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  1. It wasn’t just “get vaccinated”…he was threatening people’s livelihoods, by coming for peoples jobs…that’s effed up- especially after now knowing that the vaccines do not prevent transmission (which was the excuse Biden was using to take such action)… Now, that’s what I call fascism…
  2. Honestly? I fear Joe Biden’s threats more than Trump…During the pandemic, Biden would threaten people who refused to take the vaccine…And now, it seems he threatens people on a weekly basis who disagree with his agenda… And I don’t look at people, who wanna make America great again, as deplorable- I see them as admirable and courageous…between the 1940s and 1960s, the black community saw the greatest increase of wealth more than any other ethnic group- despite the discrimination of southern Jim Crow laws…And that was because of their strong belief in God, family, and holding themselves to a higher standard of living than they do today…what a beautiful thing…#MAGA I think Jewish Americans feel safer in the US than in any other country around the world…👍
  3. Especially in San Fran…😉 Yeah…these are always entertaining to watch…
  4. I disagree… How do feel about your party giving money to the candidates you claim are extremists? I would think you would be quite upset with the Dems for paying for their own demise…
  5. Is this the running back? Seems like he’ll fit it great with the locker room…👍
  6. A trustworthy source is confirming no trades will be made by the Bills today…
  7. Don’t forget, we still have Duke Johnson if need be 👍
  8. Sadly, Edmunds will likely always be a mediocre player who will never live up to his God given athletic ability…
  9. Ha! At first glance, I thought you said something else…😉
  10. Let’s just get this poor play out of our system so we can crush the jets next week…👍
  11. Now that is what I call bend, but don’t break! 🍺🥳
  12. Ask any conservative Jew if they support Israel…Then ask any liberal Jew if they support Israel and get back to me…😉 This isn’t rocket science…It’s all about “intersectionality” where the Left is concerned …👍
  13. I actually agree with everything Trump said in the OP…I have seen, first hand, exactly what he is talking about… And he’s not referring to conservative Jews, in the US, who appreciate Israel…he’s talking about the Leftist Jews in America who despise Israel… But, of course, the American Left isn’t nuanced enough to understand what he’s talking about- Any chance to call him a Nazi…Good thing most people can see through their Neo-Marxist agenda…👍
  14. Fake news…yawn… If we haven’t learned, by now, the playbook of the Establishment, all hope is lost…
  15. Early reports were that he was spotted flying on a magic carpet…😉
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