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  1. Four sacks by Redskins in first 10 minutes of game. Continual blitzing by Skins. Hope Bills are watching.
  2. Redskins have a mediocre OL. Miami's appears barely functional. Pressure pressure next week. Looks like first downs will be at a premium in this "game."
  3. This guy was lights out early on. Injuries have a way of making heroes become zeros over time. No thanks.
  4. Rex is a "perfect" fit for the Deadskins. He and Danny both revel in self importance. That should work out just fine.😋
  5. Injuries, inexperience, and a new OL. The bye is coming at a good time and the more we play, the more the offense should improve.
  6. Watch the Redskins/Dolphins game. Dislike the Redskins so much I may even root for the "powerhouse" fish.
  7. Foster should have been put on IR before the season started. Duke showed what he can do in the preseason and should have been active since day one of the season. Plus, we were at risk of losing him.
  8. It's about time we had a discussion about Josh Allen's performance.
  9. In England they call it poppycock. Has Sileo ever heard of Matt Barkley?
  10. If Gronk, in his prime, had told the Pats he wants out and wants to play for the Bills, all the haters would be drooling.
  11. The final drive, keeping the Titans from getting the ball one last time, was "gold."
  12. The verdict could wind up being bringing in Duke from Canada.
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