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  1. Thank you sir. Always look forward to your write ups
  2. billsfan11

    Browns are going to the playoffs

    I wouldn’t go that far yet. But yes they are way improved with baker as the QB
  3. billsfan11

    It finally hit me who Trent Murphy reminds me of....

    Lol wow what year was that on the first play against Miami?. Had to be 2009? Guessing cause there was actually an Aaron Maybin sighting on a play...
  4. Every time they played New England with Brady? On a serious note, im sure they were 17 point dogs at least a few times against the Patriots
  5. billsfan11

    Predict the score: Bills at Vikings

    Feeling optimistic today. 38 10 Vikings The Bills miraculously hold the Vikings to under 550 yards and under 40 points. And the Bills score a garbage time TD to get it to a 4 touchdown game
  6. Oh yes I forgot about that 2016 game
  7. I would say that win at Atlanta last year as well
  8. billsfan11

    Refs for the Bills game are.....

    Can’t wait for a 4 hour game with 30 accepted penalties!
  9. billsfan11

    Philip Rivers: A Sobering Warning

    Ya I also like to use Brees as an example. Sure he has a SB ring. But post SB his Team struggled for a few years even as dominant as he was Then last year they get a good defence and run game and they almost go back to the SB. Definitly is a team game. With the QB being the most important role of course though
  10. billsfan11

    Vontae money coming back

  11. billsfan11

    Poll Pick the Last Team to win a game this season.

    Ya I guess you can argue they have looked just as bad if not worse than the Bills
  12. billsfan11

    Poll Pick the Last Team to win a game this season.

    Ya I agree. Even then, bears look much approved
  13. billsfan11

    Poll Pick the Last Team to win a game this season.

    Lol ya I am not going to google 10 teams schedules and break down every game for the next 8 weeks. If anyone has time for that, god bless them. I guessed the Bills cause they are the worst team in the league right now.
  14. billsfan11

    Poll Pick the Last Team to win a game this season.

    Would have to see the schedules but if I had to guess I would say bills
  15. Head coach and QB specifically. The two most important things in football. Plus o line, WR. Basically their whole offence. San Fran is like 6 and 1 going back to last year with jimmy G at the reigns with there 1 loss being a nail biter against a super bowl contender on the road. I can’t say I see the comparison. San Fran should be a wildcard contender this year. The bills will be one of the worst teams in football.