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  1. Thank you for being a voice of reason
  2. I'm guessing that you are not a young ,healthy, elite professional athlete. You don't have the same resources and state-of-the art medical care.
  3. Why? Martin has been just fine. I dont think Araiza comes back to Buffalo.
  4. I dont think OBJ will be ready to play football this season.
  5. Bills better take advantage of today's gifts.
  6. You forgot to mention the"flu" or whatever illness held guys out of practice. I wonder if there OLinemen or DBs available, too...
  7. Tre 's contract restructure MIGHT have something to do with OBJ.
  8. What's with the "10" nonsense ? Next man up,doing his "1/11 th". etc.
  9. Are you sure, or did it actually say "elevated" to the 53(55)? That isn't necessarily "active" for this game.
  10. I imagine this has been a major topic of discussion for not exactly 32 years. Nothing new here...
  11. Have you actually compiled "player games missed" for every team in the NFL? Just curious. We are allowed to be disappointed in the poor tackling and pass blocking, for example. And if you have Super Bowl aspirations are you concerned that Bills have barely squeaked by a couple teams? Or that with 6 games remaining they haven't won an AFC East game?Hopefully they go on a run against the AFC East.
  12. I assume you are trying to say that 5 of 11 projected defensive STARTERS are "unavailable ". NOT the entire "roster". Hyde,Poyer and White obviously have missed significant time. Who else are you including? Miller hasnt missed time until yesterday's game. Are you counting ONE game missed,or the entire season to date,or what?
  13. Cook quit on one pass route and turned back,Josh threw to where he thought Cook was headed,almost got picked off. THAT bothered me.
  14. Exactly. If you win,you "deserve" to win. The only time that sentiment is appropriate might be if an official makes an egregious mistake that affects the outcome.
  15. Give it a rest....there won't be a dome. The game was moved because of the unsafe travel on the roads,not just because there was snow in the stadium. A dome on the stadium would not have helped people TRAVEL. Use some common sense before posting the same complaints about not having a dome.
  16. Laser pointer ....what exactly is a "taser light"?
  17. Yeah, but you didn't play NFL football and I'm guessing you're not a doctor. Hyde might be cautious because he has had SEVERAL neck injuries.
  18. Thanks,the OP is ridiculous and he obviously didn't do any real research. Hyde has had several (4?) previous neck injuries and I would not be surprised if he retires. And,no,I have no source for that, I just wonder if he will take the risk. Curious how this is covered in his contract.
  19. Some people are so desperate for attention....they try to create controversy. You dont know that Diggs was "complaining ".
  20. I believe Hyde was injured September 24 but his surgery wasn't until October 12th. Where does the supposed 8 week recovery come from? I had read 6 to 9 MONTHS.
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