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  1. Who are these running backs that have 700 some yards and aren't a "full time" back that are getting paid more than him? You've got like Duke Johnson? He, as a running back, had like 250 more yards than Josh Allen did as a QB.
  2. Thanks for proving my point in finding the exception to prove the rule.
  3. Pretty sure it means you want to bang your mom
  4. The guy has 2 years left on his deal...has been in the league for 5 years and has had 1 good year at a position that doesn't get paid (because you can replace even the very best at it with a rookie and get good production). I'm not sure what his expectations are...
  5. Well, Ziff Davis was really good at screwing contract workers out of money so his familiarity with screwing people should make him a good followup to Russ
  6. We have always been at war with East Glazer...until now...because he said something we like.
  7. Wait...you want more media types to bash Allen? WTH man.
  8. I'm all for getting after anti-Semites for their bigotry. Please stop referring to being Jewish as being a different race though. Holding a belief does not make them a different race.
  9. oh, good. I was honestly in sheer panic for the last 2 years, but now that Jay Glazer likes him I can finally return to my normal life again
  10. What a horrendous misunderstanding. I hope you recover soon.
  11. to be fair, most dystopian novels have some form of grand entertainment to take away from the dirty, ugly stuff going right in front of people's eyes. Fahrenheit 451 had giant wall sized TVs, 1981 had the two minutes of hate, the Imperium of Man from Warhammer 40k has the litany of hate, Bring it On has cheerleading. Just like these exampls of dystopian society, I'd say Cleveland's stadium having some features like a larger scoreboard that new era lacks is understandable.
  12. The hell you say! You don't win trophies for being good! You win them for having the most cap space. I'm pretty sure I've got that right.
  13. Wow, good deal for KC...if they hold to it. I suspect that it ends up being renegotiated around year 5
  14. You're making an assumption that there is a view people in the NFL hold that there is something to turn around. He's more well thought of by league personnel than he is by those of us on this board despite his offense ranking rather low the last couple years. I'd be willing to bet that the view is it was a natural progression of his offense to reach the top 10 as he got better players in place. I'd say it's a lock if he gets a top ten offense that he will be a head coach next season.
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