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  1. A couple hundred, + 12 playoff games.
  2. Once you are in your 50's, you have entered the 'mine field of life', and anything can happen. I never lose sight of the fact that every day is a gift. RIP
  3. There were multiple GIANTS injuries that stopped the clock, and allowed substitutions, and disrupted the cadence of the no huddle. All the giants players made a miraculous recovery, and continued playing the game. It was legal, but not 'in the spirit of the game', as Bill Polian said afterwords. This of course, led to the competition committee instituting the two minute rule of the loss of a timeout due to injury. The game essentially, was Belichick's first 'perfect cheat'. That being said, the Bills simply should've ran the ball down the Giants throats for the entire game, which they were doing a pretty good job of. 135 yards on 15 carries for Thurman. 190 yards from scrimmage.(5/55 rec.) (9.5 yards/touch) The Bills were not outclassed, but certainly out-coached.
  4. Lofton gave us a couple of great years. Paired with Reed, made for a great combo. Seems to me, that it took Moulds a few years to get his legs under him. Reed made his bread, and butter over the middle. Moulds?
  5. If Brady was playing in Jim Kelly's era, that would've happened some years ago.
  6. Jauron with the Bill's again? Now, that's not funny......................
  7. Anyone who does not have an appreciation of history, or architecture can simply move on to be entertained by the next Budweiser commercial.
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