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  1. More like a flaming bag of poop on your door step…😉
  2. Unless there is a “shakedown” of some sort, by this coalition, which could potentially happen…
  3. The public benefit is the Bills staying in western NY…typical politics though- everyone trying to get a piece of the pie…
  4. Josh is becoming a mega star- everyone wants their picture taken with him…everyone wants to keep tabs on what he is up to… I have to keep pinching myself…I still can’t believe how lucky we are…👍
  5. I’m just gonna “J-off” to post game the next 3 hours! 🤣🤣🤣
  6. Diggs on the sideline after the td- “they can’t f—- with me!” Lol
  7. You can all thank me for the jinx…before the kick I said they always make kicks against the Bills…😉
  8. Because he just signed a big contract and they need to justify it…
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