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  1. CajunBillsBacker

    McBeane's Moves Now Are For 2020 Success

    Anything can happen, and it’s going to mostly come down to how big of a step Josh Allen makes from year one to year two. The biggest key to this offseason is getting as much help as possible for Josh Allen to make that step.
  2. CajunBillsBacker

    T.J. Hockenson

    He will go top 15. All those “trade down and get him” folks are playing with fire if he truly is the target. If you want him you have to take him at 9 because the 12-20 range becomes a crapshoot.
  3. CajunBillsBacker

    What do you want to see this offseason: DRAFT

    This draft will be fun to watch because we have no idea where the Bills will go. Last year from the time Beane said you need a franchise QB, to the trading of Glenn and Tyrod to pick up extra picks, everyone knew the Bills were going after a QB.
  4. AJ Brown is not immediately next to DK, but he’s the one with the gold chain. I don’t know how people are sleeping on AJ Brown. He was way more productive than Metcalf in college. He reminds me of Jarvis Landry.
  5. CajunBillsBacker

    What do you want to see this offseason: DRAFT

    DK Metcalf Update....
  6. CajunBillsBacker

    Kyler Murray officially chooses Football over Baseball

    His name itself will sell tickets to whoever drafts him, so someone will take him earlier than he should. The Jaguars and their empty stadium desperately needs a namesake like him.
  7. CajunBillsBacker

    What do you want to see this offseason: DRAFT

    QB: None, but if we had to pick one late or as an UDFA, Eric Dungey. I think he can be like a Taysom Hill type player. RB: Josh Jacobs and Trayveon Williams stick out to me the most. WR: So many, hope we get at least two of these. Metcalf, Hollywood Brown, AJ Brown, Hakeem Butler, Nkeal Harry, Deebo, Andy Isabella, and more. There’s no Julio Jones in this class, but WR seems stacked this year for rounds 2-4. TE: Hock, Fant, or late round/UDFA Foster Moreau or Isaac Nauta. OL: hopefully we can address the line in free agency, but if not, Jonah Williams is at the top of my list. Also like Dalton Risner. Defense I don’t really care as I feel we will still have a top defense regardless. Just need to fill a couple holes in depth. Hopefully a free agency move.
  8. CajunBillsBacker

    TE Thoughts

    If we address the offensive line in free agency, I’d be perfectly content with taking Hockenson at 9 to be honest. Will be considered a reach, but there’s almost zero chance he will be there with our second pick. I think Josh Allen would benefit more with a TE like Hock than a WR in round one. Plus I believe there’s very good value at the WR position in rounds 2-4.
  9. CajunBillsBacker

    Tremaine Edmunds' Rookie Year

    Like the last 3-4 plays in that video is what I want to see a lot more of next year. One play he torpedos through the hole to stop the RB. Another play he comes off the edge and destroys the RB to get to the QB.
  10. If he can fill that big red zone target role that would be big. One that uses his hands well and can win contested battles. Everything I’ve seen of him so far gives me hope. In the draft we need to get a couple of these position receivers and TE’s. I’m looking at Marquise Brown, AJ Brown, and Andy Isabella closely.
  11. CajunBillsBacker

    Florida DB Chauncey Gardner changes name...

    Yes, after I posted I went check to see exactly how long ago. I still remember meeting him at the spring game his freshman year. Time flies.
  12. CajunBillsBacker

    Florida DB Chauncey Gardner changes name...

    True story, LSU signed a talented DB out of Miami, Florida by the name of Patrick Johnson a few years ago. He changed his name after arriving at LSU, you now know him as Patrick Peterson.
  13. CajunBillsBacker

    New Coaches Hired - QB, WR

    Dorsey is a decent hire, not sure about Chad Hall as WR’s coach though. Another youngster.
  14. Lifetime supply of wings and beer