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  1. jk. I actually like this color combo. Hopefully Josh wears the red shoes. Even though these are "bad luck", Josh seems to play well in these.
  2. Somehow Brissett was dropping dimes all over the place. He also had 2 dropped TD passes .
  3. Yeah exactly. I feel like Josh is so good under center with play action. It always feels like it's gonna be a big play.
  4. You know what's crazy to think about? If Tre White doesn't get hurt, we probably win the Super Bowl last year. And we're probably 10-0 right now this year.
  5. I don't think it was a block in the back. Definitely not blatant. Guy was going to score either way. That block didn't affect the play. I'd expect a bigger meltdown from NE fans had the ref thrown the flag and somehow NE lost that game. A 3-3 tie would have been epic though.
  6. Let's keep this running game going. I want to see Cook break a long one. I feel it coming. EDIT: ALSO Can we execute some screen plays? We've got to be bottom of the league in screen attempts. I don't care if we need to summon Chan Gailey Weekend at Bernie's 2 style. Seeing Chubb and Hunt rip off chunks from screen passes made me envious. Cook and Hines have the wheels to take it the distance any given play.
  7. This is true. Say what you will about TE, but he is an absolute factor in the pass defense.
  8. Big win in a tough spot. Major distractions with weather, abnormal practice week, missing several KEY players. I am eagerly waiting for the day, White, Poyer, Rousseau, Kaiir, Edmunds and Milano can all be on the field at the same time. I get it, injuries happen and we've been fortunate past few years, but this year sucks for injuries. Law of averages I guess.
  9. After reading the transcript from his interview, I came out feeling a similar way. “I’ve got more to give than knocking a pass down or intercepting a ball." "What more can I offer people?" "What’s my purpose on Earth other than playing a football game?” "I got to see I’m bigger than a guy who puts a helmet on and goes to make tackles and knock passes down. I’m bigger than a football game. I’ve got more to offer people than football." (These are just a few comments from his interview. He also made many comments about hard he's been working, how he loves his team and how excited he is to play. I'm not trying to pick and choose and manipulate what he said. ) I know Tre loves the game and has been busting his butt to get back out there. But he appears to have done some deep thinking / soul searching and has a different mindset right now, based on some of his comments. And I would love him on the field as much as anyone, WRs have been feasting against us... But honestly I understand where he is coming from. He is asking himself some very deep questions and who actually knows how he is feeling inside? It would not be outrageous to think he might not want to do this much longer. ...or I could just be overanalyzing and be totally off lol.
  10. Russell Wilson sounds like a psychopath talking to someone who's gagged and tied up to a chair. 😅
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