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  1. You must be lost. This isn't a "Would Ya" thread......
  2. Apparently I'm a magnet for tragedy........I saw all of these things happen live, as well.
  3. Watched it happen live. When you see someone's eyes open and they're not moving at all, you know it's going to go one of two ways. He's my favorite international player. Hug your family. https://www.espn.com/soccer/denmark-den/story/4406805/denmarks-christian-eriksen-collapsesreceives-cpr-as-euro-2020-game-with-finland-postponed
  4. This is exactly what I want, also. If not the ball, Norwood's single-bar helmet worn in the game. "Not funny." Sincerely, The Kevin Kolb Mat
  5. If anyone hasn't seen the "Muscle Shoals" documentary, and you care about music at all, go find it. Mine complains about how the newbies come in, see a record, grab their phone, shop online to save a dollar, and then leave without buying anything.
  6. A longtime local shop here is bowing out of RSD after this year; they said it's just not the same as it was and the spirit of things has changed dramatically.
  7. Dirty Heads That Dead album looks tasty. Elton John
  8. The perfect definition of "Florida woman." Hard pass from me. You got crazy eyes, I walk away.
  9. "The sea looks angry today, my friends. Like an old man trying to send soup back at a diner."
  10. Shawshank and it's not close. I never change the channel if I come across it.
  11. And THAT'S why if Mr. Josh F. Allen has to be out for a period of time, this particular team will probably hold serve at worst, with Mitch at the helm. Great signing.
  12. Science will one day prove that this is an impossible probability.
  13. THIS. The Bills ALMOST hosted the championship game...... Hey Cleveland, feel free to not fumble out of the endzone and tackle Chad *ucking Henne before he runs 13.5 yards.......🙄
  14. I'll post this publicly here: @Wacka is a saint. If I were half the person he has been........ Back on topic.....great teams find a way, and that Denver game was one of those that lead to 4 years of amazing times.
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