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  1. Need to take chances to win. Unless you see pick 6s happening or a special teams play to put points on the board
  2. And he would have hurt the team running it or taking the sack, or throwing it away. “Ugh punting again, gonna gas the defense!”
  3. Captain Hindsight. He tosses it out of bounds and they still score and you’d spin it to fit your narrative. Josh is going to make mistakes. That’s why we have the defense we do. To bail him out. We have receivers that hold on the ball. This isn’t the Josh show. It’s the defense
  4. And cry when he gets rid of it and we punt.
  5. A lot of you won’t be happy with whatever he does. Don’t want him running it, if he throws it away you’ll point out a wr who may or may not be open and when he takes a chance you complain.
  6. That’s what I was gonna ask. Is this on top of the money laundered from kraft to the construction company that Brady is a part of?
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