amount of cap space yet.
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