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  1. Trent Richardson in 4 years rushing 2033 yards 3.3 avg 17 TD receiving 112 for 913 yards and 2 TD Leonard Fournette in 3 years rushing 2631 yards 4.0 avg 17 TD receiving 134 for 1009 yards and 2 TD Not really that close
  2. Holding out hope that Jonathan Taylor is there, or Beane decides to go get him. But I’d definitely be good with Clyde Edwards Helaire or Cam Akers.
  3. So let’s draft a guy and hope he’s as good as Diggs was the better option here?
  4. Have a camera and podium at all 32 locations. ESPN can do their studio thing and show highlights and then go live at each war room when they are picking. ”Let’s go live to Buffalo, where Bills GM Brandon Beane is set to announce who the Buffalo Bills select at 22.”
  5. Nope, those would be my choices also. We need a Whataburger in the Nola/Metairie area.
  6. Beane will target a player in round one and will trade into the teens to get him. He won’t wait until 22 to see what’s available. Kinda like he did for Edmunds.
  7. This guy has it figured out. Josh Allen is at his best throwing lasers in the 10-20 yard range. A deep threat WR won’t fix Josh’s deep ball accuracy as much as some want to believe. Josh would be best served having a couple receivers who can find space in the intermediate range and make a contested catch. That’s what Jefferson does best.
  8. Jefferson can play both outside and the slot. The reason he played in the slot a lot last year is because you had the best WR in the country in Ja’marr Chase on one side, and Terrace Marshall on the other. Marshall is a 6’5 receiver who is not nearly as shifty and versatile as Jefferson, so you couldn’t put Marshall in the slot.
  9. If this isn’t evident that you can mention any player in the world and there will still be people who will say they don’t want him, then I don’t know what is. He’s one of those very few players that is worth two firsts btw.
  10. Taylor remains as my RB1 and I’d be thrilled if they took him at 22, but I value running backs more than a lot of people do.
  11. Jett ran a 4.44. Nice first run!
  12. If CEH is there in the 3rd and the Bills get him, I’m personally offering to pay for his flight to Buffalo. A little fact y’all might not know, In 2018, CEH and a friend of his from high school went to sell a PlayStation to a guy who ended up pulling a gun on CEH and his friend and tried to rob them. Either CEH or the friend pulled a gun himself and shot the robber and killed him in self defense. They never openly said who the shooter was but a lot of speculation that it was CEH because he has a concealed carry license and his Dad, a police officer had trained him in those situations.
  13. This one from NFL.com is clearly the worst Mock I saw so far. Has the Bills taking a guard, because according to the writer, Spain and Feliciano were “less than stellar”.
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