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  1. Red Barchetta.... *stands and applauds in appreciation for this insane post*
  2. Which route? A go-route? Route 219? "Root" for him to be good when it matters.
  3. Brilliant and thanks. I'm so happy that the BFA found those documents today. It pretty much means the team stays at home. I can't wait to get back for the Green Bay game and hopefully still be "in the hunt" according to CBS/Fox broadcast graphics guy.
  4. This. Williams mistimed his jump or that's 6. I bet they work on that play...but EJ learns to slightly under throw it and it is planned. I love the beef we have on both lines. If we are .500 going into November pray for snow so we can grind things out.
  5. His wife sat in every Rich Stadium seat one year to raise money for charity...I'd buy it.
  6. $1,150,000,000 and the winner is Pegula's wife as Terry can't own an NHL team and an NFL team at the same time. At least I think that's true, right?
  7. I MUST receive this sweater. I would have purchased it right this second if it were at $30 or less but that is steep for me.
  8. I like to think when Scott Chandler and Stevie both fumbled in Toronto was the absolute end....
  9. Hi. This is my very first post. It's time to be punchy to other teams. How bad was the 2007-2011 era with our 10-13 points a game? Time to fight, be nasty, be talked about. Time to not be the same old Bills since 2000. I remember the glory days because I was there. I had seasons, in 1992, at age 14. Not purchased by my family....purchased by me. Alone. My dad would drive me to Drive 1 and drop me off. Try that these days. I love me some Buffalo.
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