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  1. Who knows. I think guys are going to have to play through being hurt. If they're just banged up they're going to have to find a way to play.
  2. Not gonna lie, this gave me goosebumps. GO BILLS!!
  3. Dudes are sooo weird. If you're an adult, go to a signing event or just wait. This is getting out of hand. I feel like getting autographs at training camp are for the kids.
  4. Yeah I like those all white throwbacks as well. Yeah I just never want to see the blue pants with blue socks and white tops lol
  5. The Bills current helmets are the best helmets this franchise has ever had. Especially when the went with the white facemasks last year.
  6. Yeah, I think you're right. Sometime around the end of July first week of August.
  7. The raiders had so many terrible off the field issues last season, Kaepernick wouldn't even come close to being that kind of distraction. And they also had a player come out and say that he was openly gay. I think they'll be fine, they handled everything that was thrown at them really well.
  8. Also from years 5 through 10 Bobby Wagner has been to the pro bowl every year and has been an All-Pro every year except last year. Not saying he's the same caliber or player. But the similarities are worth noting.
  9. Fair enough. So we could all probably admit that Bobby Wagner has been the best MLB for the better part of the last 5 years, maybe longer. Bobby Wagner's first four seasons in the NFL he had 478 tackles, 9.5 sacks and 5 interceptions. All while playing with the "Legion of Boom". Tremaine Edmunds first four seasons he has 463 tackles, 5.5 sacks and 4 interceptions. I'm just saying I don't think he's as tradeable as a lot of us think.
  10. Thanks for your input and insight I appreciate it. Yeah there's not too much bashing on this thread but it's a pretty common reoccurring theme on here and other platforms as well. I get it, he has things to work on. Every NFL player has things to work on, especially a 23yr old MLB. I think he'll actually put it all together this year and be more decisive and play more downhill. Often nowadays, it seems as though we all expect players to come in and be stars in years 1 and 2. Some do and some take a few years. He's so young and he's been starting since he was 19yrs old. He's still 2 years younger than Joe Burrow.
  11. What is the infatuation with trading Tremaine Edmunds? I don't understand the constant bashing of him as if he's the worst LB in the NFL. Can someone explain to me why they think he's so awful.
  12. Crazy I was watching the show a little over an hour ago and was thinking the same thing. The show is way better without Kay Adams.
  13. Thank you! Very curious to see the exact details.
  14. Right, what I was kind of referring to is that with the Bills looking into Gilmore who wears 24 maybe something is in the works there.
  15. For whatever it means or implies...apparently Taron Johnson changed his number to 7? Not sure of the validity of this as I haven't seen or heard anything about it anywhere else. Just thought I'd share. Go Bills! Buffalo Fanatics on Twitter: "New Taron Johnson number 7 jersey 🥶 single digit for the #Bills slot corner this season 🥶 https://t.co/BuxIuiKp8b" / Twitter
  16. I really like Jahan Dotson. I really think he'd fit the Bills offense perfectly.
  17. That's true it might not work, very understandable. But what they've been doing for the past 20 something years isn't working and it's actually just getting worse. I guess the main idea is that they have to somehow make diversity appealing to them in a competitively advantageous way. More wins equal more money, that's more than likely the only way get through to billionaires.
  18. Personally I don't think any rule should be in place forcing clubs to institute any kind of hiring. What I think needs to happen is that the owners should have to attend classes on why diversity in coaching provides a competitive advantage. Although were are all the same, we still have differences in how we process information and how we view and see the game. Forcing the owners to hire people just based on color/sex/race isn't appealing to them. And obviously I don't know any of the owners personally haha but rather just going off of the history of hiring's and the current situation. I just think the NFL needs to let owners know how it can be competitively advantageous rather than penalizing or awarding mid/late round picks.
  19. As a black man, these kind of rules make a mockery of black people/people of color candidates. I understand what the NFL is trying to do and that is to "Save face". The problem is that they keep trying to make the NFL more diverse from the coaching level up. It doesn't work that way and it hasn't worked that way. I personally think that the owners need to hire more diverse candidates at the higher executive level (Director of PPP, VP, Presidents, Director of college scouting, Senior VP of player personnel/development). Then just let the diversity naturally trickle down to the coaching level. Idk it's just kind of counter intuitive. It creates this narrative that people of color or women are only hired because of a forced rule rather than them just being qualified for the job.
  20. Thank you all for your time and input. I really appreciate you all!
  21. Thank you! I think this might be the hit, I thought it was another one but thank you!! That's the game I thought it was. It was a vicious hit.
  22. Good morning, I've been searching for a few years for a video/clip of a hit on Chand Ocho Cinco from Donte Whitner. I cannot find it anywhere and was hoping someone on here might be able to find it? The game was in Cincinnati in probably 2009? Thanks!! GO BILLS!!
  23. Did the Dolphins get better this offseason? Yes. Did the Bills get better this offseason? Yes. It is what it is honestly. I remember the Bills having star receivers and good lineman and running backs over the years and it never amounting to much. Having good players is only part of what you need to have a good football team. When I look at the Dolphins all I see is some good players. It reminds me a lot of the Redskins 2001 or 2015 Bills. Lot's of big names, average QB's minimal playoff appearances. The Bills have a top 3 front office, top 3 coaching staff, probably the best facilities in the NFL. There's just a lot of unproven things with the Dolphins at this point.
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