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  1. Just wait until Barkley runs out on the field as the starter! Vikes won't know what hit them!
  2. "Gabe, can you describe your play as of late?"
  3. Yeah, I can’t stand all the current mental gymnastics. Anything less than the one seed is a disappointment. Sure, we could overcome it, but that’s the goal. Especially considering how our season has ended the last two years.
  4. Early in the year I thought I was watching Peyton Manning. Josh was completely in control and running the offense. Taking the plays that were there and playing on time. I thought we were past all this crap, but here we are again. I don't need to see any more hurdles or backyard football. Just run the ***** offense and take care of the ball.
  5. This will have a bigger impact than people think. Bills wanted to add this type of weapon out of the backfield and not have to rely on a rookie to provide it. And we've added some much needed speed to be even more of a nightmare to defend.
  6. Yeah, it's really weird... Lets go re-visit your Allen takes in the draft thread before he even took an NFL snap
  7. No problem, it's always fun to rehash your genius! I particularly liked your prediction this offseason that we were going to take the ball out of Josh's hands and become a more run heavy offense because we signed a depth tackle from the Titans! Can't make this stuff up... At least you'll always have your Robert Royal takes and that one thread you made about Aaron Donald being good.
  8. That's right! Plus, I predict McCaffery will be working radio by years end anyways! What's Mike Gillislee up too? Maybe we could bring him back and right the wrong of letting him and his 5.7 YPC go. That could fix the RB room Plus, why would McCaffery want to come to a franchise that hired a defensive minded HC (Jauron 2.0) when we had the opportunity to get with the times and hire a guy like Reich? And that hired the coach before the GM! That will never work! You're a legend.
  9. I think the problem with this is the contract. The rams are a great example of how this can work. Trade a high pick for a one year rental and then let them walk, like the Watkins situation. The difference is a high comp pick comes into play when letting these players walk on an expiring contract. That really softens the blow of the compensation. While McCaffrey wouldn't be a big cap hit this year, and we could walk away after, no comp picks would come into play with the loss if we cut him after this year. Are we really going to burn a #1 for a half year rental with no compensation coming back? I see little chance we would move forward with his salary.
  10. Beyond his solid play, Shaq seems to add an edge to the defense/team. I love the attitude he brings, D just seems nastier with him on it.
  11. Probably back to PS if he clears waivers
  12. LOL, my ass you do. I think you only called for his job 5 times during the game yesterday.
  13. No way we trade with WAS after the McKissic debacle.
  14. It would be tough to beat @GoBills808's cabbage pasties
  15. One thing we all know, when this regime makes a deal it comes out of nowhere. All of these "rumored" deals never happen.
  16. The nice thing about the 1 year rental, and an approach the rams always seem to take, even if you don't sign him the following year you will usually get a nice comp pick in return.
  17. I can't imagine Tremaine going after being DNP all week. What a ***** disaster this injury situation is.
  18. I'm guessing he's referring to Morse finishing the game vs. TEN only to be held out the next week.
  19. @GunnerBill won’t be happy until David Attenborough is breaking down the games.
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