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  1. Yeah same thing. I think that hiring is going to be less based on solely production. Production is still important, but I think intangibles are going to be valued as much, if not more.
  2. I'm not 100% Daboll is destined to be a hc. I think teams are going to be more careful when hiring OCs that offenses are lead by elite qb play. Or else you might get a McDaniels, Gase or Nagy type situation. I don't think Daboll or Bienemy land anything this cycle.
  3. Am I the only one who thinks Daboll doesn't land a hc gig? I think is a good x's and o's guy but not a leader of men.
  4. Bills are favored for a reason. That line may have caught you by surprise. I'm sure it did to a lot of bettors. It's almost like Vegas wants you to bet Baltimore. I wonder why...
  5. dumb challenge. now let's wait 5 minutes while the refs look at the replay 50 times
  6. Hopefully Epenesa can take a step next year. But upgrading a pass rush has to be #1 on areas to be addressed in the off-season.
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