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  1. Has Brown been practicing at all? If not, inactive.
  2. Miami is a "sack" of woe. Anything's possible.
  3. Duh! There's a good reason he's available.
  4. Another rating this week, in the Washington Post, rates Allen third from the bottom. Analytic approaches aside, he has to improve.
  5. B. That'll go up when Allen improves from being the third lowest rated quarterback in the league.
  6. If he limps into camp next year, the Redskins will have at least four guys there who can't play quarterback very well.
  7. Whoever quarterbacks that team would benefit from a line in front of him that isn't offensive.
  8. Anyone who wants can sign him. Too many have focused on his contractual situation rather than the fact he wasn't performing very well when his knee "buckled."
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