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  1. Zay Jones Arrested

    He was charged with a Felony. I believe that would be against the personal conduct policy of the NFL. I expect a minimum 1 game suspension.
  2. Zay Jones Arrested

    WTF... unhinged. Hopefully he was experimenting with some tainted drugs and is not normally that !@#$ed up.
  3. Casserly & The National Media Are Clueless

    There is a reason why Casserly is no longer a GM. He's an idiot.
  4. Ok you win.

  5. Donkey Kong Suh

    No. Not a character guy. McD got rid of the other low character/high skill players so I don't see him signing a guy with the track record of Suh no matter how good he may be.
  6. Walking Dead S7

    I am really starting to get bored with this show.
  7. Active shooter at Florida high school

    Need to look back farther than that. If you isolate the time frame you want, you can get just about any conclusion you are looking for.
  8. Hot for Assistant Principal

    So a 19 yo college freshman sleeps with her professor makes the professor a sex offender. Got it.
  9. Hot for Assistant Principal

    She had sex with an adult. Now she's being compared with/identified as a sex offender?
  10. Active shooter at Florida high school

    Look up Joel Myrick. A Teacher with a gun.
  11. Active shooter at Florida high school

    I'm starting to think that people who believe in the failed policies of the left are probably mentally ill.
  12. But how do you enforce a ban. It's a post fact crime. You cannot prevent the sales... only enforcing the crime of selling the gun IF you catch the buyer doing something illegal with the gun. In ALL states, its already illegal to sell to someone you know to be a prohibited person. So how does adding another layer of legal hoops to jump through make us safer?