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  1. Seriously, another rebuilding thread? Call me a troll if you wish 26 there are dozens of these threads
  2. https://www.patspulpit.com/2018/11/13/18089864/new-england-patriots-rob-gronkowski-retirement-rumors-starting-early-this-year-injury-tom-brady The Rob Gronkowski retirement rumors are starting early this year That's so damn true.
  3. IF the BR article is true.. How many times as Bills fans have we thought that about Tainted Tom? It will happen. We've seen the numbers go down in the stats. But he's still years away physically than Peyton was (hobbling along) in his last 2 seasons where he truly was a ghost of himself.
  4. Bill? Interesting... Not sure I'd use toast, retire maybe Tom Brady, Rob Gronkowski in danger of missing several contract incentives https://www.yahoo.com/sports/tom-brady-rob-gronkowski-danger-222135209.html Tom Brady Incentive: Top five in the NFL in passer rating ($1 million) Current Pace: 94.7 passer rating -- 16th Incentive: Top five in the NFL in completion percentage ($1 million) Current Pace: 65.2 percent -- 18th Incentive: Top five in the NFL in yards per attempt ($1 million) Current Pace: 7.41 Y/A -- 17th Incentive: Top five in the NFL in touchdown passes ($1 million) Current Pace: 17 TDs -- T-11th Incentive: Top five in the NFL in passing yards ($1 million) Current Pace: 2,748 yards -- 5th As it stands now, Brady is barely on pace to unlock just one of his four incentives and likely will leave $4 million in incentives on the table. His tight end isn't faring much better. Rob Gronkowski Incentive: 70 or more catches ($1.1 million) Current Pace: 29 catches Incentive: 80 percent or more of total offensive snaps ($1.1 million) Current Pace: 64.3 percent of snaps Incentive: Nine or more touchdown catches ($1.1 million) Current Pace: One touchdown catch Incentive: 1,085 or more receiving yards ($1.1 million) Current Pace: 448 receiving yards
  5. ShadyBillsFan

    I have a mouse

    Since I put the poison blocks in my garage, one in each corner .... I don't recall seeing one in the house.
  6. ShadyBillsFan

    ESPN's look at - 10 NFL coaching jobs that could open up.

    true... Thats ESPN for you A YES man or Jerry's son
  7. ShadyBillsFan

    Elton John Commercial

    is this a Would ya thread?
  8. http://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/page/HotRead-20181115/ranking-best-worst-2019-nfl-potential-head-coach-openings-get-fired Ranking the best and worst potential NFL head-coaching openings CLE we know. BAL seems to be on that list based off rumors NYJ 41 - 10 seemed to solidify that. ARI, DAL, DEN, DET, GB, NYJ, SEA, TB I'd even throw in WAS if they crash out of first place in the NFCE
  9. ShadyBillsFan

    Bills tied for 2nd most "deep" throws in the NFL...

    again.... I blame KB has to be 25 to 30 + deep throw for me as well.
  10. Does he dance in those things too? Shady the Hedgehog
  11. ShadyBillsFan

    Bills tied for 2nd most "deep" throws in the NFL...

    too bad KB couldn't catch 2/3 of them