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  1. I'm all in on seeing the following standings after this weekend. Let the Bills stay within 1 game of the Pats and 3 ahead of the Jets. If the Jets lose to the Pats they still have a team good enough to play spoiler for the rest of the season. I'd rather keep the Pats within striking distance. Pats 6-1 Bills 5-1 Jets 2-4
  2. No chance. Only thing I would have taken is 4-1. My reasoning was 3-1 for the first quarter of the season and we need to go 3-1 for the second quarter of the season. We we need to beat Tennessee, Miami, and Washington and we can lose to philly. Tennessee is a must win considering they could be battling us for a wc.
  3. Cut block the defenders and take out knees (sweep the leg Johnny)!
  4. I thought I read last week that if the Pats cut him they were on the hook for around $9 million signing bonus they paid him. If thats the case its hilarious that they shelled out that coin for one game!
  5. So trade away draft capital and overspend again on the rb position?
  6. Nice review Shaw. Today could have been one of those classic Bills let down games. You know that game where at the end of the season your saying how did we lose to the giants and miss the playoffs??? Instead they went on the road and won a game they should have won. They did their jobs and now have a chance to open the season 3-0.
  7. One less wild card team to worry about. That team is probably going 0-7! Yikes
  8. Singletary should get 15 -17 touches in this game. I can see him getting about 10 -12 rushes and 5-7 receptions.
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