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  1. If Josh Allen turns into the next Russell Wilson he too will eat up 11%-13% of the Bills salary cap. Sorry but that's the reality of landing a franchise QB.
  2. Personally I'd love to see Oliver setting there when we are on the clock.
  3. Draft the rookie of the year, add 4 starters that contribute, add depth with the other 6.
  4. And we still have 10 picks in the draft and a large amount of cap space yet.
  5. Gives us more options at number 9 in the draft.
  6. Position of need this off season, Seems like a perfect fit for this offense and at a good price. But I guess Haters are going to Hate.
  7. Please don't ever over pay for a RB again. Build the o-line and draft a running back ever couple seasons.
  8. If you have to build your team in FA with over priced contracts your probably not winning anything.
  9. We are finally out of cap hell and can control our salary cap going forward. No way would I want to start taking on bad contracts to get additional draft picks. We are already loaded with 10 pics, why mess with the cap to get more?
  10. RB's are a dime a dozen, spend your money on the oline and draft a RB every 3 years.
  11. That was my point, Snyder overpays us!
  12. With the lack of FA QB's it sounds like the perfect storm for teams willing to over pay in the draft. Lets hope that team is some one like the skins looking for our number 9 spot. Fleece the heck out of Snyder!!!!
  13. 10 draft picks, a truck load of money, and a stable front office. Yeah I like the over on this one.
  14. Its the playoffs, you play a 15 minute quarter. If after the quarter your still tied you play another 15 minutes.
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