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  1. Browns Darnold, Giants Rosen

    How do you know the giants aren’t taking him? Its a very real possibility especially with Eli being in his mid 30s
  2. Browns Darnold, Giants Rosen

    I agree with that order
  3. Browns Darnold, Giants Rosen

    Very possible. If the giants take Rosen at 2 he will for sure fall to 4
  4. Ya it’s true. good Points
  5. Couldn’t 4 still be a target for Rosen? 1. Darnold 2. Barkley 3. Mayfield or Allen hopefully 4 Bills can potentially trade with the Browns and get Rosen
  6. Patriots Signing DE Adrian Clayborn and RB Jeremy Hill

    Lol yep i think it was 5 or 6 against Dallas
  7. The reality is the Bills still have a lot of holes on this team. Not all of them are going to be filled for the upcoming season unfortunately.
  8. Vontaze suspended for PEDS

    Yep. I would be curious to know the percentage of players who are actually on PEDs. I would imagine it’s very high
  9. I agree. Like he’s still a descent player. I just don’t think he has much value so it would probably just be better if the Bills kept him
  10. I don’t think so personally. Hes turning 30 or 31? He is regressing in terms of getting pressure on the QB. Has a descent size cap hit. And is a head case. If I was Tampa I wouldn’t do it
  11. Who else really wants a first round MLB?

    Need a QB. Would love a good MLB of course but not at the expense of not trading up to get Rosen or Mayfield
  12. RB Will Not Be a 2018 Draft Priority

    I’m pretty happy about this. The Bills have so many holes to fill on this team and RB is not one of them for the 2018 season.
  13. All the pickups have been solid but nothing spectacular . Where Beane really hit the home run was trading Tyrod for the 65th pick, and getting a bridge QB in Mccaron for basically peanuts. That whole sequence with trading TT and getting Mccaron for cheap was brilliant
  14. I Guess The Market Is Dry For EJ and Preston Brown

    Ya I really don’t get the love for Preston brown. Hes not bad but I definitely don’t consider him good. And he’s going to be grossly overpaid in my opinion