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  1. I guess I should have come here way back when it started working for me.
  2. Lol. I see more than 100 words I scan past them.
  3. ShadyBillsFan

    Fan Advisory Board--Suggestions?

    Is that like asking for Pro Bowl votes
  4. ShadyBillsFan

    Confession time at TBD

    Ummm. Cletus, Dog, Spot ? if I connect the dots EJ?? I was dumb enough to buy into TT at the beginning of his 2nd season in Buffalo I too thought EJ got screwed over by Marrone.
  5. Considering how many people believed Dunkirk Don..... Connect the dots
  6. ShadyBillsFan

    Last Post Wins: Three Words

    Cloudy and grey.
  7. ShadyBillsFan

    When you want to join the mile high club....

    Maybe you heard of their alias. Silver Lining Airline ?
  8. ShadyBillsFan

    Life gets tougher every day (Episode #461)

    He really wanted a header
  9. What is the pass attempt count? 400 passes a season should be the cutoff as a minimum. Less than 350 passes will skew the results.
  10. Is a hotdog a sandwich!!! Oline them WR.
  11. You do realize who you are talking to right?
  12. ShadyBillsFan

    Sporting News Ranks Sean McDermott Eighteenth Best Head Coach

    You could at least be honest. Tyrod is a 2nd and 3rd alternate selected to play in the pro bowl. And last season he was begging for votes. thanks for mentioning TT in a McDermott thread. Not
  13. ShadyBillsFan

    Star Trek: Return of Picard?

    What’s a TNG?
  14. I told you it was that easy https://www.yahoo.com/news/homeland-security-drafts-plan-end-family-separation-151501530.html Trump ends separating families. It’s our Tax $$ The 1%ers don’t pay it.
  15. ShadyBillsFan

    Hot for Teacher/Hot for Teacher's BFF

    Tina looks do-able