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  1. No... what is un-american us using unverified dirty report funded by political opposition to get a FISA warrant to spy on a political campaign.
  2. I didn't read the entire thread but I will say this: 1. Thanksgiving game is big. 2. NE is beatable at home... we could go 4-1/5-0 (a bit optimistic I know) before the bye. 3. The final game against NYJ could have playoff implications for both teams. Some are predicting both teams to go 9-7 so that final home game could get bumped to Sunday night. Basically amounting to what is a playoff game. EDIT: Just read the flexible scheduling rules and only Sunday afternoon games can get moved to Sunday night. I think the Bills could benefit by getting moved to the Sunday afternoon slot.
  3. I would probably drop Directv if not for the Sunday Ticket. If it went to an online subscription service with live and replay availability (i.e. DVR) I would be all over that. That being said.... the Directv customer service has always be great.
  4. It was his property. What if it was guns (secured and locked for argument sake). What if the parents were anti gun liberals and decided to turn the guns into the police instead of returning them to him when he moved as they had already agreed to.
  5. The story implies that they had an agreement to move his property to his new place in Indiana.
  6. He was an adult at the time. He has a reasonable expectation that his property is his, regardless of his parent's inclinations.
  7. New Hampshire. No income tax. High property tax (which is a deductible). Children are too old to count as as dependents too.
  8. I think you missed my point. Despite giving the government as much as they were able to take out of my paycheck every two weeks, I had to pay more when I filed this year. Only I paid slight less than when I filed last year.
  9. I paid slightly less in taxes this year than I did last year... despite both me and my wife claiming single-0 withholding.
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