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  1. Is Schopp even at these practice sessions? From what I've read it's been mostly positive on Keon.
  2. He's the inspiration behind that thought🤣 Too fun
  3. Yes, but how much money would the kids at the mall have had left?
  4. Last time someone asked the board to do their homework for them the board imploded with an all time epic thread😄
  5. He’s currently 20th on the teams career rushing leaders, so I’d just say it’s a little premature for this type of question.
  6. Yes. On today’s minicamp report Sal misspelled some names, which subsequently set the board on fire over the relative importance and impact this faux pas will have on the team. Good stuff😂
  7. Stef was EXCUSED for a family matter? This place is hilarious.
  8. Guess I'll have to catch the Panthers game when they air the delayed broadcast at 3am😀
  9. I just assumed 13 seconds was burned into all of our collective souls🤣
  10. The Bills need someone else to knock out the Chiefs in the playoffs before we would see them. That is the way in the McD era.
  11. Sure, him and Phillips can shotgun a beer to settle their beef.
  12. Asked to reset password and then brought me to NYT page.
  13. Davis wasn't coming back for $1M🤣, which is the point.
  14. Go Red Raiders! And RIP AJ.
  15. Me too. I paid the extra $10 for the Red Zone.
  16. What was it? I haven't looked through all the multitude of threads, so genuinely curious as I had not heard this. Not that it matters😉
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