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  1. Metroid Yars Revenge Ninja Gaiden Castlevania Burgertime
  2. I've been syncing the broadcast to the radio for a few years now. Best part when it's working well is hearing the crowd noise in the stadium. The salute to Ramsey last year was loud and clear. Too funny. Ive got an app that will delay audio that works great when the radio is fast. If the Tv is fast you gotta use a DVR delay on the tv. Your distance to the radio station effects the delay, and there are several stations from Olean to Dansville that have different timing. Sometimes they adjust the delay after the kickoff. Fox and ESPN broadcasts will be different than cbs also. Also AM WGR will be different than 97 Rock or WCMF
  3. Steve - I get it, back when Me Jim Andre and um um Th Th umm Thurman had all the um success that we had we didn't have, um , state of the um art training facilities like these guys have today. This place is really impressive. Murph - (In background) Hhhhh....Hhhhh.........Hhhhhhh Steve - I mean I get it, I really do but the way these guys are taken care of from a training standpoint, it's a lot different than when me and um Jim and um our teams had as much success as um we did. Murph- Hhhhh.....Hhhhhhh ..... ...Hhhhhhhh Steve - Times change , I get it , now they have these um.. Ummm. Cryogenic chambers that get down to like um -547 degrees. I get it, like guys like Star LOW TOO LOW LAY can sit in these um..ya know Murph.. Um . chambers and rehab. I mean I get it, If Me Jim and um um Andre had all this stuff maybe things would have been umm different. Murph- Hhhhh....Hhhhhh....Hhhhhh
  4. Verses getting a rotational D lineman that plays 60% of snaps. Marcell and Shaq have aren't moving the chains. Hock would be Allens best friend on 3rd and 6..
  5. Oliver AND Fant??? ... Perhaps work something out with Sherlock Homes for that
  6. God forbid if Josh got dinged up playing hero ball send in Josh. If Josh plays well trade him
  7. I was interested in the premise of the thread and draft value comparisons before the thread police showed up. Sure there are other threads along the same lines... It's boring seeing the same 5 threads 12 pages a piece for days on the main board.
  8. Draft hockenson and turn the tables
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