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  1. Pulled this off Facebook just now. I’m going to be at the tailgate on Sunday, and probably the get together at McNamara’s from 1pm-5pm on Saturday. Not sure about the other two events as I’ll be traveling with my kid and I don’t think they allow minors to those places. Anyone heading to Nashville, check out the events planned for #BillsMafia! October 5th - Nashville Bills Backers Buffalo Bills Pre-Game Happy Hour @ McNamara's Irish Pub & Restaurant (1pm - 5pm) Tents, Outdoor Bars, Labatt Blue Light, Sahlen Hot Dogs, Beef on Weck, Memorable Bills Highlights on the Big Screen. October 5th - Music City Mafia @ Tin Roof Broadway (2pm - 5pm) $75.00 per ticket. Live music, open bar and giveaways throughout the day. Must purchase ticket prior to event to attend. October 5th - Nashville Bills Backers Rooftop Happy Hour & Sabres Watch Party @ Winner Bar and Grill (6pm - 10pm) Winners will be showing the Buffalo Sabres home opener against the NJ Devils on the big screen. Labatt bucket beer and wing specials. October 6th - Bills Backers Tailgate Party The game kicks off at noon which means we get started at 9am. Tents will be set up and we will be within walking distance of Nissan Stadium. $50 per ticket, ALL FOOD AND DRINK ARE INCLUDED IN YOUR PURCHASE OF A TICKET TO THE TAILGATE!
  2. I wish the Texans would just go ahead and trade him ANYWHERE so I can quit getting my hopes up.
  3. Lol nah. Here is a link to the tailgate party’s Facebook page for those who have Facebook. https://m.facebook.com/events/367594050777191
  4. Yeah well I bought the tickets a long time ago, so those numbers no doubt changed since then. This is where I bought them thetailgatetn.com Got the link directly from the Nashville Bills Backers Facebook page.
  5. Same here. I first thought about setting up tailgate but the tailgating policies around the stadium lots seem kinda ridiculous. I was looking at google maps at all the lots and they don’t have much grassy area at all anywhere. So yeah that’s why I went ahead and decided to go with the Nashville Backers tailgate. They said they sold over a hundred tickets so far, so it should be a good time.
  6. I bought tickets for it and a parking pass close to it in Lot E. As of now that’s what I am probably going to do unless another idea blows me away.
  7. All coming from New Orleans area? My son and I are driving up that Friday.
  8. 3 I’ll be at the Titans game this year. Probably not make one next year because I’ll have a newborn in the house, but the Bills are coming to New Orleans in 2021.
  9. December 27, 1998 at New Orleans. I grew up a Bills fan down here, but this was my first chance to actually get to a game. 18 years old, just got my drivers license just in time for the Bills to come to my home state. I remember meeting and hanging out with many Bills fans before the game. Growing up I was surrounded by Cowboys, Niners, and Oilers fans. Saints fans didn’t really exist because they were a punchline at the time. It was my first time actually meeting other Bills fans besides myself and I remember being amazed that so many people loved and knew so much about the Bills like I did. Even though it was the last game of the season and the Bills played their starters only the first half because their playoff position was already locked in, I still had a blast and the Bills won too. I also got to meet Eric Moulds before the game as I had seats right behind the Bills bench. Another thing I remember is that how much in awe I was by how huge these guys are in person.
  10. No he’s not. LSU is absolutely loaded this year, and we finally have a competent QB with Burrow.This team is loaded like our 2012 team that went 13-0 before crapping the bed against Bama in the championship. I saw someone mentioned our schedule being brutal, but it’s nothing we haven’t seen before. The key game to our playoff run is week 2 at Texas. Outside of Alabama and Texas, our next 3 toughest games are at home. win against Texas, there’s a very good chance we are unbeaten when we go to Alabama. And even with a loss to Alabama, an 11-1 LSU team will still likely make the playoff. But if we lose to Texas, Alabama becomes a must win in order to get in IMO.
  11. Should have traded us Clowney for a 4th before getting the axe.
  12. Hopefully he will be a find like Jordan Phillips was. I like that he’s refocused.
  13. Thanks for the follow man! Yeah I had a pretty good conversation with Captain Buffalo in PM after those messages. We’re both pretty pumped up for the Nashville trip. I’m definitely going to setup tailgate, just not sure where yet. The lot I’ve been looking at is the Main Event parking Lot. I had an email conversation with the owner of the lot and this lot seems to be far more lenient than the regular lots around the stadium as far as tailgating goes. I don’t want to commit on a pass until I know where everyone else is going though. you can check out the lot at maineventparking.com
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