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  1. Yeah, it's a valid point. If the amount of testing goes up, the cases will increase - but I think if the amount of disease is actually constant, one would expect the cases to jump up, but the slope to then stabilize at the same slope, just at a higher level? That doesn't seem to be what's happening.
  2. The fact that the curve in a lot of places in upstate NY initially flattened and now is on an upward trajectory again implies there's a substantial group which is not doing what they should - or has restarted doing what they shouldn't - and of course this is only dragging out the pain for those who are following the rules.
  3. The guidance I found online is a bit ambiguous. As essential, it includes Construction, Including: skilled trades such as electricians, plumbers other related construction firms and professionals for essential infrastructure or for emergency repair and safety purposes I guess if they claim the deck is an "emergency repair" or that it would be unsafe to leave it in a partly-built condition, that would be allowed. The thing is, unless NY is unique, local municipal building inspectors generally want to inspect stuff like that - they want to inspect the holes and footings
  4. The Abbott rapid test may have a 15% false negative rate when tested against known positive samples. (Abbott says it's how the swabs were stored. Lab medicine who did the study says "then prove it") In use, clinicians are raising concerns that as many as 30% of their tests on patients who clinically have covid-19 may be false negatives. https://medcitynews.com/2020/04/report-pathologist-says-abbotts-rapid-covid-19-test-produces-15-false-negative-rate/ OK so a couple people have PM'd me asking about this - does it mean it's a bad test and we need a bet
  5. Isn't that "to be determined"? The problem, as I perceive it, is that lesser-armed QB can get away with throws in college that they can't, in the NFL. Even Josh Allen has had to learn "nope.nope.nope, can't fit that in there" So the question with a college QB is always, will he figure that out, and adjust to the throws he can make in the NFL, or won't he? Peterman apparently could not. Though I guess we could still see him again? Didn't his accuracy drop off about halfway through the season? Did Fromm perhaps have some kind of injury he was tr
  6. I don't know any specifics of Turk's religious beliefs, but most NFL locker rooms are pretty majority Christian these days - 75-86% by one survey. It's not uncommon for some players to hold bible studies either at their home in eve. or during "down time" in the locker room. So I can't see why what Fromm said is a problem, especially with McDermott as HC.
  7. Switzerland is interesting because while they eventually banned gatherings > 5 people and closed some businesses like bars and shops, they have not (yet) imposed a lockdown. Their hospital system has remained well within its capacity. This although they are right next door to northern Italy which was slammed slammed slammed. They have been stable at a pretty constant level of deaths (about 50/day) and new cases for almost 2 weeks. They are about to start opening back up, in a phased plan. Their goal seems to be not to crush the epidemic a la New Zealand, but to make sure th
  8. I love it! Masks given out with the cred of a celebrity behind wearing them. The more I see of that guy post-career, the more respect I have for him.
  9. Sure, you can ask a legit question. What's your legit question?
  10. You wanna pull together a summary, Virgil, I'll be happy to put it into the OP for ya
  11. Two studies out looking at expression levels of the two proteins SARS-CoV2 uses to infect cells. Both broadly agree on what cell types the virus is targeting. https://www.technologynetworks.com/genomics/news/goblet-cells-may-play-a-significant-role-in-enabling-covid-19-infections-333911?fbclid=IwAR2yFnl7x7PUvQWG2QBvS61O5AkRM06gYQ5f3VOG81Mn5SfudfnnOSbUnPQ The study revealed that two types of cells in the nasal passage --goblet and ciliated cells -- most highly expressed ACE2 and TMPRSS2. In addition, it found that ACE2 also is expressed in AT2 cells in the lungs. (.
  12. Actually I think Beane started it. Cole Beasley's response was something like "from the Papa Smurf, I'll take that" or something like that
  13. I think some are regarding him as an instant ST contributor. Your thoughts there?
  14. You spoke tooo soooooon..... Yeah, I dunno if the Bean-ster was hampered by the setup of the draft, or the lack of some of the pre-draft "schmoozing" opportunities - or if he just liked how the draft fell to us.
  15. IR after 9 games last year swap of 6th round picks Does Goodwin WANT to do that, or is he gonna make another "career decision" about the Olympics?
  16. That's exactly what I think. We're trying to set up the backup's replacement.
  17. Chandler's not wrong. While no one made a thread to discuss all three QB at once, bringing in Newton or Winston as a backup QB has been debated in other threads. If you really think it flies now that we just spent a draft pick on a QB, please use the search function and use one of these.
  18. Not sure what this thread accomplishes that the draft pick thread can't. Go there to discuss
  19. Could be same thing. Having to teach someone is one of the best ways to solidify your own understanding.
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