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  1. Money in the owner's bank: Yes Were coaches consulted: Doubtful Were players consulted: Doubtful Worth doing: Yes, if you're an owner Final verdict: Dumb idea, unless you're an owner
  2. Perhaps Allen will have something to "say" with an OL in front of him this season. It certainly won't hurt.
  3. If you had asked Johnny Unitas if he had a number one receiver, he would have laughed at you. He went to Raymond Barry, Jimmy Orr. and his tight end interchangably and successfully, and undoubtedly was never concerned with who could possibly have been "numero uno." You obviously have a number one if you have few viable options other than a single outstanding receiver. But do you necessarily want that? That individual will be double teamed incessantly. Let's have as many good receivers on the Bills as possible, drive defenses crazy, and not worry about who's on first.
  4. Here's what I want to watch (in Maryland): Bills games, Sabres games, Indian games? Will HULU get me there? I'll check it out in the meantime. Thanks.
  5. In my mind, no quarterback compares with Unitas. He was not only an exceptional passer but called his own plays. And his play calling in situation after situation was so unorthodox that no defense had a clue how to stop him.
  6. It makes sense to consider this. Along the same line, look at immediate family health history as they do when you initially visit a doctor's office. These are not end all considerations but do enhance the "portrait" of the athlete.
  7. That's the only reason for building a downtown stadium? Oh brother!
  8. If you don't have a clue about football or hockey, it's not necessarily easy to select the right people to surround you. The Pegulas are the perfect example of this. You can't win at blackjack if you don't know the game. And you won't win until you learn and have a feel for it. When the Pegulas bought into the games of hockey and football, the big mistake they made was not, with expert assistance, locating top notch management and coaching talent. That's how you wind up with the likes of Rex Ryan and Phil Housley.
  9. There was no hole in the first place. The only back they might've made last year's very offensive line look good would have been Jim Brown.
  10. Finally! I was hoping this topic would come up.
  11. The guy's an injury waiting to happen. And it usually doesn't take long.
  12. The Redskins under Snyder never cease to amaze. Nevertheless, all sorts of losers have taken Snyder's money, why not this one. If the Skins get off to a bad start, perhaps Gruden will be fired and they'll bring in Rex, which would be par for the course. Rex?
  13. Perhaps his series of injuries has played a role in his lack of development/production? Assigning guilt is easy; proving it can be problematic, especially in a spectator sport.
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