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  1. About the only team I think we should be ranked higher than at this time is Minnesota. They are a paper tiger IMO. The only 'quality' team they have beaten is Philadelphia and they squeaked past Dallas.
  2. https://bleacherreport.com/articles/2864698-nfl-power-rankings-week-13-post-thursday-night-football-standings-review They still list Buffalo as a second tier power: Some kind words for the big win in Dallas: <snip>
  3. Since this was on Thanksgiving, it qualifies as a Hangry Run.
  4. Best play of the game... converting a 4th down after a muffed snap.
  5. I ***** you not. My thanksgiving dinner thanks speech (pre-game) was thanks for Josh Allen, Shawn McDermott and the Bills!
  6. I caught that reference as well... I had to explain it to my wife who didn't make that connection either. This is a very good show but jumps back and fourth quite a lot this season. I thought it would flow better if they kept the threads followed per episode to a minimum. This show was also brought up in the netflix thread.
  7. I have a single cup Krups expresso machine that is the balls. Have to buy really good fine ground coffee from Tchibo for it too.
  8. Stone lied (process crimes for investigation triggered by FISA abuses) and got caught in that lie. If they know what they now know (the truth beneath the lie), why is there no conspiracy findings against the President? Because there was no conspiracy (beyond the known conspiracy against trump by Comey/Strok/Page/Ohr.... etc).
  9. Since Mueller failed to find any conspiracy with Russia... he must be in on it too right?
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