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  1. Do you literally have nothing else to do except complain about Tyrod every day and night? It's actually crazy/weird how much you obsess about him
  2. Zay Jones played injured all season...

    Ok you’re right. Zay was a monster last year
  3. Would 6 rings for NE diminish future SB winners?

    You forgot about Kyle Shanahan being an idiot as well lol
  4. Zay Jones played injured all season...

    I mean, he will because they invested a 2nd round pick in him and he was hurt last year. But for people to defend Jones last year just makes absolutely no sense to me. The guy was awful in literally every single category. I'm not calling him a bust, but it's time for people to call a spade a spade as well. Jones had an awful first year
  5. Zay Jones played injured all season...

    Call it nonsense all you want, read the article. What was the Bills weak link going into the season? QB and WRS I would say. And they ended up both being weak. Don't fool yourself by saying Zay Jones had a good year and TT deserves all the blame for his lack of production. You really cant have much worse of a season than he did
  6. Zay Jones played injured all season...

    Its a fair question. All the blame doesn't fall on TT. The WRS deserve their share of the blame as well as they struggled to get separation all year. Having Jones as the 2 receiver especially while he was hurt and not producing at all, makes absolutely no sense
  7. What is that supposed to mean?
  8. Zay Jones played injured all season...

    That is a great question
  9. Offensive PI (rule change to consider)

    There are lots of rules in the NFL that need changing, but I don't think OPI is one of them
  10. NFL salary question

    http://www.foxbusiness.com/features/2017/01/06/heres-how-much-nfl-players-earn-in-playoffs.html Here is a good article explaining how it works
  11. A Giants fan opinion of a Pats*-Eagles Super Bowl

    Ya kinda seems like he’s undecided who to go for at the moment.
  12. A Giants fan opinion of a Pats*-Eagles Super Bowl

    Lol!! Thanks for sharing, that was great
  13. This thread right here should show how bad Dennison was. TT needs to leave as well cause he’s not good enough, as I’m not defending his poor play this year. But I’ve always argued and will continue to argue Dennison was more of a problem than TT. The offensive stats from this year compared to 2015 and 2016 back that up
  14. Ya a lot of signs are pointing that Haley's contract won't be renewed