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  1. Not really…replay clearly show ball in arm when elbow touched down… definitely screwed over, and a turning point in the game
  2. What the eff is replay for, if they are not going to reverse that obvious call?
  3. Refs better not eff up this call…it is a very simple call
  4. Easy call- no fumble…ball came out after elbow down
  5. Oh, I do… I watch and read media from many different perspectives- including ones I disagree with… I actually disagree with both parties on things…It just seems that lately, I disagree with Dems more…
  6. Sorry man, but I just have major disagreements with the current Dem agenda…it’s really difficult to see anything beneficial coming from it, at the moment…
  7. …Like a woman that keeps going back to her abusive husband…😉 Govern me harder, daddy! 🤣
  8. I still remember when the Left called Bush a Nazi… Oh well…Bush was always a Military Industrial Complex guy anyway- a NeoCon, just like Obama and Biden…So, it makes sense that they are all teaming up now…
  9. Those two guys are great- and they certainly have no love for Trump and the Republicans…they simply call a spade a spade, and aren’t beholden to one team or another…👍
  10. First question that needs to be asked is how high do the Bills rank Oliver compared to other DT’s around the the league…is he top 10, 15, 20? He’s certainly not a guy you break the bank for because he’s not a game changer…That being said, I would feel uncomfortable giving him anything more than $13-14 million per year…And even then, I wouldn’t mind trying to upgrade the position…
  11. I’m not so sure…Last I checked, the Republicans were leading in the House, and getting a majority of the popular vote, nationwide… Also, if my information is correct, it appears more Republican Senate seats were on the line, this midterm…so, to still be able to keep it around 50-50 or 51-49, could still be seen as a moral victory, even if not exactly what they wanted… Ultimately, while it wasn’t the landslide many predicted, it does appear like the Republicans have made inroads…we will just have to wait and see when the dust settles…👍
  12. “Hate” has become such a vague term that it can mean whatever you want it to mean… People could say the Left is racist and pro child abuse…it’s all in how you look at it…
  13. Albany, do you recall what channel? I don’t remember her all that well..
  14. Get a load of those chompers! I know somebody who’s not going cold this winter…😉
  15. If DeSantis can stay above the fray, it will just make Trump look worse- and he will lose all his supporters…Just don’t play Trump’s game and Ron will be fine… I’m starting to hope he gets convicted on one of his many lawsuits…
  16. Trump wants to go down in flames because he knows he can’t win anymore…what a loser…
  17. Really? Because I heard more suitcases full of ballots will be arriving at the back door after midnight…😉
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