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  1. Yes, but to be fair I avoid it after a win too. It flips to one extreme or the other.
  2. I've been under the impression that McDermott his staff struggle when they don't have good tape. McDermott is a preparation guy. He prepares for as much as possible and when he gets tape of a team from in season, he's good. The first game is always a crapshoot of what's changed and I think that makes it harder to prepare.
  3. You do understand that this is about people who are trying to go to a football game. It's the entire topic of the thread. It's all people are talking about. You may be unaware of this, but the government is not trying to force people to attend a football game. So this strawman you're trying is just silly. You've also been dunked on by a bunch of other people. "Nor would a wise man, seeing that he was in a hole, go to work and blindly dig it deeper..."
  4. How can people be this unaware? The government has been making vaccines mandatory for a long time.
  5. I'd be more concerned with losses when up by 10 or more.
  6. It's unfortunate in modern society that we force people to partake in these activities. Our tax dollars shouldn't be used for this!
  7. Not quite a "I know you are, but what am I", but close. Really close.
  8. You often strike me as a 'If there was a 3rd half..." kind of guys.
  9. The Steelers were 18/32 passing for 188 yards and only gave up 16 points. Can you point to specifics about where you think they should improve?
  10. No, we wouldn't. On a day when the offense is humming, if the game was a shootout then sure... on this day, against this team it was pure idiocy even if ended up working.
  11. You have a QB who can act like a RB as well. You could throw 2 lead blockers in there for him if you wanted to try smash mouth running it there.
  12. The defense gave up 16 points even with the 2nd half. They played well. Well, for starters, you can't spend the offseason saying how you're not going to run and paying little attention to it. The Bills HAVE to figure out why their 5 offensive lineman can not create hole against 4 defensive lineman. It's way too consistent that it's a "they just suck" problem. There is a scheme problem in how they're blocking or what they're doing that they need to invest time and effort into figuring out. It feels like they just aren't interested and will rely on pass game always working which let's not forget there were 3-4 games last year where it didn't. Remember beating the Jets with only field goals? For one, stop going 5 wide. Bring Knox in tight and throw quick passes to him. He seemed like could catch the ball yesterday when some others seemed to struggle. They have Gilliam...put him and singletary in the backfield for help blocking and a quick outlet. Also, I'll take 3 yards on 1st and 2nd down. 3rd and 4 with the defense having to at least respect that the Bills might run it is better than 5 wide with zero belief they were going to run.
  13. The only drive they moved the ball well was at the end of the 2nd half when they were in a hurry up offense. I don't think that is coincidence. Started with a run then short pass, short pass, deep strike to Davis. Then it literally went run / pass / run / pass to the endzone.
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