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  1. When you're getting close to retirement you make decisions about things down the road. It doesn't necessarily mean he won't keep playing in SD. Also, he may have decided that if worse comes to worse, he'd rather be flooded or blown out than burned out.
  2. Rather simplistic assessment. Rosen had little experience in the NFL while Fitz has been around forever. Experience and comfort level make a major difference in how one performs and what their ratings are. Apples and oranges are simply not the same. If you want to develop a young, promising quarterback, you play him and improve his supporting cast as best you can. Ask the Bills. Oh brother!
  3. The Dolphins recently made a major mistake, as it turned out, with Tannehill. Wonder if they'll be a bit gun shy. With more experience and a decent supporting cast, Rosen can play
  4. The Bills model does not include an owner determined to meddle and make all the calls, and become a highlight (or is it lowlight?) real in and of himself. Rivera et al may quickly become disillusioned just like so many others that preceded them.
  5. He may be happy playing in his home state, but he may not be thrilled playing on that particular team, especially if Green is not Green anymore or is moved.
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