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  1. If we bumped a thread every time WEO is wrong then we'd bump every thread he posted in..
  2. You think the 30+ crowd is better? Color me doubtful.
  3. I'm ok with keeping Daboll, but wouldn't have been sad to see him go either.
  4. because everyone drinks craft beer now and the large beer companies like to pretend those are made by small local breweries who wouldn't have the money to advertise during an NFL game?
  5. Oh, my, how exciting! I'm just tingling all over!
  6. No downside. If Brees retired then he talks about his 'sources' and pumps his reputation as an 'insider' for years. If not, no one remembers.
  7. Good call. Cleveland's defense was focused on not jumping Offside.
  8. Mahomes may not be able to tell you his name, but he'll be playing.
  9. KC is totally on their heels on defense and can't score with henne. Cleveland won as soon as Mahomes went out
  10. Same team I wanted to win beforehand. KC. I don't like Cleveland's running game and defense with their ability to playaction. I know the Bills handled Baltimore, but the Ravens running game is not on the same level as the Browns and the Ravens don't playaction pass from it. Not to mention the energy the Browns will have.. I think the Bills can beat both teams, but I like the matchup with KC more especially with a banged up Mahomes
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