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  1. Yeah, before the playoff game I heard/read McD say they were basically gonna copy/paste the same game plan, and knew we were toast after hearing that.
  2. The one with the nickname. No nickname disqualifies from consideration🤣
  3. Lower your expectations. Enjoy a winning season. They are not Super Bowl caliber as currently constructed. KC and Cinci have proven that. So what they got 13 wins? They have come up short against the big dogs when it matters most. They have regressed and moved down in the AFC pecking order. But at least these are not drought years.
  4. something about those who don't learn from history being doomed to repeat it😅
  5. Something about doing the same thing but expecting a different result😅
  6. you don't say? There's a slight distinction though with the running it back approach.
  7. gotta disagree here. Opponents routinely say they are basic and rely on execution. Anyway, running it back is unacceptable, but if Terry isn't holding their feet to the fire then it sounds like that's exactly what's gonna happen.
  8. He needs a Von on the other side, otherwise we get what we saw today
  9. Frazier should’ve been gone after 13 seconds, a year too late and it cost us today
  10. Vons gonna be 34 and recovering from ACL while eating up massive cap space. Yeah, he was good, but the reward didn't pay off the risk.
  11. Amazing, at the beginning of the season praise was being heaped by pundits for having the most complete roster, to this.
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