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  1. Sure, but my point is that that shouldn't even matter. It's stone cold obvious to anyone with a cerebral cortex that if you can't practice in your controlled facility, it's not OK to practice somewhere else. The players should have known that with or without any memos or any notification by the team. How could it possibly make sense to say, "Well we can't practice in our sanitized facility due to the risk of spreading COVID, but it's OK to practice offsite with no sanitation, monitoring, etc." Idiotic.
  2. The excuses from the players who practiced offsite about whether or not they knew it wasn't permitted are absurd. You don't need a notice from the league or your coach to tell you that if, due to positive COVID tests on the team you can't practice in your highly controlled and sanitized team facility, it's beyond stupid to practice offsite, in a non-controlled space - for your own safety and for the safety of the other people who use that space. It's like they are in high school trying to get away with breaking arbitrary rules by the adults rather than equal participants in a community trying to figure out how best to navigate a very difficult situation together. I'm not in favor of a forfeit for all sorts or reasons. But those players should all be suspended for several games.
  3. Here's the Levi segment. Cool guy. This team seems to be full of 'em. Levi Wallace on GMFB
  4. My worry is that they "fixed it" by playing crappy QBs - at least in part. Hope you are right.
  5. Good post. I agree. I don't think that any of this means we have a terrible defense. Just maybe that we have a solid but not-that-great defense, so we are going to have to win games this year by scoring a lot of points (unlike last year when we could get away without doing so). If last year's offense faced this year's schedule of QBs, we might not win 7 games.
  6. Like everyone, I'm feeling ill at ease about the defensive performance so far. (Luckily we have the Stallion-Legend-Cantaloupe-Farmer in our corner.) Looking back at last year, we faced some seriously weak QBs. I'm wondering how good our defense actually ever was? Our 10 wins were against: Fitz (2 wins) - whose beard still averaged 300 yards a game against us Mono-Darnold (who might not be that good even without Mono) The about to be benched corpse of Eli The about to be benched Marcus Mariotta Aging journeyman Andy Dalton - who threw for 250 but did get picked twice, including the game-sealer by Tre Rookie Dwayne Haskins The about to be benched Brandon Allen (currently residing on the Bengals practice squad) Rookie UFA Duck Hodges Dak Prescott - the only genuinely upper echelon QB we beat - and he threw for 355 with 2 TDs and a pick Not exactly a murderer's row. Three of those QBs were benched the week after they played us. The six losses don't show much air defense either: Lost twice to the Ghost of Tom Brady. Lost to Mayfield, who isn't that good and still had a decent day with 238 yards 2 TDs and 0 picks. Perhaps their best showing against a good QB was in the loss to the Ravens - that one gives me the most hope. Lost to Wentz - who didn't have to do anything because they ran down our throats. The second string lost to Darnold (barely) This year we have have Goff, Cam 2.0, Wilson, Mahomes, Roethlisberger, Murray, Garoppolo, Carr, Tannehill 2.0 Quite a difference. We survived Goff thanks to our now truly delightful offense. Hopefully the Defense will improve, but I'm feeling very skeptical, since they seem to struggle against good QBs, especially in the 2nd halves once those QBs are able to make adjustments to our carefully schemed out 1st halves.
  7. Original video seems to be gone. Here's one that's working at the moment: The Cantaloupe Farmer's Angry Run (starts 1:00 in)
  8. Great article. I hope the Bills crush the Fins, of course. But Fitz is the only QB where, if he throws a TD against the Bills, I kind of take pleasure in it, even though I am also upset (as with any TD against the Bills). I just get joy out of seeing him make plays. He is one of a kind. The article didn't even talk about how he used to throw a barbecue after every home game, not for his teammates but for his neighbors.
  9. Agreed. To me it's totally worth it just for the Bills - best most consistent, most detailed coverage out there. One of the only places you can reliably get more than just the regurgitated press conferences. There's good general NFL stuff too. I happily re-upped after my initial cheap year. Well worth it. I've started following Chelsea in the Premier League too, so all of that stuff (which there is a ton of) is a great bonus for me. I don't keep a close eye on any other sports or teams, but if you do it will be even more worth it to you.
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