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  1. bdutton

    Your Concert Experiences

    I did see the 'Queen' show with Adam Lambert and I liked it. They did a duet style with Freddie on screen and the guy who plays drums sang the part of David Bowie... Under Pressure. Really well done. Lambert was doing his best flamboyant style changing in and out of costumes after almost every song and has a good stage presence and voice. Brian May was good too... although he did this one solo instrumental song that was all astro-physical and weird. Other than that I had a good time.
  2. bdutton

    Have you ever coached a sport?

    I coach a Junior Rifle Team. Precision rifle (olympic style shooting) Air rifle/3 Position Smallbore rifle. I also assist with a 3 position junior sporter air rifle team.
  3. And not a single ***** was given.
  4. bdutton

    Christmas Movie All-Time Recommendations

    Die Hard Christmas Vacation White Christmas A Christmas Story Elf
  5. bdutton

    Generation X: Arcade Games You Kicked Ass At

    Joust. Once played for about 6 hours straight and racked up 8 million points before quitting with 23 extra players in reserve.
  6. To me its all about player development. If we win, great. You are building a winning mindset. If you don't win, you at least get vital experience for the younger players especially at QB/OL and DEF while having decent draft capital. Next year will be win or bust. We have lots of cap space to pay to bring in quality free agents at key areas of need. We are building around Allen so we need to see him develop and if possible win doing it.
  7. bdutton

    Postgame thread: Bills 24 Jags 21

    One of the reasons the hand-off to McKenzie worked so well is his height. He's 5'8". I was at the game and pointed him out to my wife saying..."Look at number 19... he's 5 foot nothing!". Nobody on the right side of the defense could see him moving behind the o-line and could not react quick enough to prevent him from getting to the edge on the scoring play. He's very quick too. Downfield blocking by the receivers on the play put both corners on their *****. Great play calling using his speed and size to deceive the defense. It's also very light at 173. Not someone you want as a regular running back. He's a good role player so I don't see him getting more than a few touches a game.
  8. bdutton

    Postgame thread: Bills 24 Jags 21

    Cool story... My wife and I are at the Bills Game on Sunday. Great seats... Section 111 row 15. 45 yard line 15 rows up on the Jags side of the field. Bills are up 14-0 on the Jags in the second quarter. Jags score a td to make it 14-7. Leanoard Fournette starts pumping his arms in the air towards us fans like "Hey... make some noise now?". Cocky? Yes... Arrogant... probably. Next possession, the Jags score to tie it up. 14-14. Fournette comes around again and starts his arm pumping thing again.... so I stand up and point at him and he sees me and stops. So then, I re-enact the scene from Guardians of the Galaxy where Chris Platt is getting a mug shot and pantomimes cranking an imaginary crank on his closed hand and... Lots of laughs from the fans around me. Fournette was kind enough to invite me to join him on the side line. I respectfully declined. Later, he got into a fist fight in the end zone in a play he wasn't even part of and got ejected. I like to think he was still fuming over the insult I offered him and lost it. I hope so.
  9. bdutton

    Jags @ Bills **Predict the Score**

    27-15 Bills. Bills don't allow a single touchdown but give up 5 fg's.
  10. bdutton

    Your Concert Experiences

    I was at that show. Got about 30 feet from the stage in front of Townsend. So packed that when somone 20 feet away moved I moved. When they sang Love Reign Over Me, it started to rain which was great because I was really hot (more from the croud density than the actual temp).
  11. bdutton

    Fallout 76 is out

    Probably had to be born in the 1980's to know about that game.