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  1. Just because you’re upwind of a piece of crap doesn’t mean it doesn’t stink
  2. “If I can’t win a Super Bowl or MVP, maybe I can get comeback player of the year…”
  3. Happy Birthday 14. Hope we can gift you a lombo one of these years.
  4. Tom Grossi (National Treasure) has summed it up perfectly for us.
  5. I could get on board with this, but probably not OC and definitely not HC. Love Frank, but we either keep McD or we get new blood entirely in here
  6. I know it’s easy to criticize coaching for players being undisciplined, but can we all agree here that this game isn’t like the others. They’ve made some seriously bad calls today against the Bills and maybe *MAYBE* half are justified. 17-7 based on how the calls have gone is a monumental win so far.
  7. Absolute trash officiating today. They’re not even trying to hide it at this point.
  8. I couldn’t believe he was there at 59. Thought for sure he’d be gone in the early 40’s.
  9. Torrence coming in with that little push at the end to make sure Josh got in. Dude is gonna be an anchor for a long time on this team I feel.
  10. Bernard is something else. What a heads up play.
  11. Barf. I just remembered that terrible game we had in the wildcard… Bortles vs Taylor in a game of “how little can we throw the football and still win?” Sadly it was Bortles because all he did was run or dump it off. 87 yards passing, 88 yards rushing…
  12. I was sure they’d have gone for him. He’s a good story and easy for fans to rally behind, plus he’s not a threat to Rodgers. They might have snuck into the playoffs with Dobbs and given Rodgers his comeback he was looking for. If they drop one more game I doubt Aaron would rush back behind that terrible O-line for a meaningless game given the risks involved. I’m not excited for the Jets to be in range of another great 1st round pick, so I hope they get a few more wins. Maybe 3 more… the old “Jauron Special” 7 wins to be good enough to fall outside the top 10, but bad enough to miss the playoffs. …that being said, I hope they punch Miami in the mouth and steal a win from them this week. Maybe the kid will do alright with a full week of practice.
  13. Low Positive? Sorry, he doesn’t live here anymore: I’m not sure what everyone else felt when they watched the game today, but by Q2 it felt like I wasn’t watching the same team/Josh as a week ago. I’m not sure exactly what the biggest contributing factor was, but Joe Brady seems to understand (at least for week one) how to get plays in on time, to scheme against a very tough opponent, make adjustments, and to let Josh do his thing. I don’t know what I expected to see exactly in week 1 of Joe Brady’s offense, but that deep ball coming in with a perfect throw against arguably the best CB in football made me feel all sorts of things. Seeing Josh fired up against a division rival was encouraging, and I feel like if this guy was here a month ago we destroy NE and hang a few more against Denver. Kincaid, Cook, and Shakir doing big things tonight was further proof that Joey B knows we have weapons and drew up a plan that got them involved right away. He seemed to know that Diggs was capable to make plays but likely to be double covered most of the night, so he worked around that. Another showing like this for Shakir and Davis may be seeing a few less snaps (especially as he didn’t do anything this evening). Again, it’s only 1 game, but it’s encouraging to win - and win decisively. Also- perhaps Josh is the bizarro-Samson. He needs a fresh cut to be superhuman, not long hair lol.
  14. Big Dubs! notes: 1. Not perfect, but a damn lot better this week against a very good defense. This is great, but we will need to tighten the bolts a bit to contend with Philly. 2. Bass was awesome minus that one extra point. 3. Rasul Douglas is exactly the kind of difference maker we needed in the backfield. Easily one of the best in-season trades we have made in years. I think we would have won today without him, but damn did he come up HUGE in this game. 4. Shakir has been really coming around this season after a slow start last year. He needs to continue to get looks as he may very well be our #2 WR next season. 5. Diggs quiet today but vs Sauce he did as good as one can expect. Honestly Sauce was great today but we were able to make him slip a few times and it paid off finally. Game ball to Douglas and Brady. New look O seemingly looks to be much better. A good first week. Next week will be another good test. GO BILLS.
  15. Well, I can safely say Dorsey wouldn’t have called that lol
  16. The Texans had to be extremely bad for a year following their former weirdo QB taking a year off from assaulting women. The ONLY reason they’re bouncing back now is that the only team dumber than them gave up an absolute fortune to relieve Houston of their weirdo QB. With those pieces they managed to get a very promising looking QB (after a team in front of them didn’t pick the right guy, it would seem) and they also hit on late draft picks. Sounds familiar… Despite the recent struggles, we have a generational QB who, admittedly, is in a slump. 90% of teams would kill to have JA, and we have talent on the team who just needs to clean a few things up. 5-5 isn’t great, but we are not out of the picture yet. I wouldn’t trade with Houston because we’ve already been down that road. Good teams struggle sometimes, great teams overcome them. We will find out which we are over the next few weeks. I am in no way too much of a homer to say we are perfectly fine, but I also don’t believe it’s the end of the world just yet. Go Bills.
  17. We wanted to make him look good so NE keeps him another season or two. Makes sure Williams doesn’t end up in NE
  18. This was exactly my first thought. Chan was asked why he was playing an ineffective Spiller instead of Jackson, and that was the best he could come up with… I’m usually willing to give McD a little rope but comments like that are just not good at all. “why did we stop doing the thing that worked?” ”because reasons.”
  19. Lol well it looks like it’s us vs the Bengals, 12th man, and the refs. Wonderful. LFG.
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