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  1. Epic. That should actually be the new Shout song. The stadium would be blistering.
  2. I was thinking about that too. 17-3 sounds pretty good to me. And that 17 would then include wins over Mahomes (maybe) and Rodgers or Brady. I suppose I am getting ahead of myself, but what else am I meant to do this week?
  3. Re-watching parts of the game - it wasn't as bad as I remembered. Yes, there were some big blown plays by the defense. But Rivers converted a bunch of close ones too where he was just about to get hammered and the receiver was pretty well covered. Hats off to him. He's a HOF QB in my eyes. On the other side, we had no cheap points whatsoever. No turnovers. Brutal field position. Colts forced us to punt 4 times. Good defense. But we also had great drives: TD drives were 85, 96 (1!), and 77. Massive. And the FG drives weren't short: 44 and 39. I think it felt worse than
  4. For sure, there are a number of guys that can make that throw. But do you think they can make it look that easy and casual? Not that that matters in terms of impact. But it is pretty fun to watch.
  5. Thanks for highlighting that, so I could go watch it another 10 times. You are right, it is absolutely insane. He looks like he is using the same amount of effort that I would use to throw the ball to my little nephew 3 yards away. I don't actually understand the physics of Josh Allen. He is a quantum MFer.
  6. Right. It is the exact opposite of how I've felt on 3rd and long for the past 25 years. Shifted from: "Oh well, next drive" to:"We'll probably get this," in 2017 and has never wavered. Josh on 3rd down, Josh in the 4th Quarter, Josh in the Red Zone, Josh down one score . . . all money. He can't win 'em all. But it sure feels like he can sometimes.
  7. Well. That had me bawling my eyes out. On a Saturday morning in January. In South Africa. I haven't lived in Western New York for 30 years. But this team, even during the seemingly endless dark days, has just been one of the loves of my life. I think we will win today. But even if our boy Frank figures out some way to shellac us, I will wake up tomorrow heartbroken (again), but just as in love as always. It's really impossible to explain how deep it runs. I know every team has their fans, but I do think the re
  8. GMFB is the best football show going right now. It’s a pleasure to watch this crew. And yes this week's angry runs was phenomenal. Absolutely hilarious. I vote AJ Dillon all the way. What a smack.
  9. Excerpt from Mike Sando in The Athletic: The Bills have a really good record against highly ranked defenses. With the Bills facing the Steelers, I went through their games during Allen’s nearly three seasons as the starter to see how they’ve fared against top defenses in general. Each defense from 2018, 2019 and 2020 was ranked No. 1 through No. 32 in EPA per game, with games against Buffalo excluded from the calculations to avoid biasing the rankings. The Allen-led Bills are 7-3 against top-five defenses over the past three seasons, including 4-0 this season after beatin
  10. Fair enough. It was Monos who impressed me in the clips. I like Dunne and am not too concerned if he harps on that topic a little bit. No idea how much Whaley is or isn't spinning things. There are always so many rumors flying around (as there were then). Some of them are probably based in reality (ish). But a lot aren't - or at least they distort it so much it's hard to know which parts are real. Not saying you're wrong. I'm just not as confident that I have any idea what was really going on behind the scenes.
  11. Man, a lot of bitter people on this board. Everything is so binary - a guy is a genius or an idiot - saintly or a scoundrel - no room for actual human complexity. I think these clips were interesting. How is Monos admitting that he didn't appreciate Mahomes enough and that Pegula was hotter on him than the scouts revisionist history? If Pegula were telling the story maybe, but Monos is saying that he himself missed some of what would make Mahomes great in the NFL. Seems like a pretty honest and illuminating description of what was going on behind the scenes.
  12. Sure, but my point is that that shouldn't even matter. It's stone cold obvious to anyone with a cerebral cortex that if you can't practice in your controlled facility, it's not OK to practice somewhere else. The players should have known that with or without any memos or any notification by the team. How could it possibly make sense to say, "Well we can't practice in our sanitized facility due to the risk of spreading COVID, but it's OK to practice offsite with no sanitation, monitoring, etc." Idiotic.
  13. The excuses from the players who practiced offsite about whether or not they knew it wasn't permitted are absurd. You don't need a notice from the league or your coach to tell you that if, due to positive COVID tests on the team you can't practice in your highly controlled and sanitized team facility, it's beyond stupid to practice offsite, in a non-controlled space - for your own safety and for the safety of the other people who use that space. It's like they are in high school trying to get away with breaking arbitrary rules by the adults rather than equal participant
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