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  1. I feel like he really became DangeRUSS in his 4th year. 4 out of next 5 season 30+ passing touchdowns. Wilson has the prettiest deep ball in the NFL imo.
  2. That Wilkins thing was a joke. But the footage is pretty funny if you haven't seen it. I think McD and Beane believe in second chances and I think if they like Gross-Matos, they will do their due diligence and weigh it out. Maybe kind of similar to the Tyrel Dodson situation.
  3. Meh Christian Wilkins fingered some guys b hole on the field, during the game and still went 13th. I'm jk. I still think he'll be drafted in the 1st round. Hazing isn't as big as a red flag to me as being arrested for drugs, guns or violence.
  4. Old T.O. jersey + duct tape and sharpie === awesomeness.
  5. I'm not sure about an official ranking, but Josh Allen had to be near the bottom of the league in free (Offside) plays. I feel like he has a pretty good hard count and the DL will jump sometimes, but the C never would snap it with the guy in the neutral zone. Something kind of minor, but that can yield major results.
  6. Haha i love how Nantz called him Fitzmagic
  7. I'm just glad that we're actually watching a football game and not a 30 for 30 on JJ Watt.
  8. Kelce is like an unstoppable rebel force
  9. There's always gonna be some home cookin in playoff games. Unless you're the Saints. Then it's the opposite.
  10. Hopkins taking a page out of Josh's book lol
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