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  1. 9-7 very first year with that slop, and then 6-10 the following year with THAT slop. Everything else is expected, honestly.
  2. NO I HAVEN'T and don't get me started about it. Accepted on March 1, still waiting for more than $7k. I need this money, Feds!
  3. Holy Jesus. I don't remember that but now it's in my brain.....
  4. I can't believe this isn't the #1 answer from everyone. Literally the most gutting thing ever. GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR.
  5. https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2021/05/26/stefon-diggs-wants-five-super-bowl-rings/
  6. He's cool, this is all in jest. I'm backing up my guy @Royale with Cheese.
  7. I cannot stand Bryson. At all. I hope he never wins another tournament. Somehow, I find Patrick Reed more approachable, and he's a known *ouche as well.
  8. I listened to The Freewheelin' Bob Dylan last night, still holds up. Love "Masters of War." I'm not a huge fan of DMB, but this is my favorite song he does:
  9. And you can drink a TON of beers and not feel any of them (till the shrooms wear off). Or so I've heard, I mean.
  10. 1. Don't ban me, mods. I'm not about to do anything dangerous. 2. I'm in Buffalo currently and drove past the stadium this morning on the way to Delta Sonic to clean off the 4Runner and all the bugs from the night drive. 3. I'm staying with a couple that has a wifi password of Cabsauv17# due to the man of the thread. 4. One of these guys has a weighted blanket that he calls Josh Allen. Happy Friday, go Bills. I'm about to head to Bob-O-Link's for some short-iron golf.
  11. Good God no, he wasn't legitimate in 2014, let alone after then. But he's legendary OFF the field, which I do respect. This post is like a shot of morphine to my soul..........I'm calm now. Thanks man!
  12. I will state it again for the record: If the Buffalo Bills had a legitimate quarterback in the 2017 playoffs, they would have played in the AFC Championship game. That stupid Jax performance was infuriating. I'm never getting over it. It makes me just as mad as the stupid 2008 Cleveland 6-3 poop festival. @Virgil please talk me off the ledge.
  13. I'll let you research the 2021 schedule and add them up. It will take some getting used to, I agree.
  14. I'll be your personal concession stand. Just ask @plenzmd1. Whatchu want, beef on weck, Manhattans? @mead107 is a stickler for the parking money, however. But then Helen and him feed you cheeseburger stromboli and life is grand.
  15. As one of the old-school posters always says when it comes to our record, 20-0 baby! Perhaps it's @Limeaid?
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