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  1. So you agree with me that he never was 'off the charts'. I'm glad because otherwise you'd be wrong. This argument is as stupid as saying a player 'flashes'. Doesn't matter if they can do it for a game or a short stretch of games. That is almost as worthless as not being able to do it at all. Sammy has never been a #1. He's been on 3 teams and irrelevant on all 3 of them. You could get a lot of people to have a good game here or there on KC. I'd say wake me when it he's able to do it with any kind of consistency, but I'd never wake again.
  2. He's been on two other teams...and his stats were nowhere near 'off the charts' so why would team #4 be different?
  3. Miami's discarded QB because the Jets HC couldn't win
  4. The article seems a little 'off' for a couple reasons. It reads like the writer thinks it's impressive that Rivera made changes to the coaching staff...uhh..yea...of course he did. Every HC ever hired makes changes to the coaching staff. They're off base on McCoy too. While he may have had some off the fields stuff, I never read anything about him being a 'problem' player or that anyone felt he was chasing personal goals over team goals.
  5. I did not say he is a bad egg. I think he did a fine job this season and he seems to be a fine person. 1) NFL History says big paydays to middle of the pack players who have only 1 good season is more often a mistake than not. 2) He needed a significant slap to wake up. This wasn't just an 'adjusting to the NFL' type of thing and that's by his own admission. 3) The slap also meant a quicker payday. Is there any other way to motivate him? Whatever motivation of his first years didn't seem to have an impact...certainly not to the degree a payday did. 4) His production can be replaced...if I look at the Bills other options...can he really produce value at a higher contract number that someone closer to what he makes now can't? For example, I'm all for paying Hyde because he has outperformed players as talented and perhaps more talented than he has league wide. You'll also note that I said candidate. I just wouldn't say the odds are ever in the favor of it happening. I'd say the factors in his initial performance and his improvement put him at a higher risk of performance problems after a new contract.
  6. You do a good job here of expounding on my point that there's a lot of guys who be considered leaders before Lawson.
  7. I'm not sure what criteria you use for a 'team leader'. I'd say Hughes, Alexander and Hyde would be team leaders before him. I'd probably also put Milano, Edmunds, and Poyer ahead of him in that regard. I'd debate whether White and Lotulelei are ahead of him as well. I'm not sure how far down you go and still call someone a 'team leader'. In short, if he goes, I don't think the Bills lose any 'leadership'.
  8. Lawson scares me. His comments and history here make me feel like he's a candidate for "Gets Paid, gets lazy."
  9. I'm not making a statement on his play, but he's a better broadcaster than he was a QB
  10. The waterboy for KC is also in his 2nd straight AFC championship game
  11. They all say they want to play for a 'contender'. What they mean is...I hope a contender offers me the most money or let let me try to drive up the price a non-contender is going to pay me because "I want to play for a contender" and they're not.
  12. How quickly everyone forgets about the great 49ers legend, Jimmy Tomsula. Unless you're just talking about under those two coaches, but really, I just wanted a reason to mention Tomsula.
  13. What does that have to do that there's not much interest in him coaching for anyone?
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