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  1. OK .. I'll let you enjoy last year's 1-3 start I guess .. I'll take 1 loss since December 24th .. trust the process
  2. Going back to final game last year against Miami (and not including last week's Pats game) ... Josh is completing 64% of passes .. he has 6 TD's 4 INT's (and these TD's are horrid looking vs. throwing the ball away) .. but also 4 Rushing TD's. So that's 10 TDs vs. The Bills won ... all 4 games (quality of opponents aside) ... the Pats had not given up an offensive TD all season .. Josh came out in the 2nd half and drove the team right down and scored. Again my point is I'll take Wyoming Josh and no I have not started lost faith as the Op asks.
  3. Did anyone listen to the Buffalo Beat podcast by Joe B & Matt F .. and let me be clear I typically like listening (net of the cheesy awards at end of the show) ... but holy cow .. "Wyoming Josh" references .. another overreaction. They claim "Wyoming Josh" is bad. My thoughts are if Josh wasn't playing for Wyoming (only team to give him scholarship) . .he doesn't end up a top 10 pick for us. He showed examples of traits there that had many teams grading him as high as they did. Yes he sucked last week .. but easy its game 15. Check out the Goat's stat lines from weeks 5-8 on 2002 .. his 2nd year as starter. Wow .. what would of happened had they lost faith back in 2002 ... to quote Mr. Rodgers ... R - E - L - A - X ... I'll take 3-1 and I'll also take only one loss since December 24th ... by my count that's almost 10 months. WK DATE OPP RESULT G GS COMP ATT PCT Yrds AVG TD INT Sck Sck Yrd Rate Att Yrds Avg TDs Fum FL 5 10/06 @ MIA L 13-26 1 1 17 31 54.8 240 7.7 2 2 3 32 74.7 1 0 0.0 0 1 1 6 10/13 GB L 10-28 1 1 24 44 54.5 183 4.2 1 3 2 17 44.0 5 26 5.2 0 2 1 7 Bye -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- 0.0 -- -- -- -- -- -- 8 10/27 DEN L 16-24 1 1 15 29 51.7 130 4.5 1 0 5 20 75.4 2 5 2.5 0 -- --
  4. OK . .probably wrong data point .. how about this one .. Tyrod Bill's starts 46 ... Josh 15 .. same # of 4th Quarter comebacks - 4
  5. Let me be clear .. I thought the Jones pick would be great .. having watched him at ECU (my daughter goes there) and all time FBS reception leader ... well I was wrong. The link below shows he's the worse in catch % for the year and he was bottom 20 last year ... enough is enough. The lack of going for the ball vs. the two interceptions last week confirmed it for me. The WR should have a better idea of ball location than the DB. Rather see Foster or the Duke at this stage. He has been given sufficient time .. he's a role player as Joe B said .. not a game changer. https://nextgenstats.nfl.com/stats/receiving#catch-percentage
  6. Kind of disagree ... opponents aside he had 63% plus completion percentage in first three games .. much better than last year's performance (net of last game of season vs. Miami). Also, I rank QBs to a certain degree by 4th quarter comebacks (regardless if he was cause of the need to come back) ... that was my major issue with Tyrod ... he couldn't do it (4 in his 8 year career) and Josh has 4 already in 15 games. At the end of the day its about "W's" and right wrong or indifferent Josh has led winning drives in 2019 ... I'll take that.
  7. He looked 26 years old yesterday vs 36 years old ... privilege for the Bills to be on his player resume and so glad he crossed 15,000 yards as a Buffalo Bill .. that 40+ yard run and bouncing off defenders made Dawson Knox envious. Congrats Frank .. you ROCK!! Haven't loved a Bills RB Banger since Freddy Jax.
  8. Let me be clear .. he played bad yesterday .. that said .. lost faith .. ABSOLUTELY NOT There are way too many positives than negatives with Josh. He has one glaring mental weakness ... he can't throw the ball away .. he tries to extend plays too far, takes hits he shouldn't and then heaves a jump ball in play. Though I'm not a fan of the new back footed throwing technique he showed yesterday repeatedly .. last year (after mid year) he hung in the pocket more ... not seeing that this year. That said ... net of a blocked punt (not Josh's fault) and to play as bad as he did and be that close .. the team is vastly improved and Josh is a part of that. 3-1 ... equates to 12-4 if same performance
  9. Retribution Rick Rock'ed it ... Brady if played in 80's = Gary Hogeboom .. nice comparison
  10. Bob, I understand your take historically speaking ... that said compared to the 2018 OL roster ... and I prefaced in my commentary about "jumping the shark" . .but think we agree the current crew blows away or dare I say "Lights up" last year's crew. Dion Dawkins, Vladimir Ducasse, John Miller, Jordan Mills, Ryan Groy, Marshall Newhouse, Russell Bodine, Wyatt Teller, Conor McDermott
  11. Granted only two games and not trying to jump the shark, but WOW what a difference vs. the 2018 crew. Fun it is to watch an OL with attitude. Feliciano is a beast, that dude finishes blocks Morse pulling and leading sweeps Ford's attitude (don't mind the 15 yarders in the short term) The reaction to the NYG's Offside Hell even Dawson Knox is joining the party knocking out two defenders on Motor's TD run Pass protection that is allowing Josh to hit progressions Thank you Mr. Beane for the signings in the offseason.
  12. I typically listen to 2 Locked on Bills is good work by Marino ... has a lot of energy on all segments and virtually daily content Joe B and Matthew Fairburn on the Buffalo Beat is another .. though not as much energy style wise as Marino .. more dry delivery .. and the awards they do (Come on Darlene, etc.) are kind of weak But given week 1 .. I also pulled in Buffalo Rumblings was surprised .. as it seemed to have some very poor production/sound this past week .. sounded like was on 2 cups and a string in terms of audio.
  13. But that's heavily influenced by Gore (age 62) and LoMax (age 46) .. net those two and their cryogenics gene pool .. we might be top 10 in youth
  14. Guess TE's play a lot of punt coverage
  15. Captain Obvious here .. the Singletary pick was writing on the wall as well as Yeldon and Gore signings. Think with the youth movement and his off the field items and declining performance/cap hit .. "the process moved" another piece of the Ryan/Whaley regime out the door.
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