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  1. I'd like to see him have a Bledsoe at Minnesota type game. 450 + yards and 4 Tds. Win in overtime in a shootout fashion.
  2. Cincinnati always gives us a hard time for some reason. They don't seem as strong as they normally are, they had some physical teams under Marvin Jones. I remember them handling us in the EJ days, then in the Tyrod days. Even though they get beaten up by the 49ers, they should've beaten what might be a pretty good Seattle team. NFL is week to week, so who knows who's really good yet. I just hope we don't have a let down game. And thanks Shaw, great writeup!
  3. Seems to get better week to week, which is very encouraging.
  4. I think the injuries, coupled with the oline play. He was under fire almost every throw last night.
  5. Yeah, if he ends up being a turnover machine, then yeah I could see that. But 3 out of those 4 were pretty flukey, so I don't think that will end up being the case, hopefully.
  6. Not sure that I would say he regressed. As far as taking care of the ball, then yeah maybe, even though 3 of them were quite flukey. I don't think that will be the norm. But set a new high in passing yards and probably completion percentage, as well. He didn't explode for 5 TD's like week 18, but there was definitely meat left on the bone point wise for this offense. He looked more comfortable in the pocket and for the most part, more decisive imo. I think good things are on the horizon for the guy.
  7. Great, great read. Wow. I did not realize Ty did hard time. Makes you wonder how many guys fall through the NFL cracks, getting into trouble. Guys like Lawrence Phillips, not that he and Nsekhe are alike in that manner. Seems like TN was just a hustler and LP was a violent dude.
  8. NFL power rankings are beyond meaningless. It's really just something to do for fun I guess.
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