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  1. They should emphasize throwing less flags. Makes the game so much more enjoyable.
  2. I think he’s saying we made a good deal. And the Steelers overpaid for the drop machine.
  3. The red on blues looks pretty cool. It'll never happen, but that would be cool if they trotted those out once a year or so.
  4. Allen preseason? Does that mean Yes I want him to play or Yes I'd be ok if he didn't play?
  5. One of my bad case scenario would be the D slipping a little. Poyer an Hyde lose that 1/2 step being 30+ years of age. Tre White doesn't come straight back from injury in full form. LB depth haunts us, if Milano misses a game and Boogie/Roussou/ don't take the next step. Not that I think this will happen, it's just my worst case scenario for the defense.
  6. I've always thought they should be rocking the black helmets. Better than the bumper car silver.
  7. Just curious, who did you think Eric Wood was?
  8. Josh Allen has a very particular set of skills...
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