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  1. trading up to 2nd isn't feasible so I'm pretty meh on the wet dreams that posters on here have.
  2. If I'm channeling my inner Beane than I wouldn't tell you yahoos anything that is true about what I'd do in the draft
  3. I see the OP is salty that people don't recognize his genius in the thread about taking a RB in the 1st being a bad idea so apparently had to make his own thread
  4. People can't even make cries for attention through their own twitter anymore. They have to use someone else's twitter to get attention. Stop giving it to them.
  5. Sharp's Next article: Why scoring more points than the other team is good
  6. I read your account and thought this is why I never want to go to a draft.
  7. No, unless you count strawmen..
  8. I'd show you, but I don't want to end up in jail again
  9. You're right, the forum software sucks and ignore doesn't completely remove the person from view and the policy of this board that more traffic is better than quality makes it near impossible without just leaving the forum all together. On top of that, my personal crusade against those who feel that their own intrinsic need to post bait topics to get attention urges me to respond since I can't outright ignore them. Congratulations on your success.
  10. Answer the questions yourself. Stop begging us for attention.
  11. I realize that reality is of little importance to you and I am loathe to give you the attention you so desperately crave, but this info is not exactly hard to find so I ask why you didn't answer these questions yourself? The #1 defense in 2020 had no opt outs and was one of the lowest in roster turnover (no "starters" changed from 2019). All of their coaches returned.
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