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  1. https://www.buffalobills.com/news/how-recent-history-for-young-quarterbacks-looks-favorably-for-josh-allen-enterin This is a Chris Brown article from BuffaloBills.com. Very interesting read: It was evident to anyone who watched the second half of Josh Allen’s rookie season. The quarterback has the ability to take over a game. Allen made a good first impression on a lot of people in 2018, including those who professionally evaluate performances on a weekly basis. So what should be expected from Josh Allen in his second NFL season? “I think he’s going to be a great player,” said Sirius XM NFL Radio host Pat Kirwan. “His athleticism, we all knew he had it, but watching him this is rare athletic skill. His ability to give himself a chance to win games with the way he works around the pocket. He can do so many things that a lot of quarterbacks can’t do just to get himself open to extend plays and throw the ball.“You get him the right set of receivers, look out. I think he’s going to take a quantum leap in year two.” Recent history has shown that most quarterbacks who see significant action in their rookie season advance their team’s fortunes in their second season under center. Nine out of 11 current NFL quarterbacks, who started at least seven games as a rookie, helped raised their team’s won-loss record by an average of three wins (see chart). Six of those quarterbacks helped their team post a winning record after being under .500 the season prior. Among those signal callers are Mitchell Trubisky, who led the Chicago Bears to the NFC North title and a home Wild Card playoff game just this past season, and Jared Goff, who helped the L.A. Rams win the NFC West title in 2017. And three of those 11 quarterbacks helped their teams to Super Bowl titles in Ben Roethlisberger (2005), Russell Wilson (2013) and Carson Wentz, who was putting together an MVP type season in 2017, before Nick Foles finished it off in Super Bowl XLII. Table inside Article ACTIVE NFL QBs (Team/Rookie season) TEAM WINS IN ROOKIE YEAR TEAM WINS IN SECOND YEAR WIN DIFFERENTIAL SECOND YEAR RESULTS Blake Bortles (Jac/2014) 3 5 Plus-2 5-11 Jared Goff (LAR/2016) 4 11 Plus-7 11-5 - won NFC West Eli Manning (NYG/2004) 6 11 Plus-5 11-5 - won NFC East Marcus Mariota (Ten/2015) 3 9 Plus-6 9-7 Cam Newton (Car/2011) 6 7 Plus-1 7-9 Ben Roelisberger (Pit/2004) 15 11 Minus-4 11-5 - won Super Bowl Matt Ryan (Atl/2008) 11 9 Minus-2 9-7 Mitchell Trubisky (Chi/2017) 5 12 Plus-7 12-4 - won NFC North Carson Wentz (Phi/2016) 7 13 Plus-6 13-3 - won Super Bowl Russell Wilson (Sea/2012) 11 13 Plus-2 13-3 - won Super Bowl Jameis Winston (TB/2015) 6 9 Plus-3 9-7 Buffalo is coming off a 6-10 season in their quarterback’s rookie year, so what is Josh Allen capable of to flip the Bills script in 2019? “He plays with a lot of heart and toughness,” said NBC analyst Rodney Harrison. “They’re going to have to do a better job of surrounding him with better talent.” Bills general manager Brandon Beane is all too aware that he needs to help his budding young quarterback by upgrading the pool of talent on the offensive side of the ball.“I’ve got to do a solid job this offseason to improve our offense,” said Beane. “We know where we need to get stronger, and we’ll look to address all those areas.” Provided those steps are taken, knowing the Buffalo offense for the first time in five seasons will have the same coordinator, the odds seem good for the Bills to take a sizable step forward in Josh Allen’s second NFL campaign. “The young man is really fun to work with,” said offensive coordinator Brian Daboll. “He takes his craft really seriously for a young player. I think that we’ve just got to keep grinding it out and really improving in all the stuff that we can.”“He’s not arrived by any means, but I know who he is and he is not complacent,” said Beane of Allen. “This guy is competitive. He wants to get better. He wants to be the best at his craft. He’s got a really good plan. We talked to a lot of the young guys and Josh has a really good plan for the offseason to come back here bigger, stronger, faster and mentally even stronger.” That’s why Beane is determined to equip Allen with the tools he needs to lift the Buffalo offense that languished near the bottom of the league in total yards, passing and scoring to a level that can help them pull their weight. Coupled with a top five defense, year two for Allen could mirror some of his NFL predecessors when it comes to team improvement. “He has huge upside,” said former NFL quarterback Jim Miller. “His arm strength is ridiculous. He puts some serious sauce on that ball. If he just hones in and gets his footwork all worked out, man he’s going to be a good one. He’s tough and extremely athletic. He can do things that no quarterback in this league can do."
  2. Shotgunner

    Do You Still Wear Zubaz?

    I love Zubaz. I am a chef amd wear the very similar baggy chef pants. You really can't beat it'a comfort factor. My problem with Zubaz came when I put the lift kit on my truck. Now I rip out crotches of pants like you would not believe, and zubaz have been the number one victim. So my Zubaz are all dead and I currently own 0 pairs. Maybe someday I'll get a car or stop driving on gameday, but until then the zubaz are gone.
  3. Kinda hoping we flirt with the cap floor this year and save another spending session next year. Either that, or make some big money 1 or 2 year contracts for an older player. We need a real game breaker to come available, and then go for it. Not just pay whoever happens to be available. This year would have been a perfect time for a guy like Mack who was available last year. Wait it out, trade of you have to, we have to make sure the money spent this year is on bona fide players or on short contracts.
  4. Shotgunner

    About Tom Brady and the Patriots

    I want a career ender for Brady. He's had a good run, has a supermodel wife, and together they are worth more than some small countries and can sail off into the sunset... ...just get the ***** out of the NFL.
  5. Shotgunner

    Josh Allen at #9????

    We have got to get a few more Williams' before we double up on Allens... We are way behind on our Williams quota. Any good Williams' on the OL or at WR?
  6. The Radar Josh All doing "pretty bad", lol. I guess they surveyed Jalen Ramsey. Wait a few years, that class will be looked back upon as a great one. Imo Baker, Darnold, and Allen are all real players, and Lamar and Rosen have a good chance to be as well. It might not be Kelly/Marino/Elway of '83 but will be comparable to Rivers/Rapistberger/Eli draft of '04, in my opinion of course.
  7. Shotgunner

    Bills 2018 Season Highlights in 3 minutes

    Nice vid. More of a hype video than a highlight package but enjoyable nonetheless. I still have all the games on my DVR (and last years) to get me through the offseason. That last Miami game of last year and the subsequent 15 minutes will never get too old to watch.
  8. My opinion changed dramatically on him- from 2 days before the draft to draft day, and from draft day until now. When I saw his throws at the combine I was like "ok, don't fall for the measurables. They are in shorts and we already know he's a 'workout hero'". I did not want an inaccurate college QB from a crap team just because he looks like the player you make in Madden as a prototype at QB. Then the twitter leak. This gave me the feeling that some team(s) were trying to make him fall in the draft. This actually made me want us to draft him. Wierd I know, and maybe it's a bit of underdog syndrome, or maybe I felt like he was being mistreated. Either way, I wanted him even though my brain screamed "NOOOOO" From then to now, what a difference. You could argue he is still inaccurate (and the stats would agree with you), but he showed us so much more that makes me proud to have him as our QB- namely his passion, heart, team mentality, and drive (and did I mention he's like a physical prototype at QB). He is so perfect for the city of Buffalo it's almost scary. He has embraced all things Buffalo and the fans have reciprocated. As I type this I see him at the Sabres game in a Tre White goalie academy hoodie. Good *****. On the field he showed things that make me believe he is the future, and off the field he is already there. That's my quarterback, man....
  9. Shotgunner

    Bills fire ST Coach Danny Crossman

    Whew.... About f'ing time.
  10. Shotgunner

    NFL TV ratings up 5%

    Ah yes. It's 2018, better take a swipe at rural America. I would guess that all of the new QB prospects had somethimg to do with it, especially in markets starving for excitement like Buffalo, Cleveland, and Arizona. I think that has more impact than the lack of anthem protests, but I could be wrong. If I am wrong, wouldn't that mean that these terrible, horrible, no good, very bad "hillbilly rednecks" did in fact take interest to begin with, since they came back to equal 5% of total viewership?
  11. Shotgunner

    2019 HC openings - updates

    Yay, no mention of Daboll. We need some god-forsaken continuity... Except for ST's, it's time for Crossman's head to roll.
  12. Shotgunner

    Mic'd Up: Josh Allen vs. the Lions

    That's my quarterback, man...
  13. Shotgunner

    Have you ever farted real loud in public?

    Only fart ballad I know. Gotta love country music! "He said 'the Devil made me do it', but Mama said it was the liverwurst"
  14. Shotgunner

    Coach of the year candidates

    Poll is flawed Easy answer: McClappy