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  1. Ahhh so you’re saying the post was deceptive- purposely misleading by omission?
  2. Trump locked the country down too, initially- and he was wrong for doing so- my biggest disappointment with his administration… But after we realized that they didn’t do anything, the Left still wanted to keep the lockdowns going like the CCP…And that was just plain stupid…👍
  3. It is quite fascinating how Tibs can’t see his hypocrisy on the issue…It’s pretty much the same thing- just a different aspect of the Covid oppression…
  4. They ain’t stupid- they know who butters their bread…😉
  5. I stood with the Truckers… I now stand with the people of China…👍
  6. Another important point for people to realize about this whole thing is that what we are witnessing in China is the result of government policies based on EQUITY- otherwise known as Equality of Outcome…Universal lockdowns regardless of who it helps or hurts… Leftists in America love equity, which it is why they also favored the covid lockdowns like the Chinese Communist Party…The Biden administration bases all of his agenda on equity- not to be confused with EQUALITY, because they are very different…You hear every member of the Democrat Party proclaim how we need “Equity”…And it never works…This is what it leads to because one size DOES NOT fit all people… Equity works against basic human nature to achieve, provide for one’s family, or to express oneself in different ways…That’s why, in order to have equity in a society you have to use totalitarian force to implement and enforce it.. And finally we are seeing the people of China rise up against equity and the totalitarian control of their oppressive government…If you believe in the freedom that God grants every human being, you should be against Covid lockdowns as well…👍
  7. End the Lockdowns!!!! Power to the people!!! freedom loving Americans are with the people of China!!!👍
  8. Or the gay guy who committed a “hate crime” against the the LGBT community by throwing a brick through a gay club window? Just seems like the Left is purposely trying to divide the country by blaming MAGA or white supremacy before they even know the facts- And the Dems simply do not care… Its actually quite evil and disgusting, if you ask me- the main reason why many people are leaving the Left and the Democrat Party… Poor Billsy…sometimes he’s his own meme, and he doesn’t even realize it…😉
  9. We force the unvaccinated to wear a yellow Star of David patch on their sleeve…😉
  10. No, not in comparison- just as a general notion…
  11. They shot their load against KC- they have nothing left…😉
  12. In fairness to the dad, I would think that ALL heterosexual parents would prefer their kids not be gay…😉
  13. Just let the Left Wing media corruption marinate all over you this Thanksgiving! 😉
  14. Just let the Left Wing media corruption marinate all over you, this Thanksgiving! 😉
  15. And soon the Left wing LGBT cult will allow pedo’s to join their membership…Let that sink in…😉
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