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  1. Commissioner's exempt list sounds like a good temporary solution to the AB Circus. Now that the Pats have traded D. Thomas, if they can't activate AB, that might affect them...a bit...
  2. I don't think he gets 70%. That could be 15 to 20 carries and several passing targets. I think people underestimate Yeldon,Gore and the "committee" approach. But,what do I know ? I miss Marcus Murphy!
  3. McDermot TV doesnt carry 3 QBs,so,fine. I would like them to add a QB to the PS,in addition to Jackson, who already "knows the system". Must be a PS-Eligible QB out there.
  4. OMG..click the link to read the rest of the article . He is listed. C'mon, reading isnt THAT hard!
  5. Havent kept up,ut am thinking: P,CB,OT,maybe TE,RB for PS,etc
  6. They have to go through waivers,first,so the money wont help Bills stash players
  7. You mean 25? I dont see Gore getting more touches than the kid
  8. Some of your PS guys might get snatched by other teams
  9. You contradict yourself. The guys you mention were undrafted,yet,you lament NFL teams ignoring kickers in the draft. That being said,with Carter seemingly injury prone...I would like to see Allen
  10. I believe Feliciano was next to him,at guard,and nade the calls for him?
  11. So,why hasnt any team signed Dungey if he is as good as you say?
  12. Can't keep him on IR forever if he has healed
  13. Does not quite have "tight end size". Showed some good blocking last night,though
  14. During the regular season you will only have 53. So,37 of those guys dont mean much in those 4 preseason games.Seriously,it depends on things like rotation ,how much your seconds play against seconds,etc.
  15. Bills were #2 in total yards allowed. Not so good in other categories,like points allowed,sacks
  16. They just traded Holder. Acho is a good guy,decentv player player,versatile
  17. This article does NOT clearly answer the question: can Wade go directly to the 53 man roster WITHOUT being placed on the PS. If he DOES go to PS,he cannot be activated.
  18. If that is your starting 5,who is the backup tackle? Ford can move to RT and Nsekhe can flip to LT? So,based on what we have seen,Teller,Long and Feliciano are interior backups? Feliciano & Long compete at RG,Ford at RT and Nsekhe as back up?Maybe McDermott or one of the new guys also stays. With Morse's injury history Bills have to be prepared so keeping 9 is possible
  19. Thompson still growing as a linebacker,signed M.Alexander and have two promising rookies
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