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  1. Haslett_Stomp

    How did you become a Bills fan?

    Moved to OP in 1975 when I was 9. If the conditions were right, I could hear the announcer at Rich Stadium on Sundays even though we lived several miles away.
  2. Haslett_Stomp

    post game interview madness

    Brady handled it well, but it sucked for everyone and was hard to watch. Then this little 4 foot 10inch lady finally gets a second to ask her question, and instead of sticking the mic in his face and saying "Hows it feel Tom?" and then shutting her mouth, she launches into this 40 second question about some crap and history and being vindicated. He ignored it because it was stupid and he probably couldn't here it anyway, and went on with the exact thing he would have said if he just handed him the mic. To make matters worse, she screamed the entire time,
  3. This same argument was brought up repeatedly during the Bills' dominance of the AFC in the early '90s. I don't think it was relevant then or now.
  4. Haslett_Stomp

    It's time to draft a TE

    ^ this. He was the key to that offense.
  5. Haslett_Stomp

    Rams vs. Pats*** -- this is where it all ends

    A Wade-coached defense almost knocked the Bills out of the 1991 playoffs - when the Bills were running the K-gun and were an offensive juggernaut. The final score was a 10-7 Bills victory, but the Broncos defense sure made them earn it.
  6. Indeed. The Patriots* offensive linemen were content to push Bosa and Ingraham wide on every pass play with the result being the cleanest pocket Brady has seen in awhile.
  7. Haslett_Stomp

    Vance Jospeh named DC in Arizona...how???

    You beat me to it 😉
  8. Haslett_Stomp

    Divisional Round Picks

    Straight up: Saints Cowboys Pats* Chiefs
  9. Gruden loved EJ too. My mother used to say this to us when my sisters and I were kids back in the '70s and early '80s.
  10. I took my then college girlfriend to a Bills/Pats* game at Rich Stadium in 1987. I believe the Pats* ended the Bills' playoff hopes and two Sundays every fall have been contentious ever since!
  11. My son goes to CU. 'Sco Buffs!
  12. I've lived almost exactly half-way between Boston and NYC for the past 15 years and lived outside Boston for 10 years before that. Prime Pats*** and Jints country. Need I say more? Oh, and I have a Pats*** bride, though I keep her because her all-time favorite Patriot is Steve Grogan.
  13. Haslett_Stomp

    Are Sam Cowart & Tremaine Edmunds very similar ?

    Cowart was a beast.
  14. Haslett_Stomp

    Edmunds and Allen - Two Huge Misses in 1st Round

    BB, long time lurker that generally agrees with your posts... Give the kids a couple of years before you label them busts. Cheers and Merry Christmas.
  15. Are you a Bills fan or a troll with 2,500+ posts? Give the kid a break.