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  1. While I also agree with your take on a balanced team and improving one side will help the other; if we added him like the OP said...now that’s at LEAST 4 guys on the field you have to account for. 5 if you’re all in on the Davis train and I sure as hell am. And 6 with Josh taking off. We would be the “keep up with the points” team we always wanted to be.
  2. I would keep it. It’s simple and classic. The only people that would be upset are the ones who were upset with the original name and wanted a change to something they wanted.
  3. Take him as a backup anyway. He has the fire Josh has and wants to win. Then transition him to a qb coach. Come home Fitz
  4. This game with that game plan was on the offense. It was milk the clock on both sides of the ball. Let KC have long drives that milk the clock and let them score essentially. But the offense needed to also milk the clock and keep up with them. And get it down to the end.
  5. Our guys just standing around letting wrs catch everything. Lovely.
  6. When it’s the only thing you can get excited for because you know dang well this team isn’t making it far in the playoffs if not at all.
  7. Haha the defense must be fresh with a 2 week bye
  8. Haha yeah I can see all the power ranking pundits still ranking the Bills below. “Well you know they almost lost to the Rams and the Titans didn’t have a fair advantage breaking protocols and not being able to practice”
  9. I currently live in Vegas and prefer the Oakland Raiders out of tradition. That and I live 5 mins from the stadium and missed probably the only chance I’d see the Bills play here.
  10. The Bills in no scenario have the advantage. Chiefs either have our game Thursday AS planned or they have an extra 2-3 days of prep. If you say the Bills have an advantage against the Titans, we have the same amount of prep time regardless. Time will tell.
  11. Adapting works. Correct. Not saying the Bills won’t be prepared. And I still think we beat the Titans. Just don’t want any excuses should any of the team get sidelined because of something that could have been taken care of better by the league.
  12. Nope. Because the chiefs are already preparing for us. They don’t have another game. Playing us Thursday was always on the schedule. Should it be pushed to the weekend they get even more time to prepare. You’re comparing completely different scenarios. You’re correct injuries are a part of the game. However when you are forced to lose time between games, those players are at a disadvantage because of another team’s blunder. There are things that may seem out of someone’s control. Doesn’t mean they are. But laying down sure solves all problems.
  13. Yes playing a short week happens. It’s on the schedule for months. Teams prepare for that. Teams do not prepare to have their scheduled messed with 3 days prior to a game because of another teams mess up and that team benefits from it. Some of you people sound like you get walked all over in actual life.
  14. Yep. Happens to all teams. Getting rescheduled 3 days prior to a game and punished for another teams multiple time mess up because of a virus. Every year.
  15. Yeah the team now has a short week to prepare for the best team in the NFL and are already banged up on defense.
  16. So are both games going to be national? I know prior, the Bills/Titans game was only shown in those markets. Since it’s onTuesday will it still only air in those markets? Same goes for the chiefs game. That was national...being moved to Sunday do we get top billing for all markets?
  17. At least we didn’t run 20 plays to set up that. We got it out of the way.
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