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  1. From the looks of this board over the years, only if he's a Patriot.
  2. The Redskins have only had one general manager, for a short time, under Dan Snyder. Look where that's gotten them.
  3. Perhaps he'll only rent from Avis now. And we have our share, from OJ to Tim McBomber.
  4. Brown may have simply gotten what he wanted: attention. Or he may be suggesting that a rookie with major upside doesn't necessarily have to start, especially if you have experienced depth. In fact it may be beneficial to them not to start immediately. Ask Steve Young. We shall see what we shall see.
  5. What helped him get his name on the cup was the lecture from the coach, a few games into the series, about not taking dumb penalties. Thank you doctor. However, it sounds personal.
  6. JB was a fine player. You obviously. Didn't Butler catch a game winning touchdown pass near the end of his first game as a Bill, or am I thinking of someone else in that era?
  7. Binnington should perhaps take a mild tranquilizer prior to the game?
  8. Go check out some old Roosevelt Sykes recordings.
  9. I remember years ago waiting outside Maple Leaf Gardens forever in line for standing room. When they opened the doors, you'd have better had track shoes on. I literally got run over by the mob. Someone stepped on the back of my shoe and it got pried off. Couldn't attempt to retrieve it and never saw it again. Leaf fans!
  10. I wouldn't call it a "bored" face. It's more a mysterious face; what's going on inside that head? The face will never tell you. He likely has more going on inside him than you'd ever fathom from that face. Interesting!
  11. Steve Kerr did a poor job motivating his team to play defense. It was like "leave Raptors open and hope they miss."
  12. Replacing the likes of Mills and Benjamin et al is a serious mistake? Something tells me, as a professional and pretty competent organization, we have this covered.
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