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  1. That’s what I was gonna ask. Is this on top of the money laundered from kraft to the construction company that Brady is a part of?
  2. They are kind of lax on the whole “can only buy the streaming option if your place doesn’t allow a dish/no signal” I’ve heard of some people using a friend’s address and what not. It’s a nice little option but with other ways to “acquire” the game I’ve moved away from doing Sunday Ticket. And having just recently moved to Vegas 2 weeks ago, I know of two Bills Backers bars here and can always watch at a sports book.
  3. Correct. You can use a Roku and the app to stream Sunday ticket if you have Sunday ticket with directv service meaning you don’t need a satellite box hooked to the tv. Or you can not have directv service and buy Sunday ticket stand alone without having to have a dish or any channels. However there will not be discounts unless you’re a student. I believe it’s roughly 199.99-249.99 for the season. You can pay that in a lump sum or opt for splitting it in 4 payments.
  4. “There are going be fans comparing you to a team from 30 years ago. Be you and don’t live in the past.”
  5. It’s a job. He already knows how to play. Otas are like the meeting that should have been an email or the synergy team building that really doesn’t make a difference. He will show up when he has to and be ready.
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