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  1. I think the FO brought in a bunch of maulers (outside of Morse) to protect Allen. I don't think mobility is their strength; hence, the reason why we suck at screen passes.
  2. Same here. They've done a good job getting some quality national guests.
  3. If I'm in the car and he's on, I don't turn the dial. A legitimately good listen.
  4. Do you add anything to your oatmeal? I tried doing the daily oatmeal thing but pretty sure I was adding too many toppings to be considered healthy.
  5. Was Kyle Brandt on today? I thought he does a weekly Tuesday hit, but didn't see any audio online. It's really the only time I try to listen because its tough to listen to Murph breathe through the mic for 2 hrs.
  6. It’s how I interpreted it as well. But wouldn't him not being able to pick an OC be a quasi vote of no confidence? I couldn’t see Beane doing that.
  7. I like this. I admittedly know little about him. But I’m intrigued.
  8. Yes, of course. But it would take 2 1st rounders and our coach just preached smart asset management, so I doubt it.
  9. Just use your imagination. It'll make more sense.
  10. Think back to the Jets game. We were lucky there. No today. Not going to blame the kicker today.
  11. My wife just now: "I've never seen such a Bills-Browns play."
  12. This game still has Browns choke all over it.
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