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  1. ..but how would he solve the "pass rusher" need when it would be a stretch to believe he'd be able to replace any of the current players on the roster..and he would cost more..and if he somehow managed to return to form then he'd want a hefty mutli-year contract? Trading for him would make no sense...unless Atlanta is giving up something to get rid of him..
  2. Why would the Jets do this? The reward hardly seems worth the risk..
  3. Why did you describe yourself like your someone else?
  4. turns out he questioned using TB12 and why he had to sell it to 20 other people...so he got the hammer
  5. the way people get enamored with certain players is crazy. What part of this guy's game would be of value to the Bills?
  6. pft really should be a banned source. They're TMZ for the nfl
  7. I said it before the season and have since...If Lynn misses the playoffs, I think he's done.
  8. Is it me or does the whole league just look like crap this year? Even the "good" teams look like they have significant warts.
  9. Washington (front office) wants to win the game to justify letting Gruden go...Miami does not. Rosen may indeed suck (and I predicted he'd be bad), but I've long been of the mind that many "serviceable" starter QBs are more about development/situation than outright talent and it would be hard to say he's been in an environment he could succeed in
  10. If he gets it back, they should fire Rivera immediately
  11. Therapy Thank you for stating things that happened.
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