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  1. Pregame A bunch of yahoo’s guessing (many) based on favoritism. postgame A bunch of yahoo’s trying to cover their asses.
  2. While true. The NFC ain’t what she used to be either the Seahawks are not great, the Rams are looking more ewes than 🐑, the cowboys lol, Philly also lost etc.
  3. I survived the elimination pool with Baltimore over Cincinnati. Phew. glad I avoided the other choices I was thinking of. https://football.fantasysports.yahoo.com/pickem/42467/weeklyperformance
  4. Poor Baker. Pick 'em: Baker Mayfield with 11 INTs in six games (how much worse is that from Josh)
  5. The turlet bowl. which 💩 rises to the top!!! living in Va and hearing all the trash they say about Buffalo ..... Go Fins. (they have recognized a Very Good defense).
  6. TLDR. My prediction is the same as it was last week, last month and last June. Maybe a variation of +/- 1 game 12-4 to 14-2. I can’t go that much higher. Or did you expect lower? Shirley you jest
  7. A for effort I’m guessing a lot of crosstalk I mean, when does a thread stay on topic? 😝
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