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  1. ^ this. If he completed the long pass(es) today he would have had the "breakout" game we have all been waiting for.
  2. look for another reason to drink 🍺
  3. Great read, thanks for posting. I hope these two are signed to extensions and finish their careers as Bills.
  4. Did anyone notice that #31 on the Pats* had a chance to hit the Giants QB on a play similar to the play where he drilled Allen but pulled up (as he should have on the cheap shot)?
  5. Fair enough. I kept thinking about the play last year when Kiko was headhunting and almost took out Allen but Allen was in the process of sliding on that play.
  6. As I tell my Pats* bride every week, there is a reason everyone outside of New England hates the Patriots*
  7. Excellent synopsis, thanks Shaw. I always look forward to your reviews. @ oldmanfan - I did the same thing all game! Did anyone else notice how Tommy Boy's uneasiness increased after the cheap shot on Allen? He couldn't get rid of the ball fast enough.
  8. I agree with others in different threads who think his post-hit reaction reveals his intent. Allen was already wrapped up by another defender and was in the process of going down. There is no justification for the player to come in and hit Allen, let alone with a helmet to helmet hit.
  9. and Burfict's hit was less egregious and on a TE, not a QB
  10. No doubt! As much as I like Allen, the majority of the offense's ineptitude in this game is on him. That said, I hope he is OK. That was a brutal cheap shot.
  11. My friends and I tailgated next to a group of Sabres players back when Cody Hodgson was with the team. Now those guys could party!
  12. Stats such as the above usually indicate that the Pats* will have a huge day rushing the ball. Let's hope that is not the case.
  13. They will put a 'spy' on Allen to prevent him from scrambling. IIRC they did this last year with some success.
  14. I thought the same thing while watching that game. I lost track of how many times Collinsworth said that Mayfield was ineffective when the routes took more than 2 seconds to complete.
  15. Watched the game with my Pats* bride and actually thought they were going to lose the game. The play calling was absolutely inexcusable. The boys should have been up by at least 21 at the end of the first half and buried the Bengals early in the 3rd quarter. Having to hold on for a last minute victory is very concerning. @ Dan - well said my friend. Time to move on to the Pats*
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