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  1. Wtf lol. Jeff Triplette? That guy was one of the most incompetent officials I’ve seen
  2. Ya it seems that way. Very interesting decision to say the least
  3. A even better question is how in the world are they bringing Hue Jackson back with a 1 and 31 record lol
  4. Maybe a little harsh but I don't think it is too far off. He did a great job last year but he has to prove himself a bit more. Adam Gase got 11 wins out of the dolphins his first year, and we all know how last season turned out for him/ the criticism he faced
  5. billsfan11

    Shaq Lawson on roster bubble

    Disappointing player so far. He rightfully should have to compete for a spot on the 53 man roster as he hasn't shown a lot his first 2 years
  6. Number 1 receivers dominate whether they are double covered or draw the best corners. Did Sanu have more production thanJulio Jones? Did Ross produce more than AJ Green? Did Smith Schuster produce more than Antonio brown? Did Devante Parker produce more than Landry? Real number 1 receivers draw the tough assignments and PRODUCE better numbers than the number 2 and 3 receivers on the depth chart.. I don’t even think Landry is a real number 1, it’s just to further my point. About the contract KC gave him? I personally think it’s ridiculous. They are of course paying for his high potential that he hasn’t reached in his 4 years so far. No one has ever doubted his talents. He just can’t consistently produce, and on top of it, he is a headcase and he’s selfish. There is a reason why he will be on his third team in 5 years
  7. billsfan11

    Around the NFL: All Time 11 for Each AFC East Team

    Robert Royal didn't make the list? What a joke
  8. billsfan11

    Who Will Win the AFC East?

    Agreed. It is one of those things were it would be very foolish to bet against them because they win it every damn year lol. Until someone actually knocks them out, they rightfully should be the heavy favourites to win the division every year.
  9. billsfan11

    Who Will Win the AFC East?

    Pats and it won't even be close
  10. Those are pretty bad WRS in the AFC east, especially with cooks and landry gone. I would say Edelman is the best, (even though he is suspended) and then you can make a strong argument that Benjamin is the 2nd best in that group
  11. Welcome back saviorpeterman
  12. billsfan11

    Josh Allen to start getting some 1st team reps

    Ya Mcvay was a huge factor for Goff last year. Goff went from two extremes. Playing QB for one of the worst systems his first year, to one of the best systems In his 2nd year
  13. billsfan11

    Shady on verge of cementing HoF status?

    As much as I love Shady, I would say no. Although, I probably have higher demands than most on what qualifies as a hall of fame player
  14. I think 17 is slightly high for Shaq, but at the same time these guys need to eat a lot of food to maintain a heavier weight. If he weighed like 185- 200 pounds, then that would be a different story.
  15. billsfan11

    Ranking Drought Starting QBs

    1. Tyrod 2. Fitz 3. Bledsoe 4. Orton The rest is like arguing who's diarrhea smells better