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  1. Not good when the DB's are making all the tackles.
  2. We should be starting Fred, with Beast coming off the bench.
  3. Something to do with this I suppose. http://forums.twobillsdrive.com/index.php?...t&p=1609122
  4. Yes, I'm always happy when we win. I just didn't see yesterday being "exciting as hell." That's like saying I was "mildly disappointed" with the Miami loss.
  5. Wow. Too many years of Jauron has you playing down to the level of your opponent. Talk about lowering your expectations. Oh, and having the opposing team gut you for 318 yards rushing is never "exciting as hell" in my book.
  6. And yet Jauron was content yet again to set up for a 50 yarder at the end of regulation
  7. They'll just trade out of the top 10 anyways, and get fleeced doing it while they're at it. So, no, keeping Jauron isn't costing Ralph more money in that respect.
  8. I think it's $3M for the next 2 years, but the point is still valid.
  9. Love it! Let's also not forget Brad. This place is assembling a nice group of media talent. Soon all of the press members covering the team will want to be in this "club."
  10. Yep. 500 rushing yards given up in 2 games = Not For Long!
  11. I flew back with Mo and Kita on my flight (sitting next to me actually) after the New Orleans game
  12. They can't - according to the article, Berchtold or one of his cronies cut off the conversation and hurriedly rushed RW away. Standard procedure for them.
  13. I could very well be wrong, but I just can't imagine Jim Kelly cracking up after a game like that against the Dolphins. He and his teammates hated to lose too much for that.
  14. That was some fine coverage by Ellison on Henne's 1st NFL TD. I liked how he let the guy run right by him. I especially like when they've been burned how they immediately look around at the nearest defender to pass the blame. Not the first time I've seen that this season. That's one tightly coached group of guys out there.
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