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  1. Formerly Allan in MD

    Most Heartbreaking Losses of Players

    Herb Score
  2. Formerly Allan in MD

    LA Times ranks the fast food french fries

    Strictly health-related ratings of fries generally indicate Five Guys fries contain more fat and calories than most others.
  3. Formerly Allan in MD

    Can someone explain....

    Floaters should be checked out. If there's no real problem there, you'll get used to them and not notice them after awhile.
  4. Formerly Allan in MD

    Rumor that Russell Wilson could eventually go to NYG

    Wilson has made a lot of good decisions since he was at N.C. State. I trust he'll do himself right in this case as well.
  5. Formerly Allan in MD

    Bills re-sign LB Lacey

    Given the lack of good ST players we had last year, he's a worthwhile signing.
  6. Formerly Allan in MD

    Report: Bills interested in UFA TE Jesse James

    If he's young and can play, why would he be a stopgap? You sign a guy like this, and given all our needs, why would you draft a TE on day one or two?
  7. Formerly Allan in MD

    What do you want to see this offseason: DRAFT

    Samia will get you more penalties than the culture could possibly stand.
  8. Formerly Allan in MD

    Karlos Williams conditionally reinstated by NFL

    Imagine what this board will be like if, by some extremely distant chance, we were to sign Karlos. The Bills will truly become "cultured."
  9. Formerly Allan in MD

    What do you want to see this offseason: DRAFT

    If we can bring in a bunch of FA offensive linemen, fine. Otherwise, we'd better go OL first and often. BTW, Metcalf won't last into the second round.
  10. Formerly Allan in MD

    Cuts around the League

    Good thread.
  11. Formerly Allan in MD

    Best one year wonder?

    I'm sure RGIII feels it was him; just as sure as I am that RGIII feels the top qualifying coach for "career ender" is Mike Shanahan.
  12. Formerly Allan in MD

    Best one year wonder?

    Thank you. Beat me to it. The center fielder?
  13. Formerly Allan in MD

    Cardinals sign Charles Clay

    Hate can be a useful cover for analytical deficiencies.
  14. Formerly Allan in MD

    [Misleading Title] The Patriots are full of **it

    Someone on this board should compose a song entitled "The Patriots Obsess Me." Possibly the only one who'll listen to it will be a shrink.
  15. Formerly Allan in MD

    Marquise Brown LisFranc surgery

    Your guns may be empty.