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  1. Would like to see him bulked to about 205 if he's going to be a feature back. If it doesn't cost him any speed.
  2. just keeping add fuel to the fire
  3. Damn, I come to OTW to get my mind of losing to the Chefs and I get this thread?!?! Lol
  4. I'm not blaming him, but I think it's clear we need to move on from him.
  5. Do you think the crowd noise might have hurt our defense actually? Romo was saying that they rely heavily on checks and maybe the crowd noise hindered that. I'm sure being down to scrubs also didn't help..
  6. I would take his defense over McD's.
  7. He actually was brilliant. He got a little loose with the football late, but it wasn't costly. If Diggs and Sherfield could catch the dang ball... Get the man some proper wideouts please.
  8. Oh man. If you think our receivers are bad now.....
  9. I think we still scored a TD on that drive so it wasn't a killer.
  10. It'd be cool to see. But I've already accepted that it probably won't.
  11. I was like who is the Dehop guy 🤔. Then I was like OH DHOP. He probably would've gotten injured with our luck.
  12. The dude shanked a 27 yarder last week. He ain't right.
  13. Sherfield's two long drops. Diggs long drop. Bass kills our season with a bad miss. Bad way to end. Game was right there for us.
  14. dude can't hit a 44 yarder. Butker out here making it look easy.
  15. josh needs to calm himself. He may be getting jittery. Almost pick 6 then fumbles. He's been solid and smart up until then.
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