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  1. https://hoaxeye.com/2017/05/28/zbigniew-brzezinski-with-osama-bin-laden/ The other man is simply a member of Pakistani Army. More details about this and similar photos on 911Myths. How about the Tim Osman/Bin Laden conspiracy theory? Again: there is no evidence.
  2. It will be an open competition between Nate and AJ. Allen will sit and learn. Nate has the lead now due to experience with the terminology and playbook. If Nate has put in the time to understand defenses better and work on his mechanics he has an outside chance to unseat AJ as the starter (assuming AJ struggles to pick up a new playbook). Allen will not see the field in the regular season until week 8 at the earliest. Upside...we might have 3 starting capable QB's on the roster making at least 1 of them trade worthy which would bring future high draft picks.
  3. bdutton

    Trump foreign policy

    ...and the roads!
  4. Lamar Jackson will never be a pocket type passer. His wonderlic score was among the lowest of all the QB's drafted. He's a great athlete. Maybe they can find a role for him but it will not be as a starting QB.
  5. bdutton

    Trump foreign policy

  6. bdutton

    Trump foreign policy

    From Prof. Jacobson: https://legalinsurrection.com/2018/06/who-won-in-merkel-trump-g-7-photo-reader-poll/#more-251977 . Funny how choosing the right picture can completely change the narrative.
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    Favorite songs from the 80s

  8. bdutton

    RIP Ted Dabney - Creator of Pong

    Also the first ever gamer rage quit...
  9. Thanks Guys.... mods... feel free to lock this thread!
  10. bdutton

    Gibson guitars files for chapter 11 bankruptcy

    Epiphone makes great guitars at a fraction of the cost of a Gibson. I own a few and I love my Epi LP Ultra.