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  1. Seriously. At least put a buzzer in the refs or on his wrist that vibrates or zaps him (lightly) when it expires. The NFL struggles.
  2. Could these clones change their physique? You could get a bunch of Eddy Lacy's or Karlos Williams' and have some of them play skill positions or go into feastmode and gain 100 lbs and play in the trenches too.
  3. I like Ed but I think we need to get bigger on the interior. I want 2 DT's 330+. But I think McD likes the smaller, penetrating types.
  4. Unreal how this offense can't execute a screen. I started paying attention around week 8. Saw maybe 1 screen play go for more than 5 yards. Good to have in the arsenal to help slow a pass rush. But who needs that?
  5. I'm for drafting offense this year. But I can see McD paying extra attention to CB to match up with Chase, Higgins, Boyd.
  6. This team has glaring holes all over the roster now it seems. OL, WR, CB, possibly LB. But S might be the biggest all of a sudden.
  7. The team coached and played scared/tight the whole game. It was odd to see. No juice.
  8. Neither. This team's age is creeping up in the WR and secondary group. Need to get younger imo.
  9. I like the idea of drafting DL early and often. I just don't like the players.. or even understand the scouting. The jury is still out on GR. I think he can still be a star, but he still was an ambiguous college DE. But they draft AJE and have him change his physique and technique. And Basham was just a wasted pick imo. There is nothing about his play at WFU that suggested he had any potential to be an impact player in the NFL. I think they place too much emphasis on the character and work ethic (which are also important to a degree), but then you get stuck with "high motor" guys that don't have the dynamic ability to matchup.
  10. Need to get beef up the OL. So many times I've seen guys right right past Spencer Brown and Ryan Bates untouched. It's wild. Saffold is not good in pass pro either. Josh would have to make first guy miss then have to make a highlight type play, when it should just be a routine pass play. Even Dawkins had a lot of these type plays. Upgrade the OL.
  11. This game felt like playoff loss #1 at KC. Offense did pretty much whatever they wanted against us. If they punted, it was almost a surprise. Give me a Wade Phillips D. A more physical brand.
  12. Just stop drafting DL. Free agents only. AJE BB bring nothing to the table. It's unreal how they're getting handled by backups.
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