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  1. I liked what I saw of Stidham prior to him being drafted. Apparently the Patriots did as well and are still on board.
  2. Rodgers isn't going anywhere. If they don't get him some receivers he'll want to.
  3. My son (Redskins fan) saw that video and said ''who is this guy?" Downer to hear he's a Bill.
  4. Their new kicker has a tattoo on his arm representing a right wing militia. He's been told to obiiterate or cover it. Yes, things are slipping in beantown.
  5. Don't understand why no one's ever asked this question. 🤫
  6. Great competition here. Appears Foster is gone unless it can be explained where he disappeared to last season.
  7. We got comfortable drafting quarterbacks and kickers. That's probably a good sign but we can't get too complacent; BB never does.
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