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  1. Sprinter Sha'Carri Richardson, who won the women's 100M at the U.S. Olympic trials has tested positive for THC and has been retroactively disqualified - she will not run the 100M at the Olympics. Terrible mistake that she blames on the pressure of losing her mother just before the trials. I hate to see all that hard work go to waste, but when you're a world class sprinter you know the rules and you have to live with the consequences. A truly sad situation.
  2. As long as this potential big TE acquisition works as well as the last one when we went out and got Charles Clay, we should have nothing to worry about...😝
  3. Time to break out the clubs and hit the links with OJ....
  4. - I hope this was something Pastrnak and his wife knew could/would happen - not knowing must be worse than any blindside hit he ever took - I am glad this did not happen at a time when he was still playing his season - I can't imagine what it would have been like to suffer such a tragedy and still be needed to play hockey
  5. I was watching an old episode of this season's Lego Masters (I am several episodes behind) and I see the next challenge will be doing 4' towers that they try and knock down via a simulated earthquake. My immediate thought was that Fox must be so relieved that the episode had already already aired - can you imagine broadcasting a show about knocking down Lego buildings in the aftermath of this tragedy in Florida?
  6. It's a terrible story and one that we don't see too often in this country, fortunately - I have seen stories about similar collapses in third world countries and the devastation is incredible. If there are inspections my guess is that that they wouldn't tell you much unless you could see things like cracks or concrete erosion. If floor joist connections were made improperly, insufficient rebar was used in concrete slabs, concrete was too porous to support designed load you probably wouldn't be able to detect such things, even if you did a pretty thorough structural inspection. Sadl
  7. In things I've seen about other building collapses around the word, and it usually comes down to the architect not properly calculating the load or forces at work, or the construction not following the pans correctly in in how it was constructed or the materials used (i.e. - improper concrete). There is also a chance that things like wind and salt air were more corrosive than anticipated and nobody designed/built for that. Given that this was built in Miami in the 80s when there was a huge construction boom and it was probably impossible to oversee everything, my money is on someone cutting co
  8. That looks like when Israeli forces were leveling buildings in Gaza a few weeks ago.... You can only hope that many of those units were either empty or owned by snowbirds who had gone north for summer....
  9. I hear Lorena Bobbit has a nice house there....
  10. How is Reid Ferguson not on anyone's list? Come on people, he's the HIGHEST PAID LONG SNAPPER IN THE NFL - you don't earn coin like that unless you're an integral part of the machine. Think about it - who wants to see a long snap flubbed? NOBODY!
  11. That terrible recorder playing totally makes that video - hilarious!
  12. Wonderful character actor - he really came across as a sales weasel and breathed life into the character of Herb Tarlek - and those suits!
  13. Cam = JP Losman with some solid prior years on his resume
  14. Aw man, I was such a huge fan of the Drake Passage and now its been replaced - I haven't felt this down since Pluto lost its planet status...
  15. Wonderful actor who played so many diverse roles. I had to laugh when I saw the obit on the news and it started with "Actor Ned Beatty, who made a big impression in the film Deliverance and went on to play many memorable roles...". Translation - yeah, we all remember that scene and while we're not going to mention it directly, we know that's what you think when you think of Ned Beatty....
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