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  1. Formerly Allan in MD

    Who had the most accurate mock drafts the last few years?

    That would work. That would work. Except we need a stud OT. Taylor at 38?
  2. Formerly Allan in MD

    SNY Jets determined to trade down

    Trade up, please!
  3. Formerly Allan in MD

    Boring Draft

    Don't agree. I always feel the Draft.
  4. Formerly Allan in MD

    10 draft picks - Gotta trade up

    Yep, go for who you really desire. We've plugged enough holes to afford to do so.
  5. Formerly Allan in MD

    One week before the draft, and Beane hasn't made one deal

    We're going to move up or make an optimal attempt to do so.
  6. Formerly Allan in MD

    Why didnt we sign WR Tanner Gentry?

    There are reasons he wasn't drafted. This is the NFL not Wyoming School of Mines, for one.
  7. Formerly Allan in MD

    Bills have 3rd easiest schedule (based on roster?)

    It's about time if it works out that way.
  8. Formerly Allan in MD

    Schedule Analysis

    If we can't be competitive, let alone win or split those first two games, we're probably not that good a team to begin with. If you're good, it's gravy having more home games later in the season to enrich a winning recipe.
  9. Formerly Allan in MD

    I want to try Teller on the Dline...

    The draft will help with the D line; the thread will not.
  10. Formerly Allan in MD

    Do you want a WR at 9?

  11. A lot of posters apparently into abs. Now let's be logical and get a stud OT and a defensive lineman in the first two rounds. If we trade down, throw in a tight end.
  12. Formerly Allan in MD

    Do Bills pick up Shaq Lawsons 5th year option?

    Depends on who or what they intend to draft.
  13. Formerly Allan in MD

    What do you want your team to be good at?