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  1. I'm an AJ fan .. but sorry AJ is way too fragile and old for this investment ... can't believe I'm saying this .. but in comparing just two injury prone WR's ... Sammy though equally fragile is younger and could be cheaper if cut by Chiefs. That said ... prefer us to use the draft (said to be best WR draft in years) to find our WR solution.
  2. Hey ... quit posting facts ... he sucks per many on this board ... a bum .. can't do nothing .. redraft a QB in 2020. Sorry .. I ate a snickers .. all good now ... love him ... and love the future with #17
  3. Let's not relive Gilmore departure .... please sign him
  4. Look what showing up for facial expression rehab treatments has done for this guy
  5. Rest of season ... and I know in the heat of the moment in Garrett's melon this is lost .. but Rudolph also was victim of vicious hit that knocked him unconscious earlier this season. My point is swinging a helmet at that guy's head is even more out of line. He's not the best QB, but I've earned even more respect for Rudolph's toughness as he didn't back down and hats off to Pouncey ... that's protecting your brother post altercation .. mad props to him as well.
  6. OK . .my bad .. leave we'll enough alone .. insurance policy QB is different than Elite as I read earlier .. hence my confusion ... thanks for the clarity and though worth nothing I agree ... ala what they did with Jackson from UB to test the waters on QB options later on or UDFA (in the event they find the next Gardner Minschew).
  7. So to be clear ... in 2020 you want to spend our #1 pick (call it bottom half of 1st round) on a QB? And who is that "elite QB" you covet in the 2020 class that won't cost future draft picks to move up? Then I'd like you to find me long term coach/GM that used 1st round draft picks inside of 3 years that were one and the same meaning both regimes made both picks
  8. Name me a GM & Coach who screwed up on a Round 1 QB and remained long term .. doesn't happen. The reason you draft a top 10 pick QB is your team sucks/sucked ... if your team still sucks 1-2-3-4 years later ... you're dumped. It's Year 2 .. R-E-L-A-X .... read below on 4th Quarter Comebacks ... I'll take that all day long! The other statistic that stamps Allen as a winner is his number of fourth-quarter, game-winning drives. Over the past two seasons, Allen has directed six game-winning drives, according to Pro Football Reference, tying him for second in that category with Russell Wilson. Only Drew Brees has more, with eight.
  9. Wow 6-3 and we're pissing away a season. Yes Josh has ways to improve .. but Josh has also led many a 4th Quarter comeback .. I will take that all day long.
  10. The holiday is important but it doesn't stop here ... these heroes need to be THANKED and taken care of and everyone can make an impact in that arena. TBD doesn't exists without our veterans.
  11. OK ... not sure this is " Your favorite highlight, be it a player, a play or pump up video" with the last few seconds or maybe we can edit that ending out But does show for those on this board who don't know (if too young) or forgot .. how special Eric Moulds was (especially when compared to current 2019 WR corp) and with a little old school Andre Reed sprinkled in & Doug Flutie Magic. But just shows .. .now 20+ years later the fact the Patriots still get benefit of the Refs call even in the 90's.
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