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  1. I already had plans to watch reruns of Seinfeld that night. Too bad.
  2. I am all set with guns and ammo for the foreseeable future. I learned my lesson when Obama got elected. I have a modest selection of rifles and pistols and an ammo and reloading stock pile that would make most ATF agents get nervous.
  3. 9 1/2 weeks Fatal Attraction Basic instinct
  4. I can't be the only one to think that is a Babylon Bee piece.
  5. Yep and it will backfire like every other stupid hair brained scheme like the steel dossier, fisa abuse, entrapment of the trump campaign associates and the attempted coup (impeachment). Trump is for all intents and purposes a war time president. No way the Dems can win in November especially with a dementia riddled Biden as the DNC heir apparent.
  6. But.... but what about the Airline greenhouse emissions! Think of the children!
  7. Why attach this to a stimulus package in March when the election is in November and its very likely that life will be back to normal. This is nothing more than a dem power grab.
  8. Yes... lets make sure we pass a bill that has corporate board diversity requirements in it so that the working man can get much needed relief. Good Grief do you even read the ***** you are peddling???
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