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  1. I still have Bengals playoff hangover…someone please slap the sh!# out of me so I sober up…😉
  2. It’s amazing all the propaganda being sold to our country…
  3. No class will ever be worse than the EJ class…
  4. Bills 16 Jets 26 With Rogers, Jets roster appears slightly better on paper…
  5. I know…I really need to rein that in…😉
  6. I don’t think it’s a matter of people not liking the message of the song… it’s a very positive message…I think many people oppose the label of it ONLY being for black people, and trying to create a separate national anthem that divides the country… How are Asian American people supposed to participate? How about Hispanic Americans, Native Americans, or any other non black group of people? Why not call it the “Lift Every Voice Anthem” or something like that? That would make it more inclusive, and invite more people to participate…👍
  7. That tends to happen when you’re non-inclusive…That’s why MLK was so transcendent- all he wanted to do was come together, opposed to dividing people by skin color…👍
  8. The fact that it is referred to as the “black” national anthem is very divisive- which is unfortunate when it’s message is universal and positive… If you’re looking to bring the country together, I would cease from referring to it in that manner…You’re just going to turn people off who aren’t black…👍
  9. Lions getting away from running game- not wise…still plenty of time…no need to panic…
  10. I know, that’s why I ask…😉 They immediately have nothing left to contribute once you force them to think beyond the mainstream media talking points- like robots malfunctioning when they can’t compute the data being inputted… It’s quite illuminating, actually, as well as amusing…😉
  11. Why did the Lions accept the penalty instead of making KC punt on 4th down? HC was out to lunch- you never give Mahomes a 2nd chance…
  12. You mean back in 2014 when American backed Nazis were slaughtering the ethnic Russians that lived in eastern Ukraine? Maybe you can help explain that story to me…😉 Sorry, man, but if we’re being fair, we have to tell the WHOLE story, and not just the part that fits a narrative or an agenda…
  13. The Military Industrial Complex does not care about how many Ukrainians die in this conflict…I know that may be hard for some to swallow, but it’s true… Ukraine is the sacrificial lamb in America’s economic proxy war with Russia…It has NOTHING to do with democracy, liberty, or any of the other cute catch phrases our captured msm wants to propagandize to you to get you to support the war (just like the Iraq War)…But it has everything to do with the US wanting to be the main energy supplier to Europe, instead of Russia…is that worth 500,000 Ukrainian lives? How about 1 million? And why stop there? And all you have to do is look at our foreign policy history over the last 75 years…we’ve done this all over the world time and time again… If you cannot start with this very simple and basic fact, there is nothing I can do for you by continuing this conversation… There has to be a foundation by which we both agree, to ever think of having a dialogue…Otherwise, we are communicating with languages from two different planets…👍
  14. Home invasion is different…The Ukraine situation is about the US creating the problem, and then using tax payer dollars to keep it going- pushing us closer and closer to WW3…. Make no mistake, if WW3 ever does come about, it was by choice…
  15. Would you send Americans to fight the Russians when Ukraine runs out of soldiers?
  16. Evidence please…otherwise you’re just making it up for your straw man argument… I’ll wait… And don’t forget that you claimed that I LITERALLY cheered on Putin… Can’t wait to see this…🍿🍿🍿
  17. Cue the prescribed talking point response…well done…you’re very obedient…😉
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