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  1. If Allen is good, then 10 wins. If he's not, 7 wins. No pressure Josh.
  2. stony

    Cj Anderson is available beano get ur done

    Too young and fast. And durable.
  3. stony


    And let's not forget the howitzer of an arm.
  4. Yeah, I agree. He's not someone who'll show up in the news for his visits Orchids of Asia.
  5. Poor Saquon. 352 touches in his rookie season. Probably close to 400 the next two years.
  6. stony

    Woodstock 50

    They weren't stopping for the ribs?
  7. Allen played in 12 games and Mahomes played in 1.
  8. stony

    Summer 2019 Concerts/Shows

    +1. He's unbelievable.
  9. stony

    Burfict to Raiders

    Mayock called Burfict "not draftable" when he came out. Looks like Chucky calls the shots in Oakland.
  10. stony

    What do we do in the first round? (Options in Poll)

    RB is devalued because offensive success is predicated upon a successful passing attack. Plus, they're super cheap and easy to find relative to other positions. I would be very upset with his scenario.
  11. stony

    Are you embarrassed to wear Bills gear?

    Not a big jersey guy. But hats, tees, etc sure. I have a really nice Nike Bills half-zip I wear year round.
  12. stony

    Full Intelligent Breakdown of DK Metcalf

    Not a huge fan. Hope the team steers clear. Plenty of D talent up top that'll fall to us.
  13. Yeah, but it was freaking awesome when Jim asked Boomer to party.
  14. I think it's been so long we forget the most prominent ESPN NFL personality of the last 25 years used to accept invitations on-air to party at Jim's house after games.
  15. I'm sure if you email Peter the brand you're drinking, he could provide a quirky coffee anecdote. Or moan about the barista at Starbucks not putting enough foam on his latte.