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  1. His daughter was playing with a Super Ball and hence how he came up with it: "As the big game approaches we will once again be told that, as Wikipedia puts it, the name "Super Bowl" was "coined by [Kansas City Chiefs owner Lamar] Hunt, who took it in part from the then popular toy, the Super Ball."
  2. Yeah I'm sticking with Weber permanently for gas. If I'm ever able to own charcoal, it will be whatever is cheapest and whatever has the highest grate off the coals.
  3. Mr. Weinstein, Dallas may win that game and then you get to listen to a week of "Is Dallas for real?" Don't think it won't happen, potentially.
  4. I'm enjoying this video on mute, while listening to Let It Bleed on vinyl, while drinking a Psychopathy. @Gugny
  5. Try the Cabernet for $7.99. I was amazed at the quality.
  6. Crap, I may be in Buffalo for the home opener when they're here.
  7. Schwabl's in West Seneca for the best weck sandwich I've ever had. Although I'm a fan of Connor's as well. Bar Bill for wings; cash only, FYI.
  8. Because Dunkirk Don changed his screen name to that OP and is making frivolous posts left and right.
  9. If you think it was loud during the Taron pick-6 with 6700 people, imagine that exact moment with 75k in there. Earthquake-level shaking.
  10. I'm very sad right now....
  11. I'll help you out my man; you've been busy watching Steelers film all morning I assume. Two Bills Drive Annual Home Opener Tailgate.
  12. "Bailey Breedlove" sounds like she can be found on certain websites. I'm down, sure, why not.
  13. Is drinking PBR cans for $2 at the local dive bar cheap? Count me in. @plenzmd1 @mead107 @Augie I tip heavy for anything, I will never skimp on tips whatsoever. I've done service work and currently do Uber as a second gig. Getting a tip is just the best, even if it's a dollar. Try these for $7.99: https://www.darkhorsewine.com/wines It's the only wine I drink these days (and I'm in the business, but "divorce-poor.")
  14. There are still some for sure, just wondering who may want to go. Sitting in seat 22 all by myself in a full house will be fun regardless, however.
  15. @SDS No, I'd pay for a ticket gladly. I'm not a free-loader like the man above............................................... Yes Gugs, you will have as much Psycopathy as you can drink. Out of my navel......
  16. If someone can get me a game ticket, I will try to be there.
  17. "Sir, you didn't mention me.......I feel left out." --Billy Jo Hobert Nashville is just Buffalo South when there's a game. It's chaos.
  18. Before we become the most hated team of all time winning 8 straight SB's, can I please just have ONE? Then I'm good. I'll take a knee in life and call it a day after that.
  19. Yep, this is the reason exactly. Stupid oil filter is IN the engine!
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