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  1. Greggo's defenses have ranked in the bottom 3rd of the league since he returned from his suspension.
  2. is advice from Gregg Williams worth anything? Since his return to the NFL his defenses have ranked in the bottom third of the league. Is he missing the culture?
  3. I'm not concerned that the right people are a coach who was a loser in the same division and has never had his unit ranked in the upper half of the league except when he had Peyton Manning and a defensive coordinator who hasn't finished in the top half of the league for several years and only 1-2 spots better than the the coach they fired are the right people. I'm more concerned about Miami than the Jets.
  4. They interviewed Joe Douglas when they hired him and given the reports coming out that Douglas was asking for more money and for certain budgets regarding scouting that the Jets weren't meeting...I wonder if the Texans are making a move.
  5. Hired in January 2018 so just under a year and a half
  6. I think this is Jets related. They have wanted Joe Douglas from the Eagles, but apparently can't get the deal done. I think the Texans are swooping in to pick him up.
  7. As we say at my job, 9 out of 10 ideas are bad. Congrats on using up all 9 at once.
  8. Which would prefer...the Bills stay in Buffalo, but never win a Superbowl or they move to Toronto and win a Superbowl immediately.
  9. On one hand, the BN said it was true so I think it's false. On the other, timmah said it was false so I think it must be true!
  10. Cleveland either blows up into an entertaining tire fire or they make the playoffs and put the Jets one team closer to holding the longest active playoffless streak. Win / Win
  11. You're reading way too much into things that you've heard somewhere.
  12. You're the king of no details..just spewing out crap because you need attention.
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