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  1. I feel like you were a previously banned poster.
  2. it's almost like they weren't playing their offensive scheme at all and running the ball a whole lot. Strange that they said they were going to do that then actually did it. I don't understand why they wouldn't say that they were going to run a lot then go and so the opposite. Should have run their full blown gameplan for the Jets.
  3. Yea, no place for that here! Only hot takes and trolls allowed!
  4. The future GOAT, Mayfield is 10/26 for 72 yards and 1 int for those of you over-reacting to Josh Allen being 3/6 for for 49 yards.
  5. It seems pretty obvious (I mean other than them flat out saying they were going to run McCoy and Gore a lot) that they don't care about scheming an offense to win this game, but have something specific in mind to do out there
  6. because no one has told them that BB played his starters yet...they just heard McVay didn't play his
  7. Coches: we're gonna run Gore and McCoy a lot. They run McCoy and Gore a lot. Forum Posters: O_O
  8. Gotta practice them field goals too, I guess..
  9. uhh..did one of these refs bet big on a preseason game?
  10. just like people shouldn't have been putting the team in the playoffs last week, people shouldn't be jumping off cliffs this week
  11. I predict something resembling football will be played
  12. Also, we'd like to take this moment to inform everyone that water is wet
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