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  1. I think people ultimately support law enforcement so long as they feel it is fair on both sides of the political spectrum…once you lose that trust, it is difficult to support, when they feel law enforcement has been weaponized for political purposes… If one is being honest, it is hard to deny that what Trump is accused of by the DOJ sounds eerily similar to what Hillary actually did, but wasn’t charged…But of course, that’s only if we are being honest…
  2. I think anyone can be pro terror if it suits their agenda…
  3. And sometimes it’s called a conspiracy so people don’t think it is fact (like Lab Leak theory and Covid vaccines initiating a global digital ID system)…😉 Edit- you can laugh all you want…it just means you have no concept of what’s already been said by elite, powerful interests outside the msm…The World Economic Forum and Bill Gates have already admitted this before Covid even happened… Its not a Democrat or Republican thing- it’s a globalist agenda that certain members of both parties are trying to implement…👍
  4. Oh, thank God the SJW’s are here to save us…😉
  5. And many of the Dem politicians flat out called for, and incited more violence, themselves (Maxine Waters, Rashida Talib, etc)
  6. She’s a military industrial complex neo con…and she would love nothing more than to walk in the war criminal footsteps of her father…👍
  7. Every time a major news story breaks, I always wait a few weeks to learn the true story… The initial story is just the Establishment narrative the media wants to get out first, in hopes you will be too busy to wait them out, or too bored to dig deeper, yourself… But the ones who do wait the msm out for more info are the true independent thinkers imo…👍
  8. Didn’t the FBI also try to kidnap the Michigan governor, just to try and blame it on other people? 🤔
  9. That’s not Tom Brady- That’s Caitlyn Jenner! 😯
  10. Kind of like those who keep telling us that boys can be girls, and vice versa? 😉
  11. Always a possibility… But the situation around the 1980 presidential election was quite interesting…Early on, Reagan was not even expected to win the nomination of the Republican Party, much less the general election… It was neck and neck between Reagan and Bush Sr, with Ronnie squeaking out the win…The rumor was, even though Reagan was against it, he was forced into taking Bush as his running mate by the Party… Within a few months, an attempt was made on his life…Was Hinkley a nut? Perhaps…But just remember, it has been said that Lee Harvey Oswald was hired as a low level CIA operative. (Robert Kennedy would later tell his nephew, JFK Jr. that he knew the CIA killed his father.)
  12. Do you think everybody who voted for Trump (nearly 80 million people) are in a cult? Honest question… Do you think that people may have had different reasons?
  13. I understand…I have thought the same…just curious- especially since CIA Bush Sr. was next in line…but who knows… Maybe it persuaded Reagan to go along with the program…but again, just wondering out loud…
  14. Absolutely! In addition, after WW2, the NSA and CIA were created, which in turn, created a “break away civilization” of federal bureaucracies that were not beholden to constitutional oversights and limitations…This is the beginning of what people today refer to as the Deep State… I also wonder if assassination of JFK and attempted assassination of Reagan were because they were not part of the Establishment?
  15. How come anyone who disagrees with the Establishment is a Trumper or MAGA? The Establishment has been around long before Trump and will be around long after Trump… You don’t have to be a supporter of Trump to see what’s happening…Many progressives and liberals feel the same way- And they can’t stand Trump… But I know, I know- you need a name and a face to represent the opposition, regardless…This is why anyone who opposes the Establishment is called a Nazi or white supreacist, whether they are black or progressive…👍
  16. That’s the Establishment narrative…And the Establishment stretches across the entire West, not just America… In 2015 The Guardian rated Ukraine the most corrupt nation in Europe…https://amp.theguardian.com/news/2015/feb/04/welcome-to-the-most-corrupt-nation-in-europe-ukraine That was roughly the same time the prosecutor was investigating corruption in the country, including Burisma, where Hunter Biden was on the Board (without any knowledge of the oil industry, I might add) Biden withholding the money wasn’t because the prosecutor was “pro corruption”, as the Establishment would want us to believe…But rather because an investigation by the prosecutor posed a threat to the business dealings that the Bidens, and the Western Establishment, in general, had going on in a corrupt Ukraine…
  17. If you follow media other than establishment news, you would know this to be true… FBI Director Comey even gave a press conference on all the criminal things Hillary did- but then said they chose not to charge her because “he” didn’t think a prosecutor would take the case…Lol
  18. While I do not know all of Trumps actions, it may be true that down the line he may be proven to have committed a crime… However, I disagree with that last statement…Hillary and Biden have been proven to have committed crimes, and have been protected by the Feds and media for years…Hillary with Benghazi and her emails, and Joe with his blackmailing of Ukraine to monetarily benefit him and his family…
  19. FBI… Trump has been mostly accused of things, but never really proven guilty… And even the things he has been accused of, the Left has done those very things they accuse Trump of… I want consistency under the law… If Trump goes to jail, then so should Hillary and Biden at the very least…
  20. I consider myself mostly an isolationist…so I guess I could never be a MAGA militant…darn…😉
  21. I never said I supported those actions…I just said I could why people would be skeptical of a federal agency that has PROVEN to be corrupt several times in recent history…
  22. Not sure if you heard, but during the game it was mentioned that another GM had asked Cynthia Frelund about Benford…her response to the GM was that he will not be available after the final cut… I know she is not the Bills FO, but thought it was interesting none the less…👍
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