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  1. I agree that the 1st round is littered with busts .. but completely disagree from a position perspective with a broad brush that one can't make argument based on position .... just look at RB & LB's, in last 3 years of drafts and tell me their success rate isn't greater than WR's for the same 3 years (see original post). RB's - Jacobs, Barkley, McCaffrey, Michel, and Fournette LB's - Edmunds, Bush, Gary, Josh Allen, Roquan Smith, Vander Esch, TJ Watt
  2. Beane & Machine Gun .. respectfully but please no .. trading up assumes we're one player away in my opinion ... I'd rather go the opposite direction .. if the draft is as loaded as many believe with WR talent and get more #2's and #3's. The Allen & Edmunds draft was crucial to get cornerstones on both sides of the ball. Mission Accomplished .. now we need to stockpile multiple quality picks. I trust the process, but would really like them protect those 1st 3 round picks this year or increase them.
  3. I see a lot of commentary on our pick at #22 .. and I agree we need WR help desperately ... but wondering out loud ... maybe better to wait beyond round 1. I also see where there are many posts about all these WR's going before pick #22. I'm not so sure of that given recent history (see below), that such a run is reality and last time such a run happened (see 2017 below .. 3 WR picks before pick 10) .. what a nightmare. That said, Watkins hangover aside, recent history and said pick performance is a great teacher here. ArmChair QB'ing past drafts is like suiting up as Captain Obvious. That said, put me in the camp to wait till rounds 2 and 3 for the WR and grab BPA at 22 (say OL or Lorax replacement). Check out the quality of WR's drafted in round 1 in the past 5 years. 2019 - (2) in first round .. Hollywood Brown (not bad rookie year), NKeal Harry 2018 - (2) in the first round ... DJ Moore, Calvin Ridley (best of the 5 years in my opinion) 2017 - (3) in the first round .. Banner year for GM's .. all picked before pick #10 .. again these are year 3 WR's ... Corey Davis, Mike Williams, John Ross ... woof 2016 - (4) in the first round ... Another GM cluster ... Corey Coleman, Will Fuller (OK), Josh Doctson, LaQuan Treadwell ... woof 2015 - (6) in the first round ... Amari Cooper (best of above bunch), Kevin White, DeVante Parker, Nelson Aghlor, Breshad Perriman, Phillip Dorsett ... so I ask you which one of these net of Cooper do you bet the house on after their rookie contract?? That said .. round 2 / 3 WR's in same draft (there are more .. but pulling names that in my opinion .. stand up better to many from Round 1) 2019 - Deebo Samuel / AJ Brown --- Yes Please 2018 - DJ Chark, Christian Kirk ... now granted for this year .. the 1st round is likely better 2017 - the infamous Zay Jones pick .. JuJu (stated on many a post), Cooper Cupp, Chris Godwin, Kenny Golladay .. again the point being compare to the first round choices .. WOOF 2016 - Michael "Frickin" Thomas, Tyler Boyd ... 2015 - Tyler Lockett .... past that not a lot
  4. Was my favorite to watch all year .. he finishes blocks better than anyone on the line and is the 1st to defend any BS vs. Josh. You rock Mongo!!!
  5. I would love for him to take the reigns of the Pats post Brady and we get to pummel him twice a year. He's soft.
  6. For all the millions his agent made off him .. shocked some form of intervention and extended stay in a clinic isn't being worked out. Granted he'd fight like hell, but at a certain point an adult has to enter the room. This is a sad downfall .. and its all visual on social media posts. Props to the Hollywood PAL (Police Athletic League) in cutting ties and refunding donations and referencing being a role model is more important than funds to the kids in their league. His latest video towards police in front of his kids, CRAY CRAY.
  7. Before we approach Shaq and Phillips ... my preference is pull forward Tre White and even Poyer and lock those down ... then see what's left in terms of FA money .... those guys have showed from day 1 of their contracts unlike Shaq ... I love Phillips alot with his attitude (still can't believe he we cut by Dolphins)and play ... so if had to coin flip between the two .. I'll take Phillips. I see comments about Horrible Harry coming back and again he's a fan favorite (illegitimate son of Kyle Williams), but he's not Phillips in the middle.
  8. GREAT WORK Bobby ... this is awesome reading now that we're in the offseason .. thanks so much for the effort and detail. AWESOME!!!
  9. Great minds think alike .. I was only on Page 3 of comments and instantly had this flashback to "Chrissie" Everett vs. his antagonist and jumped to post. You beat me to it.
  10. I agree Jerry had an awesome playoff game ... guess my comment was driven by looking more long term .. he'll be 32 at start of next year and beyond the playoff game (ligament issue aside for 2019) it's a $9MM cap hit ... its kind of like groundhog day ... hard to believe he's been with us since 2013 ... but are his best year's behind him and time to look a little longer term and retool with younger talent .. hence my commentary on using his salary towards signing Yannick. Age wise he certainly has more runway at this stage of his career.
  11. You know ... for a change .. I wouldn't mind a trade back and have multiple in round 2 .. .there appears to be a lot of quality and if the package is right and we see WRs a plenty that can be had in the 2nd ... let's pull a Jimmy Johnson move.
  12. is it just me .. but can you name the Bills DE player that for the 2019 season had 14 solo tackles (not including playoff game) and 4.5 sacks .. 6 tackles for loss .. and 9 QB hits (aka grazed the QB post pass) ... granted missed 4 games (including Jets mass benching) .. so that's 12 games .. so roughly 1 tackle per game .. less than 1 QB hit and a one sack every 3 games ... now more clues .. we're paying that player $9MM a year and is 31 years old for a speed position. I say cut Hughes (not sure of cap hit) and Murphy ... those two pay for Yannick .. draft another DE in 3rd round
  13. OK .. but look at the roster overhaul last year between 6 win team and 10 win team ...now Beane gets to go back into the roster laboratory and remake the 2020 edition ... all this talk about schedule ... throw out the Jets Loss at year end ... we beat TN (a playoff winner in their crib) .. we were driving for a tie against the #1 AFC seed ... played NE tough twice .. and with limited talent on offense ... TRUST THE PROCESS
  14. Wow .. this is a new angle ... somehow you converted an entire 17 game season (note .. NOT 16) span of time and narrowed it down to the 2nd half of a playoff game (only the 2nd since 1999) where I feel pretty safe to say ... 96.2% of us if not higher thought we should of won given our defense CHIEF .. so not sure why you compare a 1/2 of football and you dub it an entire "WASTED" season .. thank you John Winger .. but I'll stick to my own facts Jack. And thanks to all those mafia members who traveled to H-Town to support the team or cheered from their favorite establishment or from home ... for a "free" game in January (not given .. but earned) for what the OP thinks may of been supporting a team that had a "Wasteful" season.
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