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    Yes but this was what Mcdermott brought on himself! He is the one who decided to release Tyrod and move on with no clear answer for the next year. He and Beane decided not to fill the holes made by departures of Wood and Incgonito. They decided to trade away Sammy and Darby and not re-sign Robert Woods. He decided to have a 3 man competition of Allen, Peterman, and McCaron. Mcdermott decided Peterman was the best of the 3. Peterman couldn't win against UB yet alone ANY NFL team. If we can all see it and Mcdermott couldn't then and he has no choice but to play him now, in my eyes he brought this all on himself and covered it up by calling it a "re-build"
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    The point was if Allen doesn't work out, we are going to be left to yet again use a high pick on a QB and hope it works out again. Where else are you going to get a Franchise QB? Free Agency? Trade? Good luck
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    They have a lot of cap space but still no way to get a Franchise QB. We all can pray and hope Allen is the answer but if not there are no Options in FA for a Franchise QB in 2019 or 2020 that aren't over 35 years old. Which leaves us to continually have to waste high draft picks hoping we can land the next Aaron Rodgers or Tom Brady and hoping we can fill all our other holes thru Free Agency
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    Exactly!!! And I put that on Pegula's. There is no way Beane should be answering to McD. If Beane is the GM he should be in control. If Mcdermott was as successful as someone like Belichek or Andy Reid, etc I could understand. Mcdermott has not proven anything to be given the type of power he was given and that mistake falls on the Pegula's.
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    You can credit them with making the right choice on Jason Botterill for GM. He came in here and got rid of the dead weight and brought in players that can play in today's NHL. He came in analyzed and addressed the biggest needs in the organization in less than two years. That is complete opposite of what I have seen from Beane. We got rid of good players who can play in today's NFL because they weren't good character guys or had bad contracts. all I have seen from Beane is how many former Carolina Panthers can we bring in
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    The issue I have is that in order to be a great coach in the NFL you have to be able to adapt to what is happening around you. McDermott has no idea nor does he want to about how things are changing in the NFL on Offense. You have to be able to throw the football to win. You can't go 3 and out and put your defense on the field for 35-40 minutes every game. You can't just draft at a QB in the Top 10 and not address the O-Line and Skill Positions around him. We have proven that we are willing to just trade away crucial 2nd and 3rd picks for guys like Zay Jones, Dawkins, Allen, Edmunds. Now I know some of these guys MAY pan out, but at a time where we are thin at every position we could have had an-additional 3-4 starters with those picks. I am worried that even with $90+ MM in Cap Space we are going to have to overpay anyone worth bringing in just based on how things went this year so we could burn thru that quickly and still not fill all the holes we need to on Offense next year.
  7. This is my first post and it takes a lot for me to actually make a post but I have finally hit my breaking point. All I hear about is trust the process, and we are creating a culture. I keep hearing we want the right players and people "onboard". I have heard our head coach say that culture trumps strategy and talent. I have listened to the same post game news conference for the last 25 weeks " We have to watch the tape and get better" Well guess what there hasn't been one game this year minus the Vikings game (which was basically the defense putting the offense in great positions) where this offense looked like it actually belonged in the NFL Who are the first people we blame? Obviously its the HC and the GM but thru the last 9 weeks what we have put on the field is not football, its not even JV Football, its more like playing in the backyard with our friends, go to the car turn around and I will throw it to you. Unfortunately when we throw the ball it goes to the other team more often than our own. We have been embarrassed in 5 out of the 9 games and are the laughing stock of the NFL. Who are the only people we haven't heard from so far this season? The Pegulas! Why are they getting a free pass? They are the only ones with the power to change things. I know we made the playoffs last year by a fluke. I can't believe that they are allowing this coach to stay and are overlooking what is easily becoming one of the worst seasons in the history of the Bills/NFL just because they broke the drought. Our fans come out every game and show their support and pad their pockets yet they have said and done nothing to show this type of football is unacceptable. Until the Pegula's hold this Coach and GM responsible we will continue to see a offense born in the 1950's and when it inevitably fails the response will be "We thought we had the right guy to create a winning culture" I'm sorry for the negativity but every fan at some point hits their breaking point and yesterday was it for me.