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  1. bdutton

    Stainless steel straws.

    I went on WGR's site and went to contact us and let them know that I can't stand this ad and turn the radio off every time I hear it.
  2. bdutton

    Caption These: Josh Allen

    Hello. Can I interest you in an legally inflated official NFL football ?
  3. bdutton

    Allen is a budding superstar

    Please... don't ever do that again. Carry on... I honestly believe that number 17 will be retired to the ring of fame in 20 years in the new stadium that "Josh built". I also believe the combination of Allen and McDermot will equal division domination equal to the Bellichek era.
  4. bdutton

    Stainless steel straws.

    This is a solution in search of a problem. I'm not kidding about this: I now turn off the station every time that commercial comes on. I wonder of the advertising folks at WGR are taking notice if more people are doing what I have.
  5. bdutton

    Universal advice

    Never start a land war in Asia, and never take on a Sicilian when death is on the line.
  6. bdutton

    Hot for Teacher: Pennsylvania style

    As soon as I read Jersey Shore and saw the pic I immediately thought of this:
  7. bdutton

    Stainless steel straws.

    Has anyone checked into how much energy goes into producing stainless steel straws and what happens to them when they are ventually thrown away. Seems like its simple enough to put straws in the recycling bin. All this worry about plastics here in the us when 90% of the plastic waste that ends up in the ocean comes from two rivers in southeast asia.
  8. bdutton

    Stainless steel straws.

  9. bdutton

    Stainless steel straws.

    Every time I hear that stupid !@#$ing commercial...