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  1. I forgot about Edge of Tomorrow. Really enjoyable.
  2. Great cameo by Cruise. Iā€™d argue that the Mission Impossible movies have been really good that few years, too.
  3. Smart guy! Akorn makes a good Kamado usually wayyy cheaper than it's competitors. It's comparable to a Green Egg but I'm sure I'd get some push-back on that.
  4. I watched First Man last week. Thought it was very solid. Armstrong was badass. The moon landing sequence was rally well done.
  5. I grew up in a charcoal family. Higher heat, better sear. I think a Weber charcoal grill is amazing.
  6. I like every preparation described above. Summer I lean towards grill, winter time sees more cast iron. No right/wrong way, just don't cook it past medium. šŸ˜ Side note, I've hit a bit of a lucky run at Wegman's lately. I swear some guy in the processing facility is sticking to his manager or stoned off his rocker at work. Three times in the past 6 months or so I've gotten ~Prime in the Choice family packs. First time it was four strips for $24. This last time was from a 4-pack of filet I cut up to make a steak n' the grass sub. I almost feel guilty.
  7. He's actually good, too. I've heard him do a lot of radio hits over the past year or so and he's kind of a natural at it.
  8. Always tough to project a young player's future production when going from a protected situation to something like the Sabres. I'd argue his production would still go up. He'd see tougher minutes (but more minutes), but would presumably supplement any dropoff in 5 v 5 scoring by some PP time. I love a young kid with all 5 v 5 production.
  9. It would be an amazing deal for the Sabres. TB's beat writer for The Athletic said the Lightning would never do it, so I'm not too keen on the deal happening.
  10. I suppose it's good asset management by Morey. Even though his contract is ludicrous, RW is younger and better at this point than CP3. And when you factor in Paul's remaining term, RW is more valuable over the next couple of seasons. I just can't see him playing second fiddle to Harden.
  11. Well said. It also wouldn't surprise me if they flip Paul for more assets at this point. Presti has played a couple of bad hands just about as well as anyone could expect. Impressive. The NBA is so fun.
  12. Unseeded American took out the #1 seed earlier today. Coco vs Halep later today. Thank god for the women.
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