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  1. Just my two cents...anywhere in the upper deck is better than any lower bowl end zone section.
  2. ...or prices are too high and buyers are waiting for sellers to get realistic. 😂
  3. Goodbye, see ya, bye bye, we hardly knew ye, 5 jerseys I don’t have to worry about buying, etc...
  4. I would just create daily threads right here. I’m sure the mods will just look the other way.
  5. Ok. Thanks for the insights. I will try and do better next time
  6. Thoughts? Their owner is a friggin’ idiot who wants to move the team to London, they have a HC who will be out of the NFL within 3 years, they have no fan support, and they have a rookie franchise QB who is going to get killed unless they go max protection on most passing plays.
  7. There will be no forfeiting of games. There was an endless amount of talk of this last season, and you know how many times it happened? Zero.
  8. What is the saying...crap in one hand, wish in the other, and see which one fills up first. 😉
  9. Wyatt Teller agrees with this take.
  10. They are my seats now, but I’d be willing to transfer ownership back to you for a small fee. 🤑
  11. All depends on how final cuts go. Up to Beane and his staff to see if there is someone cut or who could be traded for that would be an upgrade over Hart, Brown and Doyle.
  12. Pretty mild?...i think her husband/boyfriend would disagree. He took at least two solid punches. 😵
  13. Doesn’t mean they should be key backups on the team, it just means the OT vets that were signed...suck.
  14. I’d be shocked if they rolled with two rookie middle round draft picks as backup OT’s on a team that has championship aspirations. I know you can’t have great depth at every position, but I think they would be playing with fire with Doyle and Brown being one injury away from going in.
  15. He is a guy that is the perfect fit on a team that wants to use a sizeable rotation on the DL...and he’s a good guy. I wish him only the best with his recovery.
  16. Always enjoyed Paul...never seemed to take himself too seriously.
  17. Kind of like the talk of cutting Bass early last season? 😉
  18. I didn’t look at SeatGeek, Vivid, etc..., but there are 3,500+ tix for each Bills home game on StubHub. Are there that many tix in the hands of brokers?
  19. I guess I’m out of the loop. Never heard of it before right now.
  20. What slogan was stolen?
  21. BTB


    Went to wingnutz a couple of years ago. Yes the wings are good, but the KoC location reeks of a smelly old gym(which it is), and it is a 30 min drive for me from home. If I was in the Kenmore area and looking for something to eat, I might stop in again, but I don’t crave wings that often, so I don’t feel like...I got to have some wingnutz wings tonight.
  22. Sorry if this has been answered recently, but how much cap space do the Bills have right now?
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