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  1. That’s the price of difference makers these days. The Bills would never trade like that and the results show. I would have given up 3 1sts for Khalil Mack back then in a heart beat.
  2. I’d like to see the NFL adopt the replay system like the AAF had where you can actually see and hear the replay official talking their way through watching the replay. That’ll eliminate a lot of the conspiracies so we can see exactly what they are looking at.
  3. Yes, exactly? That picture is pointing out that the ball traveled slightly backwards. Which is exactly what I said. What’s your point?
  4. Blaming that loss on that play is as bad as Saints fans blaming the loss to the Rams on no pass interference. So many blown opportunities to put the game away that it shouldn’t have come down to a judgement call. btw, I think it was ever so slightly backwards. It took years for me to come to that realization and acceptance.
  5. I have about 3 or 4 of his songs on my playlist that I enjoy. I went to his concert a little over a year ago and wore a Bills hat and didn’t think about the connection until the day after. Got a little laugh out of it because I knew how sacrilegious that is to some folks.
  6. There’s a Sabres watch party at Winners bar. yes, I enjoyed it a lot. I got it in hot flavor, but I felt like I could have went up another level.
  7. Safe travels to those who are still trying to get here.
  8. 1 1/2 hours away from Nashville! GPS is set to take me straight to Hattie B’s to see what the fuss is about. Can’t check into the hotel until 4pm so I’ll have a little time to kill.
  9. Andy Reid is one of the best in history at coaching up QB’s. He rarely touches a QB that doesn’t turn to gold. Before Josh Allen was drafted it was said that he could benefit from having a great QB coach like Reid.
  10. I think the Pinto stays parked in Hammers Lot and is stored there during the off-season also. Don’t think it’s drivable anymore.
  11. That’s outstanding scouting to go into the film room to scout a guy who had only 39 receptions for 605 yards and 0 TD’s his whole college career and conclude that he’s worth a day 2 pick.
  12. Anyone else traveling with minors? My 13 year old son is coming with me so my options are limited on what we can do on Saturday night. Was going to do the hockey game but they are too proud of their hockey ticket prices. I’m thinking about going to TopGolf or something. My wife suggested maybe doing an escape room. Not sure yet.
  13. From what I read, you can’t use generators and you can’t even throw a football. Basically have to limit your space to behind your car, and some lots you can’t setup a canopy.
  14. Before I opted for the Bills Backers party, I was going to setup in this lot called the Main Event lot. I had talked to the owner by phone and they are pretty lenient with their tailgating rules. A lot more so than the regular parking pass lots. They have a website. http://maineventparking.com/
  15. Nashville Bills Backers announced on Twitter their tailgate party has officially sold out at over 1200 tickets sold.
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