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  1. Indeed. The Patriots* offensive linemen were content to push Bosa and Ingraham wide on every pass play with the result being the cleanest pocket Brady has seen in awhile.
  2. Haslett_Stomp

    Vance Jospeh named DC in Arizona...how???

    You beat me to it 😉
  3. Haslett_Stomp

    Divisional Round Picks

    Straight up: Saints Cowboys Pats* Chiefs
  4. Gruden loved EJ too. My mother used to say this to us when my sisters and I were kids back in the '70s and early '80s.
  5. I took my then college girlfriend to a Bills/Pats* game at Rich Stadium in 1987. I believe the Pats* ended the Bills' playoff hopes and two Sundays every fall have been contentious ever since!
  6. My son goes to CU. 'Sco Buffs!
  7. I've lived almost exactly half-way between Boston and NYC for the past 15 years and lived outside Boston for 10 years before that. Prime Pats*** and Jints country. Need I say more? Oh, and I have a Pats*** bride, though I keep her because her all-time favorite Patriot is Steve Grogan.
  8. Haslett_Stomp

    Are Sam Cowart & Tremaine Edmunds very similar ?

    Cowart was a beast.
  9. Haslett_Stomp

    Edmunds and Allen - Two Huge Misses in 1st Round

    BB, long time lurker that generally agrees with your posts... Give the kids a couple of years before you label them busts. Cheers and Merry Christmas.
  10. Are you a Bills fan or a troll with 2,500+ posts? Give the kid a break.
  11. Haslett_Stomp

    Brady was the worst player on the field today

    I was listening to the Pats*** postgame show on the radio and they were poking fun at the Bills saying that Allen was horrible and that the Bills were going to have to pick another QB in upcoming drafts. I haven't seen the final stats but believe that he was better than Tommy boy statistically. No harsh words for Brady, however...
  12. I told my Pats*** fan co-worker to watch #55 get mugged on every pass play on Sunday and not be the beneficiary of one holding call.
  13. Haslett_Stomp

    Pats Game - Bills Pluses and Negatives

    As a negative, the Pats*** signed Ramon Humber in mid-November and will have some insight into our defensive schemes and game-planning.
  14. Haslett_Stomp

    Lol check out these patriot fans comments

    Don't forget the immortal Hugh Millen ;-)
  15. Haslett_Stomp

    Gonna do it, flying solo...

    I went solo to a game against the Chargers several years ago, though not by choice. I was going with my son, however he got sick and couldn't make the trip. I drove up solo from CT and partied with some old buddies from OP before the game, then watched the game from section 114. Met some really nice people.