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  1. Josh & the Bills Eviscerate This Squad .. twice this year Coached by this guy
  2. Self Admittedly he was a Jack Ass while in the NFL and after .. but watch the 30 for 30 ... rooting for this guy ... hope he does well.
  3. Hanging on my son's bedroom wall unopened .. Jim Kelly and Bruce Smith
  4. OK .. let's take out playoffs and look overall .. again we can all have our opinion .. my just is that dome teams typically are worse (softer) than non-dome teams. Granted there is a little age on this (from 2014) but it basically shows road records for dome teams vs. non dome teams in regular season .. though not crazy dramatic .. dome teams winning percentage on the road is 39% and non-dome teams road winning percentage is 44%. But to above as well this link also talks about dome teams as #1 seed in playoffs ... you say potato .. I say spud. https://www.sharpfootballanalysis.com/blog/2014/dome-sweet-dome-not-a-chance Fresh air in December in OP after 1pm .. rocks!
  5. Not sure I'm following .. yes obviously a dome team is on the road most likely is playing outside ...but one could say based on below stat Since NFL realignment in 2002, home teams have dominated the divisional round, winning 43 of 64 games (67 percent). Only three times, however, have home teams swept all four games. There have been six 2-2 splits. That dome teams bring down this average or better said if you removed the dome team losses .. the percentage would be less dominating for home field advantage. Losses Most Postseason Games Lost, All-Time, 29 Minnesota Vikings Longest Losing Streak, 9 games Detroit Lions, 1991, 1993–95, 1997, 1999, 2011, 2014, 2016[4] Yes .. .medical studies show stromboli is digested better outdoors post consumption than in a climate controlled environment. Hope all is well Rande .. see you with my son in December once again!
  6. First off .. if we were in the desert .. then yes as being in a sweat box sucks. But football is a fall sport ... layer up. Indoor Teams are typically soft teams .. please no. Detroit Arizona Houston Indy Vikings Saints (Exception) Crazy NFL Playoff Betting Stat via the @ActionNetworkHQ Teams that play their home games in a dome are 12-44 (21.4%) SU overall and 4-18 (18.2%) SU in games played in 32 degree or colder temperatures during the NFL Playoffs. We drafted Josh to handle the weather in WNY ... Trust the Process
  7. Admit I had to look it up Definition of dissonance 1a : lack of agreement the dissonance between the truth and what people want to believe especially : inconsistency between the beliefs one holds or between one's actions and one's beliefs — compare cognitive dissonance So dissonance on this Mr. Webster's Morse an upgrade (I'd say so) Ed Oliver .. upgrade Beasley an upgrade (The analytics tell the same story — Beasley is amongst the NFL’s elite at getting himself open. Pro Football Focus (who we are mocking in this thread .. but in this case used real stats) recently acknowledged the receiver’s proficiency in creating separation. On Twitter, the statistics firm told a praise-worthy number. Last year, per PFF, 72.5% of Beasley’s targets came when he had one plus step on his defender, the highest such number in the NFL). The merry cast of OL signings plus Ford pick - I'll take those road graders over last year's OL starters and 2nd string .. says something when there only may be one OL starter (Dawkins) returning from last year Special Team signings - Andre Roberts averaged .. again "averaged" .. 29.4 Yards per return on Kicks and 14 yards per return on punts last year .. upgrade RB's (granted old) ... but Gore (granted old), Yeldon, Singletary ... upgrade Most importantly .. Josh Allen year 2 as undisputed starter, all camp reps therein, better supporting cast ... upgrade So I'll take my cognitive dissonance and go drink some more Kool-Aid .. Go Bills!!
  8. It was so nice to read a piece about last year's roster posted by PFF in June 2019. That's the prompt reporting that's necessary to keep all fans up to speed on current roster dynamics. Great work PFF. Maybe I'll just replay last year's games this year so my watching experience of their player ratings matches their "2019 roster rating".
  9. THANK YOU Buffalo716 .... never seen this before and what a way to start the day ... crying from the tears of laughter. Yes Fitz will never be in the HOF ... but that's one funny SOB and I believe of all his stops ... he obviously loved his time in Buffalo the best ... the Tyrod line .. holy buckets ... lost it.
  10. First let's start with the sports powerhouse that is Emory University opining on an athletic topic. Second in reading the article .. as mentioned some stats are economically driven (Jersey sales, etc.) which our AWESOME smaller market team won't compete. But the Road Equity stat involves measuring how well a team draws on the road, adjusting for team performance and we rank 13th ... now those that have been to a Bills Road Game knows how well the Mafia represents on the road .. now imagine if our Road Record last year wasn't 2-6 where that rank could be. Can't wait for Thanksgiving to hopefully improve our Road Equity stat against the Boys ... Cole Beasley's homecoming game!
  11. Just saw this tweet from PFF ... Beasley ranked #1 of all receivers in 2018 for separation of 1+ steps on 72% of passes (not including screens) .. so I won't be calling him 2nd rate either
  12. Call it being the ultimate homer or too much Josh Kool Aid ... but I think many on this board are going to be surprised by his short passing game stats this year which will directly influence Beasley's production. Too many positive influences from one year ago: Rookie Year is over Full year of coaching and full camp as undisputed starter and reps therein Better OL (on paper) Better WR's (on paper) ..but hopefully won't have a 5 minute video in 2019 of Bills dropped passes
  13. As Rex Ryan legendarily .. but maybe prematurely said ... WE WON THE OFFSEASON So just like the brothers Ryan .. going over the falls .. I'll take the over.
  14. Bottom line ... I believe the "process" assuming (better said hoping) they stay in place is savvy enough to resign their own players. Pegula has shown he can be swayed to sign checks (see Darius contract ... ouch) ... I agree they should pull forward White and extend him out early.
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