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  1. I noticed when I watched the nfl recap on espn+ with boomer. Even with the Bills they got maybe 2 mins tops. But I’m at the point where I don’t care. I saw the game. I was impressed and I don’t need talking heads (media or the band) to praise them.
  2. I would have loved to have gotten punched in the faces by the Chiefs. Would make the team that much more motivated this year.
  3. I am kind of the same. However I can see the meaning behind it. Rewarding progress. Telling players and potential free agents that this isn’t a fire a coach every other year; stability. Also little things like his family knowing “okay we can settle down in Buffalo with school and such”.
  4. We will see if it was Brady or the Patriots/Kraft getting all the calls from the refs soon enough.
  5. I could see God having a sense of humor. God haven’t you given Buffalo Bills fan enough misery? God: Okay okay they’ll win the super bowl. However there is no pre season. No fans can attend. There will be limited games. There will be an asterisk next to their super bowl win. Oh and their stadium has to be renamed to the toilet bowl.
  6. Of course sadly we were on of the teams to lose to a backup QB. Yeah yeah Billicheck, defense, running the ball more etc.
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