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  1. My HS buddies and I made many a space helmet.🍺
  2. My son attends the University of Colorado and Ralphie is a beloved beast out there. They have 5 or 6 big dudes that each have a chain or rope attached to a harness and they run with him/her (current version is female) around the field. It is quite a sight and the crowd goes nuts. Ralphie spends spends most of his/her time at a luxurious, secret farm since he was kidnapped in the past by Colorado State students and spray painted green (team colors of C. State).
  3. Nice Virgil! Appreciate you carrying the torch for the "post game thoughts" threads while Bill from NYC was absent.
  4. Man, I could watch that 100 times - it still brings chills.
  5. best of luck to your niece and family.
  6. Moved to OP in 1975 when I was 9. If the conditions were right, I could hear the announcer at Rich Stadium on Sundays even though we lived several miles away.
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