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  1. I too liked T Henry. I won't say he was the best ever either. Singletary needs more carries per game. That is on the OC. At the beginning of the season , after a month I was surprises that both Singletary and Gore had equal carries and yards (not exact but close enough). Daboll better get his act together this upcoming season. Devin Singletary's rookie performance caught ... - Buffalo Bills 4 days ago - Buffalo Bills running back Devin Singletary (26) Buffalo Bills vs Baltimore Ravens, December 8, 2019 at New Era Field. Singletary totaled 134 yards from scrimmage against Houston in his first career playoff game. Johnson joined the Bills after being drafted in the sixth round (181st overall) of the 2019 NFL Draft. NFL Draft & Combine Profile - Devin Singletary | NFL.com While the Owls did not have the same team success his junior year, Singletary still wowed C-USA coaches with his rushing prowess, earning first-team all-conference honors after leading the league with 261 carries for 1,348 yards (5.2 average) and 22 scores (which again placed him among the nation's leaders).
  2. Maybe they’ll practice in Cali like Josh did last season with some guys
  3. Leaders do bring value when they are in the prime of their careers. It’s a Captain obvious moment
  4. PFWA? pfff waaa? OWINGS MILLS, Md. -- Baltimore Ravens coach John Harbaugh defended Lamar Jackson's playoff failure on Friday, highlighting the progress the quarterback has made in two NFL seasons. "He's 23 years old. He's younger than Joe Burrow, OK?" Harbaugh said at his end-of-season news conference. "So he's got a pretty good head start right now. I mean, he's along the way. hahahahahaha 😆
  5. Do you really expect us to believe THAT ? his favorite actress is this good enough for closed captioning???
  6. I'll say it again and Mike in HH will agree with me ...... Bob Foster isn't that good. He's maybe JAG. IMO the only reason he looked "good" was because his main competition at WR was Zay Jones (who by the way led the team in yards) and caught 4 deep passes from Josh. Kroft ... Only started in 3 games and only played in 11 games. You can't even speculate what if when the guy wasn't a "main starter" It's kind of funny how Josh was more accurate on his deep passes with Jones and Foster last year and somehow he sucked this year.
  7. and they end up in NE? hell no. Pay them what is deserved
  8. Trust me I'm not a PFF guy. I just put it out there for discussion
  9. "All this kid does is make play after play."
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