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  1. A couple options I like are still there... DK Metcalf, didn’t like him at 9, but we’re right around his value area now. AJ Brown, my top receiver in the draft Deebo Samuel Dalton Risner Jawaan Taylor, why is he still there?
  2. Would definitely take Calvin Ridley. He’s a #1 receiver in the making.
  3. I don’t know who the Bills will pick in round one, but I do know they aren’t going WR. So I’ll go WR in round 2 and say Deebo Samuel. Then in round 4 or 5, I know my guy TE Foster Moreau is a process type of a guy at a needed position, so I think there’s a chance we draft him. Deebo Samuel Foster Moreau
  4. If we are definitely going DT, I’m all for giving up next years 1st to move up and get Quinnen Williams, but if not, Wilkins is a solid backup plan.
  5. For only like 3 plays. https://www.cbssports.com/nfl/draft/news/nfl-draft-2019-inside-the-battle-between-clemsons-clelin-ferrell-alabamas-jonah-williams/
  6. Before free agency, Jonah Williams was at the top of my board(assuming Q Williams, Josh Allen, Bosa, and Devin White were gone). I’ve been quoted here and on Twitter as saying the Bills should run to the podium if Jonah is available. Now after free agency, while I’d still be extremely happy with Jonah, I think DL has a glaring hole and I would like the Bills to do what it takes to get Q. Williams or Ed Oliver, or if they take Jonah Williams, trade back up for Christian Wilkins. I can’t wait until Thursday to see how this plays out.
  7. I feel like something is going to happen tomorrow because the Seahawks need that cap room to give Russell Wilson what he wants. I hope it’s the Bills!
  8. My biggest concern with DK is going to be cramps and minor injuries like tweaked hamstrings. If he can stay off the injury report or show that he can play through some minor things, then he’s going to be fine. Great receivers don’t become great by doing everything great. They become great by doing what they do great at an elite level. Randy Moss wasn’t a great route runner but he was dominant at what he can do. Jerry Rice wasn’t a burner, but he dominated his routes.
  9. Met Coy Wire at the LSU/Georgia game. He was there reporting with CNN on tailgating I believe. Talked to him about 10 minutes about his time in Buffalo. Extremely nice guy.
  10. The biggest impact player there is Devin White.
  11. Glad to see Rashan Gary rated appropriately. All those mocks giving him to the Bills at 9 is nonsense.
  12. It’s no biggie, I know we have a stereotype, and The Waterboy did us no favors. Lol
  13. Hey, watch it now! I can put down some crawfish. Boiling a sack this weekend.
  14. I don’t know how anyone would be upset with taking him at 9. He’s the best player at a position of need. He’s projected to go in the 6-15 range so it definitely wouldn’t be a reach.
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