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  1. Johnny you should know better every CBS channel west of the continental divide gets the game
  2. Throw out weeks 1 through 4 and what are the stats??
  3. As I see it .. Josh is also a very good athlete. Was it 3 straight games and damn near 300 yards rushing? Yup Over three games last season Josh Allen is averaging 111.7 rushing yards per game! https://buffalonews.com/2018/12/09/buffalo-bills-josh-allen-surpasses-lesean-mccoy-leading-rusher-broken-running-game/ PEOPLE ARE FORGETTING THAT! This organization is, or was molding Josh to be a passer first then a runner. When McDermott Quote "sat them all down today and said, 'play fearless,'"" the team Turned up the Volume and Josh was being Josh again!! Another tid bit - From week 7 to week 12 or 13 Josh was leading the league in TD's scored.
  4. I guess... Usually a player from the team has a tie to the region. Poor saps. Going to miss the Game of the Week
  5. I'm trying to not have a coronary thinking about it
  6. When you Paste text - a message prompt pops up Pasted as rich text. Paste as plain text instead Click Paste as plain text instead I'm sorry what did you say?
  7. Dagnabbit I cant get to the meme generator from work any more The Little Engine that Could
  8. Duplicate info The Bills aren't even in the playoffs yet – but you can buy tickets Thursday
  9. For those of you going to the game Sunday Be Loud Be Proud Bring the Thunder I'll be yelling from my couch
  10. https://sports.yahoo.com/nfl-bets-week-14-12-233230208.html NFL bets you need to make in Week 14: 12/4 Covers.com Rotoworld•December 4, 2019 SHADING THE MVP The Buffalo Bills' hype-train is chugging along after a convincing win in Dallas with the country watching in Week 13. But things will get much more difficult this week with the Baltimore Ravens traveling to New Era Field. This game will feature the first and fourth-best rushing quarterbacks (rush yards/game) in Lamar Jackson and Josh Allen. Jackson is nearly impossible to game plan against because no teams can mimic Jackson in practice - except the Bills. The Bills Defense is used to practicing against a mobile QB and if any team in the league is prepared to slow down Jackson, the Bills stand the best chance. The same can be said with Allen as he will see a defense that faces an elite QB rushing talent in practice every week. We think there’s a chance that the Allen and Jackson (not to be confused with the rugged country singer) rushing markets could be overvalued with all the attention they have been getting after Week 13. We are going to fade both dual-threat quarterbacks, taking the Under on Jackson’s rushing total of 75.5 yards and the Under on Allen’s on 39.5 yards.
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