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  1. jeremy2020

    Pregame thread: Wk 14 Jets at Bills

    I wouldn't mind a repeat of the last game
  2. jeremy2020

    Jalen Ramsey: “Don’t Blame Me!”

    Ramsey apparently believes he has no role in stopping the run. #allstar
  3. jeremy2020

    Is it starting to become a little more clear why the rebiuld?

    He gets referred to as the weak link in their secondary on their forums.
  4. Darron Lee being suspended will have almost no impact on the game. He was improved this season, but improving from utter sh*tshow isn't difficult
  5. jeremy2020

    Bears won't let season ticket holder wear Packers jersey

    I want to know how a social studies teacher afford season tickets and can finance this lawsuit
  6. So like before the 90s when the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles used it whenever they ate Pizza?
  7. jeremy2020

    Steelers Fan Keeping it Classy

    They gotta stop letting Ben go into the stands..
  8. Leonard Williams has gone into hibernation who was a driving force in their ability to generate pressure and they lack talent in their rotational guys to make up for that.
  9. jeremy2020

    Bills have released Kelvin Benjamin and Andre Holmes

    This guy has 17 less receptions and 200 yards less than Sammy Watkins this season. That's really, really bad.
  10. jeremy2020

    Jeremiah Sirles Watch

    I have wine and will share. Frog status not confirmed.
  11. jeremy2020

    Bills have released Kelvin Benjamin and Andre Holmes

    It was 1 more game than the last time. This question is so weird. "This guy is terrible and continues to be terrible, but he was on the team before so he should always be on the team. Why would they ever get rid of him?"
  12. jeremy2020

    View From the Other Side: Phins view of Allen

    Kiko doesn't have the discipline to get 50% of the stream into the urinal
  13. I don't go there, but I didn't go there when BBMB was up either.
  14. I don't agree. I don't want my jiblly bits anywhere near the pats.