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  1. Currently 2020 has $100 mil in cap space and 20 or so spots to fill
  2. ShadyBillsFan

    Life gets tougher every day (Episode #423)

    Chicago Med. drive by shooting at some nurses cus one blew him off for a proposal of a date
  3. ShadyBillsFan

    Life gets tougher every day (Episode #423)

    Copy cat. I saw that on a TV show last month!!!!
  4. ShadyBillsFan

    Do you do it yourself ???

    I installed a garage door opener (twice) Genie screw drives
  5. To the populas 2018 is over. The Bills have (get ready) just over $2 mil in dead cap money in 2019.
  6. We also had the least experienced crews that threw the most flags. ^ this was reported somewhere here
  7. the one he got HURT on (again) Nice play BTW
  8. ShadyBillsFan

    Where has 26CornerBlitz been lately?

    thats what I googled. being a Warrior of justice (justification) for Rosen on social media?
  9. It was Theismann bad. Even with "modern" medicine hes in for a long haul. This can be career ending. Course the Skins don't want to say that until their lawyers figure out a way out of the contract $ because of it
  10. Yup. They need to do something. Gruden though still likes himself some McCoy Agreed. A solid QB that wins and he's driven from two teams by some up and comer. one Kneeled himself out of the league and the other may just be great. Oh its worse if you live in DC and listen to local reporters. Infections and skin peels etc I don't think that will be a major problem. Getting in shape to play football again is a major issue
  11. FAKE NEWS Out of those 59 throws, Allen was on target 43 times. that sure does look a lot better than the 52.8% people keep ragging about
  12. ShadyBillsFan

    Where has 26CornerBlitz been lately?

    He may be a LJ fan, but he's for sure a Rosen Fan. I think he finally relented and rolled back his "arguments" for Rosen over Josh. He caught a lot of clack for his Rosen fandom. (don't know what SJW means)
  13. ShadyBillsFan

    Hot for Teacher: South Jersey style

    He went for the F
  14. ShadyBillsFan

    Replacing Russell Bodine

    If the FO thinks he's not the starter they will do something about it. Part of my comment as its such a small amount when you have over $80 million to spend on what 10 to 20 new players?
  15. aka Cheating the system and a new rule was created so others could not cheat the same way