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  1. blue on blue, with red hats would be a sick look.
  2. It looks real. But there may some trick cinematography things going on. GR is standing closer to the camera, you can by the position of his feet compared to McD. And it appears the cameraman is also standing closer to GR, which makes him appear even more massive. Beane is way in the back and looks like a shrimp 😂! GR is very large human, but from the picture he looks like he's 7'7.
  3. I'm still waiting for Jaquan Johnson to get his shot. Liked him a lot coming out. Maybe he and Hamlin can develop a chemistry and learn from Poyer and Hyde. I feel like the safety positions in this scheme are cerebral and McD has to really trust who he puts back there.
  4. Ah Buffalo and Cleveland are both contenders again. Gotta love that. If Bills D can step up, I think they'll be the top threat to KC. They've looked awfully soft on that side of the ball on a few occasions last season. Lack of pressure was the main culprit imo. That's why I loved picks 1 and 2. I expect offense to regress a little, but I expect D to improve a lot. Both can be top 10 easily. Should be fun to watch.
  5. I wish NFL would keep expanding jersey rule. #85 would look pretty sweet on GR imo.
  6. Love the reaction from GR and his family. They are fired up lol!!
  7. If you're on an NFL roster, I'm assuming you're playing some football. Even if you don't dress, you are still playing football.
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