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  1. And Adam Schiff reminds me of greased up deaf guy.
  2. More people died in Epstein's jail cell than by the Iran missile attack yesterday.
  3. And Chris Cuomo will have to legally change his name to Chris *****. LOL... that got ****... rhymes with OhNo.
  4. What does the FISA abuse have to do with Iran?
  5. Yep... from very few, very rich, anti constitutional, gun grabbers.
  6. So you agree then that unlimited spending in politics is free speech as well. Good.
  7. I liked season 4. I stuck with Expanse through the SyFy years because of a dearth of reasonably god SciFi shows out there. Except for the sounds of engines running in space on the outside shots, it was well made. Also, I kind of liked the last season of Lost in Space.
  8. The "Chicago Way"... put one of ours in the hospital, we put one of theirs in the morgue.
  9. This is a major escalation. Not sure I agree with it. I need more information on who this guy was and just how much he personally had to do with the deaths of Americans.
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