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  1. Justice. I haven't had a decent night's sleep since he was snubbed.
  2. Fitz is raising a small army of children only surpassed by the US Military, the Chinese PLA and the Philip Rivers Brigade. I'd be surprised if he jumped into media after he retires.
  3. Kinda the same thing here with my wife but w/o quite as many air miles. God bless her, she's got every conceivable credit card to get rewards I never knew existed. We're (she) a Bonvoy couple and have been really happy. Six months of her normal work travel got us (her) enough points to book 5 nights in Barcelona and 3 nights in Mallorca last October. London was a consideration for next years trip so I'd be happy if this happened.
  4. Hahah, the 12 pack navigator will do that! And I agree, the aquarium is legit.
  5. Yeah, same here. I'll catch a footy game, cousin moved there so I'll visit, yada yada. It'll be fun.
  6. I'm not picking on ya, but how does one make a wrong turn on the way to DC and end up in downtown Baltimore? Did you get off the wrong exit and decide to wing it? Were you taking the back roads or scenic route? Apple maps? I'm a "map guy" and like talking directions. I'm just curious.
  7. At Javier's?? Either he's the most handsome SOB ever or they make some great guac...
  8. Stunning. He's the definition of a "football" player.
  9. If you want to run w the parents line here, fine. Dad and mom ran a restaurant and sporting goods store. Hardly 1% stuff.
  10. I hope Henry gets paid and I’m glad it’s not the Bills that will have to cough up the cash.
  11. Hickman and Coleman both look like dolts. Bad look for everybody.
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