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  1. That's an indication of a neurological injury - not good.
  2. Independent neurology consultant says it's his knee....
  3. Here in Boston they refuse to say that Mac is out this weekend because the all-knowing Bill Belichick hasn't said that. Some people seem to believe that if Bill says he'll play he'll have a sudden recovery, or maybe a quick ankle transplant and be just fine on Sunday. Any other team would have stated the obvious - we are still evaluating the extent of the injury and there is no specific timetable but he will miss time starting with week 4. Instead, Belichick will list him as questionable every day and when he obviously doesn't play on Sunday some percentage of people will call him weak - that's the type of pressure you want to put on your young quarterback...
  4. Did you challenge him to a spearing contest? That was always his thing...
  5. Sign them up for league minimum - that'd be great...
  6. At what point do they hold community tryouts for potential walk on players to supply the sheer number of bodies they need? Community theater? How about community cornerback?
  7. Playing on the beach sand with no equipment was the dumbest thing ever - in hindsight you just shake your head in disbelief...
  8. Terrible. Always terrible to see someone get hurt, particularly an athlete who makes a living with their body. It sucks if I hurt my ankle but I can still do my desk job (I know he still gets paid, but it is his vocation and if it's a serious injury it could impact his career).
  9. I'm not a doctor, but I have to think if they rule out any structural damage it's probably inflammation and soft tissue issues - probably similar to what someone would get from whiplash in a car accident - not sure how long that would take to heal but I'm glad they are saying it is not major.
  10. Pez dispenser - that's a pretty good description - man that was scary! That he could be out of the hospital now after that is amazing - to be young and in top physical shape probably helped because I feel like that would have killed me...
  11. I took off my regular "out and about" Bills hat and put on my "game hat" which is reserved for games only (don't want it to get dirty).
  12. Short yardage definitely needs to be worked on. Say what you will about Tom Brady, but that guy used to convert like 98% of his 1 yard first downs by just plowing forward and Josh is bigger than he is and the Bills line usually gets a decent push. That we struggle so much in those situations and never seem to have Josh push it successfully is a puzzling to me - we should be able to get damn near automatic in those situations.
  13. I was surprised to see that RZC on cable was different than DirecTv RZC. I found the coverage on the cable channel pretty poor - seems like they never knew when to jump into/out if games - they cut away in the middle of a kick last week. By contrast I think the DTV RZC with Andrew Siciliano very good - watched a bunch today with the Bills being off.
  14. I had that problem for a bit as well - Al Michaels saying the pass was incomplete when the ball was still in the air. Seemed to eventually go away. Overall I was not a fan of the game on streaming with this audio issue and the difficulty pausing/rewinding to see play and then trying to go back to live - TV is much easier for that. Not into the new technology - what's wrong with regular old TV? I'm old - get off my lawn.
  15. Exactly the way the Bills used to lose - up by 2 scores, collapse, make a comeback that ultimately fails because your defense let up a 50+ yard run in the end - how many games have we seen like this?
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