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  1. Beasley is the man and came up big. During the season 101 targets only one drop and he had a beautiful snag yesterday. Hopefully he didnt do any more damage yesterday and is ready to rip next week. Im assuming well get the sunday game bc whomever our opponent is their playing today and id imaging theyd want to give them a week in between games and that would give us 8. Hopefully Beasley is closer to 100% next week as well as other players who are banged up.
  2. Ian Rapoport on NFL Network just reported the Bills are going to reach out to Allens agent about a Huge contract extension... I love it get the deal done. Allen is the franchise quarterback we have all been waiting for! Go Bills
  3. Offensive its obviously Allen Defensively i think Oliver needs to show up big on the run and the pass and prove himself a force and 9th overall pick
  4. I think its dumb weak bulletin board material.. It makes zero sense im sure its not going to make him that much better this game... what will make him better is its a damn playoff game and everyone should be max hyped for that reason alone
  5. I pray Nick Wright get what he has coming... I honestly feel like he is truly threatened by Allen and the Bills. I hope he is beyond nervous and i hope he loses sleep saturday night after the bills win like colin cowherd has said. Then i hope we do match up against the chiefs. to be the best you have to beat the best and i cant wait until josh allen has him eating his words with a face full of ketchup and mustard. Go Bills and ***** Nick Wright!!!!!
  6. Allen has no ceiling hes getting better every week and its amazing.
  7. I dont think so. He was awesome in the game against the Dolphins but we were up and all he had to do was run downhill easier said then done I know.. That being said i think the most important attribute by running backs in this offense is pass blocking. They know they have good proven pass blockers in the three RBS they have now and wont chance putting Williams in that situation. Maybe next year hell be given the oppurtunity.
  8. Im not stressed at all by the run game. I think Leslie is going to have a great plan of attack and take advantage of Phils limitations in the pocket and rattle the whole team early. Go Bills!!!
  9. I think there is little to no chance he is traded....that would be an awful first move for the new GM unless he is getting the jags first pick and next years first pick and a second this year from them.
  10. That was a good read Go Bills!!! Ive been loving all the national attention.
  11. My completely biased opinion says there is no way he doesnt deserve and get this award
  12. truth trust the process who cares who they bring in they know ten times better and more then us
  13. Definitely need to keep williams and feliciano...offense is everything for the bills now...points points points
  14. This is the greatest thing ive ever watched
  15. Off season used to be my favorite part about being a Bills fan... Thats no longer the case I cant get my focus off anything but the Colts this weekend.
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