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  1. He'd come if the $ is ok and he likes the project. Can't see Buffalo as a great "prove it" stop with a young RB already on the roster looking to increase his usage.
  2. Reported by multiple outlets. No confirmed price. The Ringer does some really good work and have had some nice Bills/Allen-centric stuff this past season. But it's their podcast network, which Simmons has been at the forefront of, that made them an attractive asset. Hopefully the acquisition doesn't change the site too much. I'd assume their podcasts might become part of the Spotify subscription.
  3. IIRC, there’s a T-Bar beneath the summit chair that provides access to some open, above tree line terrain. It’ll give you a good idea of the main bowls one chair up. Have fun, best day of boarding in my life was at Breck. Awesome town, too.
  4. I mostly kid, just interesting he survived when the team signed two veterans in FA and drafted two more.
  5. Croom might have a minority ownership stake in the team one day. Wouldn't be surprised if he sticks around for another season.
  6. Kind of a nothing burger. Let’s develop our own. Hes old and slow.
  7. Was he a smoker, or was this non tobacco related? I know cancer is cancer, but I always feel worse when a non smoker gets lung cancer. One of my best friends mom just recently passed from it. Never smoked a day in her life.
  8. Saw The Gentlemen tonight. I like Guy Ritchie so I’m biased, but very solid. Enjoyable.
  9. We usually book things separately, but I know friends who've had decent luck with Groupon for multi-country Europe trips. They're pretty cheap but limit airport options, hotel choice etc.
  10. I like Murph on PxP, but he's horrible on radio. Who is this? Certainly not Ms. Glab.
  11. I think this thread happened four months ago.
  12. Favorite Kobe stories were his impact on the Lebron/Wade generation after playing with him on the Olympic teams. Christ, he even got MELO to play defense and rebound on those teams. His pregame routines and training methods had a big impact on the careers of some of the young guys. Wade might've had the best overall Olympics on the '08 team, but Kobe was the closer. The gold medal game vs Spain is still a decent rewatch.
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