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  1. Last Post Wins: Three Words

    Squish the fish
  2. Taylor named the starter Vs. the Dolphins

    Say goodbye to the season if we get Typical Taylor and a meh defense.
  3. Hahahaha Another lame excuse for Tyrod the Terrible by his chief Champion. Again I am not saying it that isn’t possible. I would rather be wrong and admit it than believe it and be disappointed again.
  4. It is your prerogative and to believe that. Hell I want to believe it too. Its too close to call. Tenny needs to lose out but what if Jaz says screw it and takes week 17 off? KC isn’t going to lie down either. The Chargers are very motivated as well. Miami wont go down without a fight. I see the master of Copy and Paste is still spewing his hate for Nate. Now child, call me a silly name.
  5. Post A Word: "Tailgate!" edition.

  6. City you've never lived in, but felt at home there

    I was thinking Bozeman. Nice place to visit.
  7. Which TBD user was this?

    For ring toss?
  8. Last Post Wins: Three Words

    Hot or mild
  9. Any teetotaler Bills fans?

    Being a DD for decades I only drink on occasion.
  10. Previous Poster's Greatest Attribute

    ^^ cripple Creek Excellent at making ejaculating palm tree lighting displays doh forgot to go to last post ^^ makes hoof shoes for reindeer rodeos
  11. Post A Word: "Tailgate!" edition.

    How cute. How oft do you wear it? Uncharacteristic
  12. Post A Word: "Tailgate!" edition.

  13. Last Post Wins: Three Words

    Same thing no? One is diced
  14. City you've never lived in, but felt at home there

    Very friendly people. Like being with any Italian mom. Eat more food. I ate so much I gained 15 pounds in 3 months. Go to a bar where people sing along with the music box and welcome you in. They spot tourists easily because they are the ones gawking at all the parrots and other explotic birds on every street corner.
  15. Previous Poster's Greatest Attribute

    Goes out of her way to please testosterone starved Bills fans.