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  1. Yeah, people upstairs are talking to him but maybe they didn't believe it was a catch.
  2. Uhhhh ...and now that the season started, players are getting hurt. My point is that he has no value on the PS if Bills need depth on the 53. Can we assume Dane will be coming back this week,or maybe Bills are comfortable with Lewis and/or Neal outside, across from Elam? Their cap hit still "counts" which is why Beane likes to have some cap money available for emergencies. I imagine he looked into a trade but they can apparently afford Murray and Rhodes.
  3. And risk losing him if another team poaches him off the PS? That is my concern at this point.
  4. They probably need a CB THIS week. Can always use him until Jackson, White return. Then cut him or use him to replace somebody else.
  5. When the Bucs signed Beasley they weren't t sure they had an immediate need. But then injuries hit and Evans got suspended creating a need. Bills pretty much have an OL need,and probably will sign a DB
  6. Pretty sure their cap hit still counts. That makes it tougher for the Bills to trade for a talented veteran
  7. Why would Bills put him on PS? They need CB on the 53 due to the loss of Benford,questions about Jackson, ongoing absence of White. ( also need to replace Doyle.)
  8. White will probably NOT be back in two weeks. He will be able to start practices but it will take a couple weeks to get ready
  9. Neal could adjust to safety and early on there was talk of Benford moving over
  10. What a waste of time What a waste of time
  11. Perfectly stated! Bills currently at 60-40 pass-run ratio.
  12. I wondered if they were trying to make a deal.
  13. Right. I didn't day WHEN Bills would sign a punter but I assume it will after 4pm today. A veteran punter should be fine within a week and the Bills will have a number to check out.
  14. Beasley and Sanders are SO good....nobody has signed them. Miller will replace Hughes. Are you KIDDING?
  15. I like that Berry is 4 or 5 years younger. Would Beane pay what Martin wants? He got released over salary so I wonder how much Bills would invest in a punter.
  16. Well....possible candidate to be put on 53 then moved to IR? That would ease the TE crunch (assuming they don't trade Howard).
  17. For Kern? He is 36 and won't merit a huge contract
  18. They don't "have" to sign a punter,but they will. Per NFL rules they DO have to get down to 53 by tomorrow,punter or not. Most of us assume they will sign a punter.
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