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  1. This one from NFL.com is clearly the worst Mock I saw so far. Has the Bills taking a guard, because according to the writer, Spain and Feliciano were “less than stellar”.
  2. If he would agree to a new 4 or 5 year contract, absolutely. He’s young and just entering his prime, and he’s a proven receiver. if you draft a receiver at 22, there’s a chance he could be as good as Golladay, or there’s a chance he could be another Corey Coleman or Kevin White. Always take the surest thing. Golladay, Brown, and Beasley would be a fantastic trio.
  3. My wife and I had this discussion during the Super Bowl this past Sunday. I told her if the Bills make it, I’m watching alone. She basically cut me off and said believe her that she knows not to be anywhere near the house if that happens. I can watch alone, and get my crying out whether we win or lose, then return after.
  4. Man I was hoping LSU would get him, so much so that I almost showed up at his commitment announcement wearing LSU gear, but LSU didn’t really seem interested until late. I did watch a lot of him at Hahnville, but Almost completely forgot about him at Kansas. Looks like he’s been tearing it up there though.
  5. I’ll look for you! As of now I plan on leaving my house around 5am and getting there around 11am.
  6. Still a ton of tickets from resellers trying to make a buck. I’m assuming a lot of those came from fans of other teams who had a chance to go to Houston.
  7. See you there! I’m driving solo so I got an aisle seat in 635.
  8. As a fan of an SEC team, Thank God! We’re pretty sick of Gary Danielson, and we’re pretty sick of Verne Lundquist before he left. Everything that comes out of their mouth is Alabama Alabama Alabama, even when Alabama isn’t even playing. Also they take twice as many commercial breaks as other networks. It kills the game’s momentum every time. The game last’s 4 1/2 hours on CBS. Sorry, but we hate CBS 3:30 games with a passion.
  9. Wait until after the Chiefs game against the Bears tonight. If they win that one, you can lock it in. They aren’t losing at home vs the Chargers.
  10. That would be robbery at 176, but as much as I’d love to have him, we already have a similar skill set in Singletary. I’d love the Bills to be all in on Jonathan Taylor. That kid would compliment Singletary so well.
  11. Houston is a short 5 hours from me so I’ll definitely be there if the Bills are there. I booked a hotel about a week ago and bought a ticket to the game yesterday. I’d be more than happy to cancel if the Bills somehow win the division, but otherwise I’m ready for Houston.
  12. I’ve only been to one Bills home game, and besides the crappy PA system, the train horn was easily the most annoying thing I encountered there. I think they should replace it with the rumble sound of a Buffalo stampede.
  13. He will be a head coach next season somewhere.
  14. Would love for it to be permanent. It looks great.
  15. My gut feeling is this one turns out a lot like the Bills/Vikings game last year. Hope I’m right.
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