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  1. Yes agree. Allen has ‘it’ factor. And I feel Darnold has the ‘that’ factor, Mayfield the ‘this’ factor, and Rosen the ‘what” factor.
  2. Botterill says, “Did you see our winning streak? Bet you were proud of us being in first place.” Bean says, “I didn’t see that as I was busy with football stuff. Did you see it Mr. Pegula?” Mr. Pegula shrugs and says: “Last I checked you were losers. Why are you here?”
  3. I’d give him a beer, but don’t need to, as if he gets tipsy again he can stare at the five letters in his first name, throw out the k, shuffle the rest up, and drink that.
  4. Trent Edwards was at one time ranked #1 in the nation in high school, as a qb. Projections do not guarantee anything. So many things can happen for athletes between high school and through university, and from the jump from university to pros. Competition, attitudes, supporting casts, systems, and pressures can make or break persons. Injuries, changes in priorities, and being rewarded with lots of money also can ruin drives and careers. It”s often survival of the fittest, having good luck at times, and proper mentors or coaching on your side too, and wanting to persevere and not give up when things get tough. These players must continue to work hard and be self-motivated when they get to the next levels, and want to fight daily to be the best, as talent and size only goes so far. At higher levels, nobody will be handing out silver spoons or I’m the biggest, strongest and fasted awards. That slow, short, skinny little turtle kid beneath you in high school that you beat up playing wiffle ball and soft ball can suddenly become a super athletic ninja because of his attitude and smarts were in the right places. Athletes that succeed for long duration know these are not races but battles that must be sustained and won over time, with battles not just on the field and in the weight room, but occurring too in their own mind. It does not matter if one is quiet, outgoing, narcissistic, empathetic, short, tall, heavy or light, one can succeed if they daily strive to be their absolute best. This requires internal strength, self-motivation, and an admittance of wrongs and a desire to listen and learn something important, for each and every moment, on each and every day..
  5. Agree. BB Wins 41 Lose 55, prior to Boy Wonder..If BB is a football wizard, he could have worked his magic when coaching the Browns those 5/6 years they failed under him there. And the 1st year he coached Patriots, he failed as a coach there. It isn’t coincidence that he started succeeding regularly when Tommy Boy became starter. This does not mean I think BB is a bad coach, but just not as great as everyone thinks. Yes, he has more control now with the Pats, than with the Browns, and thus perhaps better players for his system, but they say BB can get the most out of average Joes. Well, he as coach did not prior to Brady.
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