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  1. Projections projections projections. Mine, unfortunately, is there will be no season (or one to speak of). Go to camp, perhaps play a few exhibitions, one player gets the virus and it will be the NHL and NBA all over again. Until there's an effective vaccine widely available, which won't be for a year or more, I wouldn't bet on a season, fans in the stands or not. Of course I may be wrong if they can figure out how to play games where players never get within six feet of each other. It's called virtual blocking and tackling.
  2. "Make Karlos Great Again" - where's New Era when you need them?
  3. Talk about busts, Donahoe takes the cake. As the Steelers GM, year after year he lost key players to free agency yet continued to win. With the Bills, the magic totally disappeared.
  4. He still intends to play but undoubtedly won't pass a physical. Until a few months ago he was still walking with a cane. How a multi-millionaire can be that dumb is beyond me.
  5. Perhaps if he had played some during the season it would have made a difference.
  6. This season you require three elements: two announcers and a game being played.
  7. Because there's an obsession on this board with wide receivers.
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