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  1. CajunBillsBacker

    Why I gave up on the process

    To understand the process of building the team and what they are doing, you have to have vision further than your hand in front of your face. Making the playoffs last season was a blessing, but also a curse because too many fans thought the process was done and the rest was gravy. Do you know the Bills have nearly 90 million in cap space this offseason, and around 130 million cap space in 2020? Beane has done an outstanding job at cleaning house instead of just slapping bandaids on like past regimes tried to do. He went out and got a QB who is looking for part more and more every week because he knows you can’t win long term without a QB. We are 4-8 and have the top overall defense in the NFL, that should tell you something. Now to build the offense and sure up some key players long term.
  2. CajunBillsBacker

    Off topic here Gary Danielson

    Welcome to SEC football, it’s all Alabama all the time. Even if Alabama is not playing he will mention Alabama a minimum 10 times during the broadcast. Even my wife who doesn’t even watch football has noticed the same thing with the CBS crew and asked me about it just by passing through the living room when I’m watching.
  3. CajunBillsBacker

    Week 14: Jets Game Preparation - Inactives Announced

    My first Bills home game! Going to be a long week waiting to get on the plane Friday morning.
  4. Yay, Baltimore and Atlanta in my area! Switching to Directv and getting Sunday Ticket was one of my better decisions in life.
  5. CajunBillsBacker

    Bills Release P Colton Schmidt

    Damn, and he was just on Facebook this morning revealing his charity cleats he was going to wear for the Jets game.
  6. Predraft I had them Mayfield, Allen, Rosen, then Darnold. Too many people didn’t take it serious enough when it was brought up that Allen had absolutely no one to play with at Wyoming. You can’t develop a QB when your line and receivers are that bad. Unfortunately he’s had to deal with a lot of that in the early part of the season with the Bills. I was never a fan of Darnold and would have been upset if we had ended up with him. When the Jets took him, they cheered, and I smiled. He is a turnover machine. He was in college, and he is a turnover waiting to happen in the NFL. Nothing will change with this guy.
  7. CajunBillsBacker

    Vontae Davis Makes Light of Quitting on the Bills in FanDuel Ad

    I watched about half of the video.
  8. CajunBillsBacker

    Friend wants to go to a home game..... I ask why?

    You’re like my spirit animal. I’m flying up from Louisiana for the same game and same exact reasons except #3. I’m as fired up as ever to go to a home game regardless of how bad we are now.
  9. CajunBillsBacker

    Darnold likely out Sunday

    So Allen vs Darnold pt 1 will be in Buffalo in a month?
  10. CajunBillsBacker

    Does anybody care about Alabama games?

    Any of you Bills/Bama fans making their way to LSU next week? If so, there’s an open invitation to my tailgate.
  11. CajunBillsBacker

    Who hates the 10 minute OT?

    There should be no room for ties in professional sports. I don’t want to spend hundreds to go to a game that they are ok with ending in a tie. adopt the college football OT format or just play until there’s a winner.
  12. CajunBillsBacker

    Will tonight’s game delay Darnold’s HOF ceremony?

    Darnold was a turnover machine at USC, and it continues in the NFL. They can praise and scream potential all they want. Get back at me about that potential in 3 years. Dude will be an all time bust.
  13. CajunBillsBacker

    Would you draft Oliver or Bosa?

    Tired of seeing Josh Allen running for his life. I want a trade down and stock up on O-line and WR.
  14. Since we’re judging Allen so aggressively after his first ever start. Sam Darnold threw 2 INT’s today also, including a pick six last week. Where was he in your predraft rankings?
  15. CajunBillsBacker

    Did Vontae Davis retire at halftime? Yes, yes he did!

    What a punk ass. The part that aggravates me the most is while trying to read up on this, all I see are comments on twitter and such saying things like “well he played for the Bills, I’d quit too.” So now a large portion of the media and other fans are treating it as the Bills performance made him quit, when in reality Davis has been bad since he arrived in Buffalo. But you’ve got to finish the game at least and walk away with some dignity. Instead you tucked your tail between your legs like a B word and quit on your teammates.