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  1. Didn't Bridgewater have the same injury than put him out for a year or something?
  2. Is there a more boring QB in the league than Flacco?
  3. Watch, they'll feed Henry 25-30 times and win by dd
  4. Definitely. I'm not feeling bad about it at all. After 2 decades of of TB12 in our daily division, I feel no shame about a weaker than normal conference. If Buffalo was in any other division, they would have been in the playoffs at least 3 other years imo. At least.
  5. Refs have always made crappy calls. It's unfortunate that these calls affect the outcome of games and even seasons for some. Detroit just went from 1st to worst in the NFCN, after last nights debacle. They need to simplify the refereeing. Only make calls that are blatant and that affect the play. The game would be 10 x better. Easily. Nothing worse than phantom holding calls that erase a big play. Especially if the phantom hold is away from the play. Oh and start fining refs for mistakes. Bigger the screw up, bigger the fine. Last night, the ref should have been fined the maximum amount.
  6. League may be a bit watered down this year.
  7. That other guy was SHOCKED at the mention. It's not like Deioin said the dern Jets or Broncos or something!
  8. 16.5 is A LOT of points. Especially when you're averaging 18 a game. That being said, I see a 31 - 6 type game.
  9. Smart, retired NFL players would make the best refs I think. Better than these bums they trot out every week. There's have to be some limits though. You couldn't have Steve Smith out there doing Panther games or Peyton doing the Broncos haha.
  10. Yeah basically call what you actually see and don't call anything ticky tacky especially if it has no effect on the play, i.e. 20 yard run called back because wr on the other side of the field flagged for block in the back. Loosen up on holding on both sides, and illegal contact on defense. Games are so much better to watch when they let the players play don't disrupt the flow with borderline holding calls killing drives all the time. Imo.
  11. When are they going to start holding press conference with refs after games? They literally don't have to answer to anyone no matter how bad they screw things up. NFL will just try to over compensate and make whatever the mess up challengable the next season 🤣.
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