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  1. You don't know squat

    Are you volunteering?
  2. You don't know squat

    You don’t know squat but she does.
  3. You don't know squat

    My mistake. I misremembered
  4. You don't know squat

    We’ve never argued that I think TT was not good enough last season 16 and this past season in 17? Not really. If you know squat you need to prove it. If the experience of Dunkirk Don hasn’t taught people a lesson then the deserve to be hoodwinked. I called him a fraud on day 1 while it took people months to finally figure it out.
  5. You don't know squat

    Relax Bandit. Based on our discussions I could believe you are “in the know” but until I personally get a PM from you with a scoop I too will have doubts. One of the big detractors to you and Kirby is the vehement arguments we have had over TT ergo based on the recent outcome I could say I was right and you were wrong. But let’s leave sleeping dogs lie. As I said Doc was only one that I recall reading with a good call.
  6. Bills GM: Not certain we move up to take QB

    Maybe they have a plan for the draft to get a stud.
  7. You don't know squat

    LMAO. Laughing MyAss Off.
  8. Beane is lip service king...

    Isn’t that what Dunkirk Don proposed?
  9. You don't know squat

    Old Man Fan
  10. Most possible depressing outcome

    Depressing getting a TT clone Humorous is all the click bait the fans are falling for.
  11. You don't know squat

    Are they currently working there? the lid was slapped shut when McDermott took over. Very very little was “leaked”. Of the 3 people I know of, only Doc has had relevant “rumors” come to fruition. You being one what have you broken? Im not being rude here I just haven’t seen it. But then I only read a portion of the threads.
  12. just take jackson and keep picks

    They dumped TT they will not sign a clone.
  13. Beane is lip service king...

    I’m IN on his 3D Chess
  14. Most possible depressing outcome

    This. How many games did TT get banged up this season alone? 3, 4, 5 ? Id say he had 2 games where he could ha r had a borderline concussion