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  1. Bills are loaded at DE. Who you cut, or sit ,in order to get him reps? Already have several DEs who will be 30+
  2. Bills didnt give Spain a 15 million dollar contract to sit on the bench. I'm not convinced that Nesecke, at 35,coming off an injury,makes the team. Whatever alignment works,which could include a new addition ...Warford,for example
  3. Nobody will trade for Morse 's contract.
  4. she just talks endlessly,,,on and on and on....trying ti inmpress us with all her "research"
  5. I wonder If Dimarco and Jones BOTH make the team. Who exactly is Jones replacing on the roster? Bills managed without him in 19. Rookies like Gilliam and Antonio Williams might compete for ST work
  6. Perhaps someone assumes the Bills can count on a ton of financial help from the NFL. Keep in mind TWO teams will share that stadium,and presumably its cost.
  7. Maybe this saves Murphy's job? If Phillips returns, plus the additions of Jefferson and Epenesa,Bills could weather this
  8. If suspended, I doubt he is allowed in the stadium,much less the bench
  9. Which if these receivers can replace Robert's as kick returner? None of them have ever been featured returners,have they?
  10. We have all summer ( I hope ) to decide. Hughes. Addison, Epenesa, Love , Johnson plus Cox and Jefferson,are a good group.. I was hoping for more of a speed rusher;maybe a DE/LB hybrid. If Murphy can still play, might as well finish out the last year if his deal
  11. I think Bates is too versatile to cut. Maybe Foster can re-discover his 2018 mojo while contributing on special teams. If they can find a younger retrurner, Roberts might have trade value. I am okay moving on from Lee Smith and Jason Croom
  12. I think the actual conversation was about Brissett
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