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  1. Nothing new for the guy: Over 4,000 yards, 30+ TDs passing, Maybe 400-600 rushing, add another 8-10 TDs. Interceptions I expect to go down, however it may start not looking that way (post-Diggs divorce causing some adjustments). Potential MVP but I think once Keon gets rolling maybe next year that’s more likely. Josh has been elevating talent around him, and I don’t expect that to stop.
  2. Greggggg: “Thanks, Wade. I’ll take it from here. I’m gonna completely revamp this team and still find a way to lose, but we are gonna hit our opponents $uper hard.” Mularkey: “I’ve got a good QB, and I’ve got a gameplan. There’s absolutely no way a Third-String Steelers team can beat us now, right? RIGHT?!? Jauron: “Hey Josh, we can’t make effective punts if you keep getting us touchdowns. I’m gonna need you to hold off a bit and throw more check downs please.” Chan: “I didn’t play Josh because it wasn’t his turn.” Saint Doug: “I mean, he’s ok, but can we take a second and acknowledge how awesome I am for just a moment? I drew that play up myself. I’m like, a hero or something. Bow before your new God… and can I take my dinner to go? Rex: “Yeah, did you see the feet on that guy? I bet he has a REAL hard time buying sneakers off the rack… I’m gonna get a tattoo of his big toe on my calf… oh shoot, I forgot to call a play before the clock expired…”
  3. Raiders would make sense from a need perspective, but they only have about 18m and 25m cap the next 2 years. 2026 they have a ton so maybe a backloaded contract with a huge guarantee could be possible?
  4. Welp, Quintez Cephus won’t be kept. Just got released to sign Dee Delaney (Safety)
  5. I forgot Josh made Robert Foster look like a legit NFL prospect year 1. If he could do that with him, I have no doubt he can get production out of anyone, especially now. Also: 2019 Brown and Beasley were great. If Samuel and Shakir can fill those roles out this year we are gonna do great.
  6. Yes but I’m talking about when they finally don’t make it to the AFCCG or superbowl- like a round 1 or 2 playoff exit. It’s crazy to think that they’ve been able to make it that far for that long. It will be interesting to see how they respond when they look mortal. …may it be sooner than later.
  7. they’re going to eventually be unable to sustain this level of success - be it the Bills or someone else taking them down when it matters, he’ll have to face the music. The first time it happens he will probably be, understandably, upset. But if it’s Josh - he will probably at least respect it. Now that he has 3 rings he’s guaranteed HOF first ballot. At this point anything else is just icing on his cake… let’s just hope he’s got diabetes or something from now on 😂
  8. I think Patrick is probably a good person. I know he is a good football player in a good system with a good coach. I can’t stand his entitled attitude when things (rarely) don’t go his way. The tantrum during our first game last year was pretty revealing unfortunately. He did not handle adversity well, which he has been fortunate to not face much of during his career. I really don’t like his family minus his kids lol. His wife is irritating and pompous, his brother is an absolute loser, and his dad just got another DWI and will likely not face any real consequences for his terrible decisions.
  9. That game was about as bad as London was last year for us.
  10. But why are you doing it in a thread about a Safety we just drafted? 😂
  11. I took my father to this game (vs the Panthers I believe) and that throw was jaw dropping - just a touch out of bounds but my lord I had never seen someone just effortlessly launch a ball that far that fast. My dad and I looked at each other like “how is that even possible?” We knew he was special right then and there. Also, it was the only game I’ve gotten to take him to, and he likely won’t be able to go to a regular season game. That game/night was very special to me for a lot of reasons. Might need to update my top-5
  12. My top-5 are as follows: 1. The first 59:47 of the Bills Chiefs Divisional Game 2. Bills Playoff destruction of NE / Josh’s best game 3. Bills / Dolphins 2019 (Micah Hyde Onside Kick) 4. Dallas Thanksgiving game 5. The Pats game after the Hamlin incident
  13. Pretty sure at his age he has slowed down a bit. Still might make the team lol
  14. I suspect Bills pick Gabe Hall at 204, and either a CB or G at 219
  15. Given the work they did on him this is not a surprise pick. I am surprised he didn’t go earlier to be honest. Can’t hate on that at all. I saw him as a late 4th/early 5th
  16. Not sure about you but I would be ok if we picked 32 next year personally
  17. LB depth is not a bad thing to have given how thin we got last year. Wish we got Kamara but such is life.
  18. VPG lasted longer than I thought he would. A good get for sure.
  19. Makes sense I guess. Wish Bishop could keep 8 personally.
  20. I think he wore it in college at some point though so at least it makes some sense i suppose. He’s not getting 4 from Cook that’s for sure. Also, I thought 24 was Elam’s number but maybe he changed it this offseason and I forgot. Would have loved him to wear 8 personally.
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